CHI, Haotian


This is Chi Haotian’s internal speech in 2005. In his speech, Chi Haotian compared the CCP to Japanese militarism and German Nazis, and also talked about using biochemical warfare to “clear the ground” of the United States. The speech also mentioned that the world’s elites’ belief that only 20% of the population is enough. This can help us understand the COVID-19 virus unrestricted war and potential risk of vaccines we are facing today.




I am very excited today because the large-scale online questionnaire we commissioned Sina.com to do show that our next generation has great hope and there are successors to our party’s mission. When answering the question “Will you shoot women, children and prisoners of war?” and more than 80% of the people answered yes, which greatly exceeded our expectations.


I want to focus today on why we commissioned Sina.com to conduct this questionnaire survey of our people. My speech today is a continuation of the last speech. In that speech, I started with the Mishima issue. I mentioned that the pastoral “peace and development” for 20 years has ended, and modernization under the saber is the only next step for China. I also mentioned that we have huge overseas interests. Today I will make some specific explanations on these two points.


Although the core issue of our investigation this time is whether to shoot women, children and prisoners of war, the significance is not limited to this point. At first glance, our main intention is to explore the Chinese people’s attitude towards war: if these future fighters dare to kill even non-combatants, they will naturally kill combatants a hundred times, so the answer to the questionnaire can reflect the people’s overall attitude towards war.


But in fact, our true intentions are not here. The purpose of the central government’s decision to conduct this investigation is to get the bottom line. We want to understand that if China develops globally, it must be accompanied by the mass death of the population of hostile countries, whether our people can accept it, and whether our people support or oppose it.


Everyone knows that the core idea of Comrade Xiaoping is “development is the last word.” Comrade Jintao also always emphasized that “development is the first priority” and we must firmly hold on to it. But comrades often understand one-sidedly, thinking that it is only limited to our domestic development. In fact, our “development” refers to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Of course, this rejuvenation will not be confined to our current land, but of course it will extend to the whole world.


Why do I say that?


Comrade LIU Huaqing, the leader of our party’s older generation, and Comrade HE Xin, our party’s young strategist, have repeatedly emphasized the theory of shifting the center of world civilization. Our slogan for rejuvenating China is based on this idea. You can look through our newspapers and periodicals over the years and check it online to find out who in our party first put forward the slogan of national rejuvenation. Comrade HE Xin first proposed it. Do you know He Xin? Although he rolled up his sleeves and trouser legs when he gave his report, which seems he was in a horrible fight with others, but his historical perspective is a valuable asset of our party.


This question must be discussed from the beginning.

大家知道,按照西方学者宣传的观点,全地球的人类,都是发源于非洲同一个母亲,所以无所谓哪个民族的种族优越性。但是按照我们大多数中国学者的研究,我们中国人与地球上其他人种不同,不是发源于非洲,而是独立发源于现在的中华大地。大家熟悉的周口店中国猿人,就是我们祖先的一个发展阶段。我国正在进行的“中华文明探源工程 ”,就是力求完整探究中国古代文明的起源、进程及发展。过去一直讲“中华文明上下五千年”。而现在,我们众多从事考古、民族文化和地域文化历史研究的专家认为,东北红山文化、浙江良渚文化、四川金沙遗址、湖南永州舜帝文化遗址的新发现,进一步清晰了中国早期文明的生存状态,证明仅中国稻作农业文化的历史就可以推到8000年至1万年前,从而打破了“中华文明五千年”的成说。所以我们可以说,我们是“超百万年的文化根系,上万年的文明进步,五千年的古国,两千年的中华同一实体”。这就是我们引以为傲、自称为“炎黄子孙”的中华民族。如果说当年希特勒德国鼓吹他们日尔曼民族是地球上最优越民族,那么我们的民族要比他们优越多了。

As we all know, according to the views propagated by Western scholars, all human beings on the earth originated from the same mother in Africa, so it doesn’t matter which ethnicity has racial superiority. But according to the research of most of our Chinese scholars, we Chinese are different from other races on the earth, not originating in Africa, but originating independently from the present land of China. We are familiar with Chinese apes in Zhoukoudian which is a stage of development of our ancestors. China’s ongoing “Chinese Civilization Discovery Project” seeks to fully explore the origin, process and development of ancient Chinese civilization. In the past, we always talked about “Chinese civilization up and down five thousand years.” And now, many of our experts who are engaged in archaeological, ethnic culture, and regional cultural and historical research believe that the new discoveries of Northeast Hongshan Culture, Zhejiang Liangzhu Culture, Sichuan Jinsha Site, and Hunan Yongzhou Emperor Shun Cultural Site further clarify the history of China’s early civilization. The state of existence proves that the history of China’s rice farming culture alone can be extended to 8000 to 10,000 years ago, thus breaking the theory of “five thousand years of Chinese civilization.” So we can say that we are “a cultural root system of over a million years, a civilization and progress of tens of thousands of years, an ancient country of five thousand years, and a same entity of China for two thousand years.” This is the Chinese nation that we are proud of and call ourselves “the descendants of Yan and Huang”. If Hitler Germany preached that their Germanic nation was the most superior nation on earth, then our nation is much superior to them.


