[Opinion] How to Defeat the CCP’s Chicanery – the Case of Forced Labor in Xinjiang (Video)

By MOS Himalaya Video Department

On March 25, the CCP criticized global brand including H&M and Nike for boycotting cotton produced in Xinjiang Province. This decisions of boycotting cotton were based on the recommendations made by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a nonprofit multistakeholder governance group which established that Xinjiang cotton doesn’t meet labor standards.

The CCP’s Spokeswoman Hua Chunying denied the human rights abuse allegations, and further criticized America’s history of slavey. Her comments followed a standard CCP propaganda template. They are intended to distract brainwashed Chinese citizens and foreigners unfamiliars with China.

We will debunk her comments and discuss how the defeated CCP’s chicanery.

  1. Enemies choose to hurt themselves
  2. Deny or downplay one thing by saying another thing
  3. You are no good. Discredit a good system by citing past wrong doing or current outliers.
  4. Equate Chinese to the CCP, and incite nationalism

How shall we defeat them?

  1. Spread the Truth
  2. Not talk but action

Reviewer: Xueli

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