[Opinion] Biden’s Two-front War Shaking US’s Unipolar Hegemony

This year the US frequently held military exercises. Recently, the US and Canada have conducted Air Defense Drills under the harsh weather conditions of the Arctic to show that they can effectively prevent Russia’s military expansion in the Arctic. According to CNN, to deal with hypothetical multi-line global crises, such as serious cyber-attacks, Russia’s invasion of the Baltic Sea, Russia or China (the CCP) in the South China Sea, and even the invasion of Taiwan, the US plans to a top-secret summer war game that the participants need to deal with the crisis in the constantly changing simulation scenarios and will strive for military equipment such as aircraft carriers and bombers. Since Biden took office, the US has become increasingly concerned about the activities of Russia and the CCP, and the tensions show no signs of easing. Russia and the CCP modernized their military, and both expanded their influence in Europe and Asia,

Upon the Trump administration’s work and achievements, the Biden administration has a clearer understanding of China and Russia’s threats, especially the severe threats from the CCP. Therefore, It makes sense that the new government has consistently maintained its oppressive policy towards the CCP. In the new “Interim Guidelines for National Security Strategy” issued by the US on 3rd March, the Biden administration made it clear that the CCP is the NO.1 competitor of the US, and the US’s CCP policy will keep unchanged on the whole. Nevertheless, in the Trump era, the US directly squeezed the neck of the CCP. Different from Trump, Biden targets Russia while continue to contain the CCP. The US simultaneously restrains China and Russia, which will promote China and Russia to strengthen their joint control over the US. Although the US wants to win over the EU to attack China jointly, the EU, China, and Russia are still cooperating rather than confrontation. The US is confronting the second and third most significant military powers in the world at the same time. Any US’s traditional allies must be very serious about the pick-a-side. The US urgently needs to review its current diplomatic strategy, make necessary adjustments, and strengthen military preparations. If the Biden administration is not afraid of being “shy,” perhaps returning to the CCP and Russia policies in the Trump era would be more in line with US security interests.

[Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of GNEWS.org.]

Author:Kal; Proofreader: Dandan

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