Due to the long history of our nation, our nation has long spread to the Americas and the Pacific Rim. These are the Indians in the Americas and the East Asian races in various regions of the South Pacific.


As you all know, relying on our national superiority, in our great Tang Dynasty, our civilization development was at the peak of the world. No other civilization in the world can stand by our side. We are the center of world civilization. Only because of later self-confidence and isolation, Western civilization surpassed us, and the center of world civilization moved to the West.


When looking back on this history, everyone will naturally be concerned about whether the center of world civilization will return to China again.


Comrade HE Xin pointed out in a report to the Central Committee in 1988 that if the world’s dominant center has been located in Western Europe since the 18th century and moved to the United States from the mid-twentieth century, then by the 21st century, the world’s dominant center will be Move to the east of the earth. This “Orient” is of course mainly China.


Similar ideas were actually put forward by Comrade LIU Huaqing as early as the mid-1980s. He pointed out from historical analysis that the center of civilization in the world is shifting. In the past, it moved from the East to Western Europe, then to the United States, and now it is going back to the East. Therefore, if the 19th century is the British century and the 20th century is the American century, then the 21st century is the Chinese century.


Consciously understanding this historical law and welcoming the arrival of the Chinese century is the historical mission of our party. As you all know, we established a Chinese Millennium Monument in Beijing at the end of the last century. At the moment when the new century came, the leadership of the Party Central Committee held high the torch of Zhoukoudian there and held a meeting to welcome the Chinese Century. It was to follow the laws of history. Regarding the realization of the Chinese Century as the goal of our party. Later, we included the great goal of national rejuvenation in the political report of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and we also clearly stipulated in the new party constitution that our party is the vanguard of the Chinese nation. These are all major developments in Marxism and have embodied the courage of our party. Everyone knows that in the past, Marx and others have never said that the Communist Party is the vanguard of which nation, nor did they say that national rejuvenation can be used as the slogan of the Communist Party. Even if Comrade Mao, Zedong is a courageous national hero, he only dared to raise the banner of “World Proletarian Revolution”, but did not dare to shout the slogan of national rejuvenation the loudest.


We must hold high the banner of national rejuvenation to welcome the arrival of the Chinese century. How can we strive to realize the Chinese Century? We must learn from the precious experience of human history, grasp all the outstanding achievements of human civilization, and learn the lessons of other nations.


This lesson is the lesson of the loss of power and the collapse of the party in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and the cruel lesson of Germany and Japan. There has been a lot of discussion on the lessons of the defeat of the party in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, so I won’t talk about it here. I will only talk about the lessons of Germany and Japan today.

大家知道,希特勒德国也是非常重视对人民特别是年轻一代的教育,纳粹党和政府专门组建了“全国宣传指导处”、“国民教育与宣传部”、“世界观学习与教育监察处”、“新闻办公室”等多个宣传教育机构,从小学到大学,向全国人民灌输说,日尔曼人是最优秀民族,他们要让人民相信,他们雅利安人的历史使命是要成为 “主宰世界”的“地球之王”。德国当时万众一心的凝聚力比我们现在强烈多了。

As you all know, Hitler Germany also attaches great importance to the education of the people, especially the younger generation. The Nazi party and government have specially established the “National Propaganda and Guidance Office”, “National Education and Propaganda Department”, “World View Learning and Education Supervision Office”, and “News Office” and many other propaganda and educational institutions, from elementary schools to universities, instilled in the people of the whole country that the Germans are the most outstanding nation, and they must convince the people that their historical mission of the Aryans is to become “dominant of the world” and “King of the Earth”. The unity of Germany at that time was much stronger than we are now.


But in the end, Germany failed miserably, and Japan with it also failed miserably. What is the reason? At the Politburo study meeting to explore the laws of the rise and fall of great powers, we also summarized the experience of Germany and Japan in rapid development. While we are determined to take the German road to rejuvenate China, we must not repeat the mistakes they made.


