[Opinion] Asian Hate Crimes Report Part 3: The Real Reason Behind the Uprise in Racial Asian Violence

By MOS Himalaya Video Department

We have seen on the internet that large foreign propaganda platforms and leftist mainstream media that have an association with CCP were spreading the disinformation. The lefist mainstream media are guided by opinions and one-sided stereotypes as they label the attack as a white supremacist’ s revenge. The media has long lost the neutrality and objectivity that it should have. This is also making people more aware of the deep force behind the storm that try to conceal the storm and guide public opinion.

A. Why are the investigations of the Asia hate crimes always surface-level and lack an effective chain of evidence?

B. Has the media exaggerated the influence of Trump’s comments?

C. Will the investigation of the source of the virus stop because of fear of expanding racial hatred?

D. We need to find more data that has been deliberately erased by the leftist media and foreign propoganda.

Reviewer: Xueli

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