Did BBC Reporter John Sudworth Really Flee China As CCP Claimed?


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“He could have stayed to face the litigation if he knew for sure he hadn’t produced any fake news or rumors. If he was concerned about his safety, he could have called the police. But he chose to run. Why?” Hua Chunying, spokesperson of CCP’sMinistry of Foreign Affairs , said at a press briefing responding to BBC reporter Jon Sudworth’s imminent relocation after several of his revealing reports on issues about Xinjiang and the origin of the coronavirus.

On April 3, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of CCP’s mouthpiece Global Times, published an article entitled “BBC’s Sudworth not brave enough by ‘fleeing’ from the mainland to Taiwan”, in which he stated that John left China “without notifying Chinese officials or fulfilling any departure-procedures required for a foreign resident journalist”.

Unsurprisingly, without any backing of facts and rationales, CCP baselessly stated that John’s works, just like works of many of his peers, are misinformation, and threatened to take legal actions against him. I believe many netizens in China are just as curious as I am in knowing that which part of John’s reports are unjustifiable.

Legal System in Communist China in brief

According to the website ceec.gov – CONGRESSIONAL-EXECUTIVE COMMISSION ON CHINA, China is clearly flagged as a country whose judiciary continues to be subject to a variety of internal and external controls that significantly limit its ability to engage in independent decisionmaking. 

Being a totalitarian regime, CCP is capable of manipulating and tampering with the entire legal process in China to the sole discretion of the party leadership. Given its dominant national media coverage, which broadcasts the single voice of the CCP all year round, the public image and fate of any figure in China are completely determined by the CCP.

That is to say, if John has chosen to remain in China after having published these “provocative” reports, his destiny is no longer in his hands. John’s chance of making his way out of China will be extremely uncertain, if not impossible.   

Lessons learned from predecessor foreign reporters in China

It is worth noting that John’s “fleeing” happened months after Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan, among several others, who was sentenced to 4 years in prison, for probing inside stories about Wuhan lockdown.

Cases also include the sudden arrest of long-term Beijing-based Australian journalist Cheng Lei, charged with jeopardizing China’s national security; the arrest of writer Yang Hengjun, charged with espionage and repeatedly interrogated during detention; the arrest of Bloomberg journalist Haze Fan; you name it.


Signs are everywhere nowadays that CCP are putting increasingly restrains on foreign journalists in China, especially on those who have a focus on issues that CCP finds ”sensitive”.

In my opinion, it only proves that CCP is seriously panicking over that the West is trending to antagonize the CCP, therefore it has to desperately prevent the world from reaching  consensus on issues makes the CCP feel the pain.

If the CCP is really as great, glorious and correct as it claims, why not get rid of the Great Firewell and embrace different opinions?

Finally, let’s hear what John Sudworth has got to say about his “fleeing” to Taiwan.

Below are some of his works that caused John’s “fleeing”.

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