Wuhan coronavirus: expert predicts 50K infections per day in China

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College of London predicts 50K infections of novel coronavirus per day in China.


Professor Neil Ferguson, director of J-IDEA, on the current 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak (05-02-2020). He addresses the work of his team on estimates, the scale of the epidemic, forward projections, the role of modeling and analytics in outbreak response, informing governments, interventions, control measures and more.

Daily updates by Peak Prosperity:

  • The numbers of novel coronavirus cases published by China still follow a “model”, so they must be fake.
  • Infections among people stuck on a cruise ship where people infected with novel coronavirus were found.
  • Some say vaccines are 12-18 months away
  • Mass quarantine centers are being set up around the world
  • A Few Case studies

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