The specific reasons are as follows. First, they made too many enemies at once, and failed to grasp the principles of feat one by one; second, they were eager for success, lacking the patience and endurance to make big things happen; third, they were not ruthless when they should be shot hard, so that they left troubles. . Imagine if Germany and Japan could always neutralize the United States and fight a protracted war on the Soviet front step by step, if they adopted this policy and bought time to pass nuclear weapons and missiles, then they would suddenly and severely attack the United States and the Soviet Union with nuclear weapons and missiles. The United States and the Soviet Union will inevitably fail to resist and surrender. Especially Little Japan made a huge mistake and launched a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. That little squad did not hit the vital point of the United States, but dragged it into the war and joined the ranks of digging graves for German and Japanese fascists. Of course, if they do not make these three mistakes and win, history will be rewritten. In that case, I am afraid that no people like us are controlling China, but Japan moving its capital to China and controlling China. Then, it may be Japan’s control of China and the entire Asia, exerting Eastern wisdom, defeating the Western wisdom of the Germans and uniting the world. These are all nonsense, stop talking…


The fundamental reason is that Germany and Japan failed miserably because history did not arrange for them to be the “kings of the earth”, because in fact they are not the best nation.


Of course, on the surface, the history of China today is surprisingly similar to that of Germany. They all think that their race is the most superior. They all have a history of being bullied by foreign powers and have a vengeance. They all have a tradition of worshiping their authority. They all feel that their living space is seriously insufficient. They all hold high the two banners of nationalism and socialism. Calling themselves “national socialism”, they all worship “one country, one party, one leader, one doctrine”…


But if you really compare Germany with China, in the words of Comrade JIANG Zemin, then it is simply pediatrics! What are the population, size and history of Germany? We wiped out 8 million Kuomintang troops in three years. How many opponents did they kill in Germany? They extinguished the virtual fire after only a dozen years, and we were still full of vitality after more than 80 years. Our theory of the transfer of the center of civilization is of course much deeper than Hitler’s theory of the “king of the earth”. The breadth and depth of our civilization determines that we are much smarter than them.


We Chinese are better than Germans. In the final analysis, because our nation is superior to them, we have a long history, a large population, and a large area. On this basis, our ancestors left us two most fundamental heirlooms, namely atheism and grand unification. Master Confucius, the founder of our Chinese culture, is the founder.


These two magic weapons determine that we have stronger vitality than the West, so the Chinese nation will endure for a long time. No matter how serious natural and man-made disasters and national disasters are, we are doomed to “the heavens cannot die, and the earth cannot be buried.” This is our advantage. Take the war situation in response to emergencies. So far, the United States has not been subjugated because the war has not officially reached its homeland. Once the enemy has targeted its homeland, and after the congressional argument is over, the president is authorized to declare war. The enemy has already reached Washington. What about us? There is no such thing as wrangling. Comrade Xiaoping said, “The party’s leadership quickly decides on issues and decides to deal with them. There is no such thing as wrangling in capitalist countries. This is our advantage.” Our party’s democratic centralism is based on the tradition of great unification. Although German fascism also emphasized a high degree of concentration, it focused only on the individual power of the head of state, but ignored the collective leadership of the central group. Therefore, Hitler later rebelled against relatives and fundamentally shook the Nazi party’s ability to war.


We are different from Germany because we are completely atheist, while Germany was originally a Catholic and a Christian country, and Hitler was only half atheist. Although Hitler also believed that ordinary people’s intelligence was low, so the leaders should have the final say. Although German people also admired Hitler very much at that time, Germany, unlike China, had a long-standing tradition of worshiping “saints” extensively. Our Chinese society has always worshiped “saints” because we do not worship any gods. If you worship God, you cannot worship people unless you recognize who is the representative of God, just like some countries in the Middle East. And once you have admitted who is a saint, of course you have to let him lead you instead of supervising and selecting him. This is the basis of our democratic centralism.


So, in the final analysis, only China, not Germany, is a reliable force against Western parliamentary democracy. There was a Hitler dictatorship in Germany. It might be just a momentary historical misunderstanding.


Having said that, you may be able to understand why we have recently made a decision to further promote atheism. If Western theism is allowed to come to China to hollow out us, if the Chinese people are allowed to listen to and follow God, who else can honestly listen to and follow us? If the common people do not believe that Comrade Jintao is a qualified leader and question him and supervise him, if the members of our church question why we should go to the church to lead God, can our party still lead China? !

德国要想当“地球之王”的努力失败了。归根结底是由于历史没有赋予他们这个历史使命。但是德国当年的三条经验,却是我们在完成我们历史使命、实现民族复兴时应该汲取的。这就是牢牢抓住民族的生存空间问题,牢牢抓住执政党的领导,牢牢抓住当“地球之王 ”这个大方向,紧紧拧住这三个问题不放。

Germany’s efforts to become the “King of the Earth” failed. In the final analysis, it is because history has not given them this historical mission. But the three experiences of Germany back then are what we should learn when we complete our historical mission and realize national rejuvenation. This is to firmly grasp the issue of the living space of the nation, firmly grasp the leadership of the ruling party, firmly grasp the general direction of being the “king of the earth”, and firmly hold on to these three issues.


