Can the CCP Erase Mr. Hao Haidong from the History of China National Football Team?

Highlights of Lu De Media (Evening) on April 5, 2021

  • All videos released by the Chinese Communist Party’s wemedia about the history of Chinese national soccer team now have Mr. Hao Haidong’s face covered with a cartoon pighead.
    • The fact is that In China, actually more people call Xi Jinping Pighead.
    • Wemedia in Communist China now has to get licenced to release things on social media platforms.
    • What is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) afraid of? The more they hide it, the more curious people become.
  • Evolutionary Biologist Bret Weinstein joined Hill.TV and said that he believes COVID-19 was likely created in a lab, and the fellow scientists from the mainstream science community are telling “fairy tales” and dishonest about the virus originating in nature.
    • Now only non-mainstream scientists like Dr. Li-Meng Yan are telling the truth about the CCP virus.
  • In his latest tweet, Dr. Lawrence Sellin listed more CCP scientists involved in the CCP virus’s manufacture.
    • Since the CCP has no restrictions on animal tests, its bioscience community is best at serial passage experiments and humanized” animal models which don’t really require much advanced technology.
  • Chinese State Media recently questions if the U.S. can have an “anti-Communist China alliance” in Europe.
    • The United States and the free countries have teamed up. The recent high attention to the virus origin from the media suggests that the “anti-Communist China alliance “has already had sufficient evidence to define the CCP virus as an unrestricted biological weapon.

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