Can the Chinese Breathe?

The original text Martin Luther King’s dream is still a dream, and minorities in the United States still “cannot breathe” wrote: On April 4, local time, tens of thousands of people in New York City took to the streets to protest in New York. Racial discrimination and violence against Asian Americans occurred in the city and across the United States. The article cited examples of shootings and profiteering cases that discriminated against Asians.


At this time, the CCP is wearing the hat of “committing the genocide against Uighur (Xinjiang),” but shamelessly accuses the United States of racial problems, which is unbearable. In the United States, people can at least apply for protest, but the people in the Chinese Communist Party have no chance to speak up.

The article also stated that “more than half a century has passed, since the American civil rights leader Martin Luther King called out “I have a dream” becomes today’s “I can’t breathe.” On this day, racial discrimination, a chronic disease of American society, is far from cured, and the human rights issue is worrying.” During the 72 years under the control of the CCP from 1949 to 2021, statistics bases on official data, more than 4 million deaths due to “land reform” and 20 million deaths because of the “Cultural Revolution”; 40 million deaths from the “Great Famine,” at least 400 million infants killed from “family planning (one-child policy),” more than 3 million deaths due to the persecution of Falun Gong, 64 massacre at Tian An Men square; the crackdown in Tibet… Until last year, the death toll is still being concealed in Wuhan because of the CCP Virus. The CCP has no right to such an article to criticize others. 

When the courier and the express delivery staff were kicked to the ground by the traffic police while riding, can they breathe? When they lose their money due to P2P thunderstorms (financial scams) but have nowhere to avenge their grievances, are they “unable to breathe”? Do the people who are doing the dirtiest work by selling hard work and have the lowest payments “cannot breathe”? At the age of 90, they still need to make a living by picking up trash and selling vegetables at a stall. Are they “unable to breathe”? Are the parents of young people suspected of organ harvesting in Wuhan and across the country “unable to breathe”? And so on… We cannot see it because the CCP’s media did not want us to know; what we saw was what they deliberately wanted us to see. This vicious, evil, and intolerant CCP government. Now because of the CCP virus, people all over the world must wear masks. When the eliminating the regime of CCP, it will be the day when the whole humans can have the freedom of breath! 

[Disclaimer: The comments only represent the point view of the author. ]

Author: Zhancao Yao Chugen

Translator: Dandan; Proofreader: Ana

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