Now I want to talk about these three issues.


The first is to focus on the issue of living space, which is the biggest focus of our national rejuvenation. In my last speech, I mentioned that fighting for basic survival resources (including land and oceans) is the root cause of most wars in history. There will be changes in this information age, but there will be no essential changes. Our per capita resources are much less than in Germany back then. Coupled with the deteriorating effects of economic development and the rapid deterioration of the climate in the past two decades, our resources have been severely depleted and the environment has deteriorated, especially the problems of land, water and air. Sustainable development issue is extraordinarily serious. Even the survival of the nation is facing serious threats, far more serious than Germany in those days. Anyone who has been to Western countries can feel that their living space far exceeds ours. There is a large forest next to their highway, and we rarely see a few trees next to our highway; their sky is often blue and white, and our sky is covered with a black pot; their water pipes can be twisted to drink, and we even pollute the groundwater. You can’t drink without filtering; there are not many people in their streets, and two or three of them live in a small building. We are crowded with people in the street, and a few people in a room. Many years ago someone wrote a book titled “The Yellow Peril”, saying that when our country reached a population of 1.3 billion, we all targeted the high consumption of the American lifestyle, and the limited land resources could not carry it, which led to the collapse of the society. Now our population has exceeded this limit and is maintained by imported resources. It’s not that we don’t pay attention to this issue. We have a Ministry of Land and Resources that focuses on it every day. However, because the term “living space” has too much connection with Nazi Germany, it is inconvenient for us to speak more publicly to prevent the West from thinking of Nazi Germany and fueling the “China threat theory.” Therefore, when we emphasized that “human rights are the right to exist” in accordance with HE Xin’s theory, we deliberately only talk about “survival” without mentioning “space” and avoid using the term “survival space”. Historically speaking, China faced the problem of living space because Western countries rushed to develop ahead of Eastern countries, so they were able to colonize the world, thus occupying an advantageous position in the problem of living space. If we want to solve this problem, we must lead the people to go out and develop abroad.

第二个问题是我们要着眼于执政党的领导能力,这个问题我们比他们那个国社党(即纳粹党)要抓得好。他们虽然把纳粹党的权力伸展到德国国家政权的各个方面,但却没有能够象我们这样强调党的绝对领导权,没有象我们一样把“党要管党” 做为第一要务来抓。毛泽东同志在总结我们党打天下的“三大法宝”时,把建设好我们这个共产党,把共产党的领导权,做为最重要的一条法宝。

The second issue is that we must focus on the leadership of the ruling party. We have to grasp this issue better than their National Socialist Party (the Nazi Party). Although they extended the power of the Nazi Party to all aspects of the German state power, they did not emphasize the absolute leadership of the party like we did, and did not regard “the party’s management of the party” as our top priority. When Comrade MAO Zedong summed up the “three magic weapons” of our party to conquer the world, he took the construction of our Communist Party and its leadership as the most important magic weapon.


We now want to consolidate our party’s leading position and strengthen our leadership capabilities. The key is to grasp two things.


One is to promote the theory of the Three Represents and emphasize that our party is the vanguard of the Chinese nation and not just the vanguard of the proletariat. Many people commented below, “We have never voted for your Communist Party to represent us. How can you call yourself our representative?”


Don’t worry about this problem. Comrade MAO Zedong said that if you lead the allies to victory and benefit them, they will support you. Therefore, as long as we lead the Chinese people to go out and solve the problem of insufficient living space in China, the Chinese people will support us. At that time, there will be no such thing as “authoritarian” or “dictatorship”. Therefore, whether we can always be the representative of the Chinese people depends on whether we can successfully lead the people out.


Therefore, the second point, whether or not to lead the Chinese people out, is the biggest and key issue related to the leadership of the Communist Party.


Why do I say this way?


Everyone knows that without the leadership of our party, there would be nothing in China. Therefore, always defending the leadership of our party is our highest purpose. Before the June 4th Movement, we vaguely realized that as long as we turn China over, we can win the support and love of the people for the GCD, so we must strive for decades of peace to develop China. No matter what kind of doctrine, whether it is a white cat or a black cat, a good cat can develop into China! However, at that time, there was no mature consideration about how to deal with international disputes after China developed. At that time, Comrade Xiaoping proposed that the theme of the contemporary world is peace and development. However, the “June 4th” riots sounded the police class for our party and taught the most memorable lesson. The pressure of China’s peaceful evolution requires us to reconsider the theme of the times. We have seen that neither of the two issues of peace and development has been resolved. The hostile forces in the West always transform the world and China according to their own appearance, in a vain attempt to overthrow the leadership of our Communist Party through peaceful evolution. Therefore, there is still the possibility of losing the Communist Party’s history by only engaging in construction and development. The “June 4th” riots almost succeeded in a peaceful evolution. If it weren’t for a large number of our veteran comrades who were still alive and seized the power of the team at a critical juncture, we would all be locked up and killed without face Report from Marx. But even though the June 4th hurdle has passed, when our last group of old comrades has died, without us at the helm, the peaceful evolution still has to come to China, just like the former Soviet Union. In five or six years they put out the Hungarian incident at the time and repelled the Tito revisionist attack of Yugoslavia, but they could not withstand Gorbachev thirty years later. The reason is that once the old comrade who beat the world almost died, the world of the Communist Party will be taken away by peaceful evolution.


After the “June 4th” violence, we have been thinking about how to prevent the peaceful evolution of China in order to preserve the leadership of the Communist Party. If we can’t come up with a good solution, China’s peaceful evolution will be inevitable, and we will become sinners of history. After our party’s deep reflection, we finally came to the conclusion: Only by transforming the developed national power into a punching force and leading the people to go out, can we win the support and love of the Chinese people for the Communist Party forever, and if our party can stand forever. In an invincible place, the people cannot do without the Communist Party, and they will always follow the Communist Party willingly, just like a couplet often written in our rural areas: “Listen to Chairman Mao and follow the Communist Party”!


Therefore, the June 4th riots made us realize that we must closely integrate the construction and development of the country with preparing for war and leading the people to go out! Therefore, since then, our national defense policy has taken a 180-degree turn. We have increasingly emphasized the “combination of peace and war (peace and war).” All our construction and development must meet the needs of war. prepare for! What we openly emphasize is still centering on economic construction, but in fact, economic construction is centered on war! We have spent a lot of effort to build the “Great Wall Project”, building a strong underground Great Wall capable of fighting nuclear wars near coastal defenses, border defenses, and large and medium-sized cities throughout China, and stocking all necessary war materials. Therefore, we will not hesitate to fight World War III, but we must also lead the people out to ensure the leadership of our party. In any case, we, the Chinese Communist Party, will not withdraw from the stage of history! We would rather want this whole world and even the whole earth to coexist with our party than to withdraw from the stage of history! Isn’t there a “nuclear bundling” theory now? In other words, nuclear weapons bind the security of the entire world together, and everyone will die together. I think there is actually another kind of bondage, that is, the fate of our party is tied to the fate of the entire world. If our Communist Party is over, China will be over, and the world will be over.


The historical mission of our party is to lead the Chinese people out. If we take a long-term view, we can see that history has come in this way: First, China’s long history has created the world’s largest mainland population and overseas Chinese population; second, Western capitalists, who are in charge of profits, are pursuing our world’s largest population. The market will inevitably come to China to invest funds and technology to support our construction and development when we open the door; third, the strength of so many overseas Chinese has created the best conditions for China to introduce foreign capital, foreign technology and advanced experience, making China’s reform and opening up inevitable Can achieve great success; fourth, China’s economic development will inevitably be accompanied by the reduction of China’s per capita living space, prompting China to strive for new living space; fifth, China’s great development will inevitably be accompanied by our military strength. Development has prepared conditions for us to go global and develop overseas. Since Napoleon, the West has had great fears about the awakening of Chinese sleeping lions. But it is unstoppable for the Chinese sleeping lion to stand up and go to the world!


What is the third problem that we should firmly grasp when we complete the historical mission of national rejuvenation? That is, unswervingly grasp the general direction of the “US problem.”


Comrade MAO Zedong taught us that we must determine the correct political direction. What is our biggest right direction? It is to solve the American problem.


This looks amazing, but the reason is actually very simple.


A fundamental thesis put forward by Comrade HE Xin is very reasonable. In the report he wrote to the central government, he asserted: China’s revival is fundamentally contradictory to the strategic interests of the West, so it will inevitably be blocked by Western countries. Therefore, only by breaking through the siege of Western countries led by the United States can China develop and enter the world!


If we want to go out and gain a new living space, will the United States agree? First, if the United States resolutely stepped forward to block it, it would be difficult for us to do anything to Taiwan and other countries! Second, even if we lay down some land from Taiwan, Vietnam, India, and even Japan, how much space can it increase for us? It’s trivial! Only the United States, Canada, and Australia have vast land for us to colonize in large numbers.

所以解决“美国问题”就是解决其它一切问题的关键。第一,这使我们有可能向那里大量殖民,甚至建立同属中国共产党领导的另外一个中国。美洲本来就是我们黄种人先发现的嘛,哥伦布却把功劳记在白种人身上,我们黄炎子孙有权去享有这块土地!听说黄种人血统的居民在美国地位很是低下。我们要去解放他们。第二,解决了 “美国问题”,欧洲西方国家就会向我们屈服,台湾、日本和另外小国就更不在话下了。所以,解决“美国问题”就是历史交给我们中国共产党人的任务。

So solving the “US problem” is the key to solving all other problems. First, this makes it possible for us to colonize there in large numbers and even establish another China under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. The Americas were originally discovered by our yellow races, but Columbus credited the white people with the credit. We Huang Yan children and grandchildren have the right to enjoy this land! I heard that residents of the yellow race have a very low status in the United States. We are going to liberate them. Second, if the “US problem” is resolved, European and Western countries will succumb to us, not to mention Taiwan, Japan and other small countries. Therefore, resolving the “American problem” is the task given to us Chinese Communists by history.

我有时想,中美两国真是冤家路窄,真是太残酷了!你们记得有一本关于刘邓大军的电影,叫做“决战中原”吧,影片有句气吞山河的名言:“冤家路窄,勇者胜!” 就靠着这种破釜沉舟的拼杀,我们才夺取了中国大陆。历史注定中美两国要冤家路窄地互相拼杀!虽然从历史上来讲,美国没有象俄国和日本那样侵占和危害中国,而且在抗战时帮中国打日本,但是它将来必然会是我们民族复兴的阻力, 而且是最大的阻力!长远来讲,中美关系就是这种冤家路窄、你死我活的关系。有一次美国人来访,劝我们认清中美关系是一种互相依存的关系。小平同志很客气地回答他们:“告诉你们政府,中美之间不存在那种互相依赖、谁也离不开谁的关系。”其实小平同志是太客气了,没能直率讲,“中美之间是冤家路窄你死我活的关系”。当然我们现在还没到同他们撕破脸皮的时候。我们改革开放以来还要依靠他们的资金和技术,还离不开美国,所以我们使尽浑身解数发展与美国的关系,在各个方面全力学习美国,以美国为榜样来重新打造我们国家。这些年来在国际交往中我们是怎么过来的?我们哪怕是陪尽笑脸,哪怕是被打了左脸再伸出右脸,也要硬着头皮顶住忍住,发展与美国的关系。还记得电影《武训传》中那个武训吗?他为了完成自己的使命,强忍着疼痛挨尽了多少拳打脚踢!美国是当今世界上最成功的国家,只有我们把它的一切有用经验都学到手,我们将来才能取代它。我们虽然现在也学着美国人的腔调说“中美互相依存荣辱与共”,但我们不要忘记,我们的文明史反复教育我们,一山不可二虎。我们也千万不要忘记,小平同志强调的“韬光养晦”,它的潜台词其实说到底就是:对于美国,我们必需忍耐,必需隐藏我们的最终目的,隐藏我们的能力,等待时机。这样我们就会头脑清醒:为什么我们没有使国歌“与时俱进”地带上和平色彩,没有使国歌离开战争这个主题,反而在这次修改宪法时,第一次明确规定《义勇军进行曲》是我们的国歌。这样我们也会理解,为什么我们始终高喊“台湾问题”而不提“美国问题”,大家都知道“明修栈道暗渡陈仓”这个道理。如果说普通老百姓两眼只能看到台湾这个小岛,那么你们作为国家精英,应该能够看到我们事业的全局。这些年我们按照小平同志的部署,把那么大面积的北方领土都让给了俄国,难道我们党中央是傻瓜?

I sometimes think that China and the United States are so cruel. Do you remember a movie about Liu and Deng’s army called “Decisive Battle in the Central Plains”. The movie has a famous saying: “The enemy is narrow, and the brave wins!” Only by this kind of battle, we captured mainland China. History is destined for China and the United States to fight each other in a narrow way! Although historically speaking, the United States did not invade and endanger China like Russia and Japan, and helped China fight Japan during the War of Resistance against Japan, but it will inevitably be the resistance to our national rejuvenation in the future, and it is the greatest resistance! In the long run, Sino-US relations are a life-and-death relationship. Once an American visited us and advised us to recognize that the Sino-US relationship is an interdependent relationship. Comrade Xiaoping answered them very politely: “Tell you the government that there is no relationship between China and the United States that is dependent on each other, and no one can do without.” In fact, Comrade Xiaoping is too polite to say bluntly, “China and the United States.” It’s a life-and-death relationship between Yuanjialuzhai and life.” Of course, we have not yet reached the point of tearing up our skin with them. Since the reform and opening up, we have to rely on their funds and technology, and we cannot do without the United States. Therefore, we have tried our best to develop relations with the United States, learn from the United States in all aspects, and rebuild our country with the United States as an example. How did we come here in international exchanges over the years? Even if we are to accompany all the smiling faces, even if we are hit on the left cheek and then stretch out the right cheek, we must bite the bullet and hold back and develop our relationship with the United States. Remember the Wu Xun in the movie “Wu Xun Biography”? In order to accomplish his mission, he endured the pain so many punches and kicks! The United States is the most successful country in the world today. Only when we learn all its useful experiences can we replace it in the future. Although we are now learning from the American accent that “China and the United States are mutually dependent on each other for honor and disgrace,” we must not forget that our history of civilization has repeatedly taught us that one mountain cannot be two tigers. Let us also never forget that the subtext of the “hide our capacity and bide our time” emphasized by Comrade Xiaoping is in the final analysis: For the United States, we must be patient and hide our ultimate goal, hide our capabilities, and wait for the opportunity. In this way, we will be clear-headed: why did we not make the national anthem “advance with the times” bring the color of peace, did not make the national anthem away from the theme of war, but in this amendment to the constitution, it is the first time that the “Volunteer March” is clearly stated to National anthem. In this way, we will also understand why we always chant the “Taiwan issue” without mentioning the “U.S. issue”. Everyone knows the truth of “Mingxiu plank road secretly crosses Chencang”. If ordinary people can only see the small island of Taiwan with their eyes, then you, as national elites, should be able to see the overall situation of our cause. Over the years, we have surrendered such a large area of Northern Territory to Russia in accordance with Comrade Xiaoping’s deployment. Could it be that our Party Central Committee is a fool?


We have to go outside the box in solving the “US problem.” In history, a country defeated another country, or occupied another country, but it could not kill all the people of the conquered country. At that time, the killing efficiency of swords and spears and even rifles and machine guns was too low, so it was impossible to just get A piece of land and not the people on that piece of land. However, if we conquer the United States in accordance with this framework, we will not be able to colonize the United States in large numbers.


Only by using extraordinary means to “clear the ground” can the Chinese people lead the past. This is the only way, not a question of whether we are willing or not. What extraordinary means can be used to “clear the field” of the United States? Conventional weapons such as aircraft, artillery, missiles and warships are not good, nor are highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. We will not be so stupid that we are going to die with the United States with nuclear weapons, although we clamor for the Taiwan issue at all costs. Only non-destructive weapons of mass murder can keep the United States intact. The development of modern biotechnology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and new biological weapons are emerging in endlessly. Of course, we are not idle. Over the years, we have seized the time to master this kind of assassin. We have been able to achieve the purpose of suddenly “clearing the market” of the United States. While Comrade Xiaoping was still alive, the Central Committee made the correct decision with a forward-looking vision: instead of developing an aircraft carrier battle group, it focused its efforts on the killer’s trick to exterminate the enemy’s population.


From humanitarian considerations, we should first issue a warning to the American people and persuade them to leave the Americas and cede the land they now live on to the Chinese people, or at least give half of the United States to Chinese colonization, because the Americans were first discovered by the Chinese. . But does this work? If this does not work, there is only one way to go: “clear the field” in the United States with decisive means, and free up the land of the United States at a rapid pace! Our historical experience has proved that as long as we have created a fait accompli, no one in the world can do anything to us, not to mention the elimination of the US-led enemy, and other enemies have to bow their heads to us.


Biological weapons are extremely cruel. However, if the Americans do not die, the Chinese will die. If the Chinese people are trapped to die on this existing land and a major social collapse occurs, according to the calculation of the author of the “Yellow Peril”, the Chinese will die more than half, more than 800 million people! Our loess land carried nearly 500 million people at the beginning of liberation, and now the public population is over 1.3 billion. The carrying capacity of this loess land has reached its limit. Maybe one day, if it collapses, it will collapse and the population will die. More than half will die.


We have to prepare with both hands. If the biological weapon attack is successful, the Chinese people will pay the least sacrifice in the struggle against the United States. However, if it fails or triggers nuclear retaliation by the United States, China may suffer a disaster of losing more than half of its population. Therefore, we must prepare for air defense in large and medium-sized cities. But anyway, for the future of the party, the country and the nation, we can only go forward boldly! No matter how many difficulties and obstacles there are, no matter how much sacrifices have to be made! Even if more than half of the population is dead, it can regenerate, and once the Communist Party collapses, everything is over! It’s over forever!


China has always changed dynasties in which the cruel wins the benevolent and loses. The most typical case is that the overlord showed kindness and failed to “chase the poor” against Liu Bang, and ended up dying in front of Liu Bang instead. Therefore, we emphasize that we must take decisive measures at all costs. In the future, China and the United States will encounter each other on a narrow road. If we are soft-hearted, we will be cruel to the Chinese people.


When I talk about this, it is inevitable that some people will ask: What about our millions of compatriots in the United States? They said, aren’t we opposed to Chinese killing Chinese people?

这些同志很迂腐,太不讲究实际了。我们如果坚持中国人不杀中国人,我们能解放中国吗?至于在美国的几百万华人,这当然是个大问题,所以这些年我们也在研究基因武器,就是不杀黄种人的生物武器。但是这项研究的难度很大。全世界的基因武器研究,是以色列走在最前面,他们的基因武器是要对付阿拉伯人而保护以色列人。但即使他们,也没有达到实用的阶段。我们同以色列有研究合作,可以把他们一些技术拿过来一些,把他们用来保护以色列人的技术加以改造,用来保护黄种人。但是他们的技术不过关,我们也难以在几年之内超越他们。如果基因武器在五到十年以后才能突破,我们已经等不及了。我们这些老同志的有限生命已经等不及了。虽然象我这样的老战士还可以再等待五年十年,但那些三八式老同志和仅有的那几个老红军,都不能再等了。所以我们只好放弃对基因武器的期待。当然从另方面来讲,在美国的华人,大多数人都是我们的负担,他们受资产阶级自由化思想熏陶惯了,不容易接受我们党的领导。如果他们生存了下来,我们以后还要搞运动对付他们,改造他们。我们不要忘记了,我们打倒国民党解放中国大陆时,有那么多资产阶级和知识分子都举双手拥护我们,但后来我们还不是要搞“镇反”和“反右 ”来重新清理和改造他们他们?有些人隐藏很深,到了文革才被挖了出来。

These comrades are very pedantic and unrealistic. If we insist that the Chinese do not kill the Chinese, can we liberate China? As for the millions of Chinese in the United States, this is of course a big problem. So in recent years we have also been studying genetic weapons, that is, biological weapons that do not kill the yellow race. But this research is very difficult. In the world’s genetic weapons research, Israel is at the forefront. Their genetic weapons are designed to deal with the Arabs and protect the Israelis. But even they have not reached the practical stage. We have research cooperation with Israel, and we can take some of their technology and transform the technology they used to protect the Israelis to protect the yellow race. But their technology is not good enough, and it will be difficult for us to surpass them within a few years. If genetic weapons can only breakthrough in five to ten years, we can’t wait. The limited lives of our old comrades can’t wait. Although veteran fighters like me can wait another five years and ten years, those old comrades in the 38th style and the few old Red Army cannot wait any longer. So we had to give up our expectations of genetic weapons. Of course, on the other hand, most of the Chinese in the United States are our burdens. They are accustomed to bourgeois liberalization and are not easy to accept the leadership of our party. If they survive, we will continue to engage in sports to deal with them and reform them. Let us not forget that when we defeated the Kuomintang and liberated mainland China, so many bourgeois and intellectuals raised their hands to support us, but then we still wanted to “anti-rebellion” and “anti-rightist” to clean up and reform them? Some people hid so deeply that they were dug up only after the Cultural Revolution.

历史证明,任何社会大变动搞得不好都会大量死人。可不可以说:死人是推动历史前进的动力?三国争霸死了多少人?成吉思汗征服欧亚大陆死了多少人?满清入关死了多少人?辛亥革命倒没死多少人,但我们推翻三座大山加上“镇反 ”、“三反”、“五反”死了至少两千万人。……我们原来担心一些年轻人一听说打仗死人就会吓得心跳。我们战争时期死人见得多了,血肉横飞、肝脑涂地、横尸遍野、血流成河,我们见得多了。到了战场,大家杀人都杀红了眼,因为那是你死我活、勇者胜么。要美国人死它一、两亿人确实是残酷,但只有这条路才能换取中国人的世纪,中国共产党领导世界的世纪。我们不希望死人,我们是革命人道主义者。但是如果历史一定要我们选择:是死中国人还是死美国人?是保全几亿中国人的生命重要还是保全我们党的生命重要?我们只能选择后者。谁叫我们是中国人?谁叫我们是共产党员?从我们入党那第一天起,党的生命就是高于一切!历史将证明我们的选择是正确的。

历史证明,任何社会大变动搞得不好都会大量死人。可不可以说:死人是推动历史前进的动力?三国争霸死了多少人?成吉思汗征服欧亚大陆死了多少人?满清入关死了多少人?辛亥革命倒没死多少人,但我们推翻三座大山加上“镇反 ”、“三反”、“五反”死了至少两千万人。……我们原来担心一些年轻人一听说打仗死人就会吓得心跳。我们战争时期死人见得多了,血肉横飞、肝脑涂地、横尸遍野、血流成河,我们见得多了。到了战场,大家杀人都杀红了眼,因为那是你死我活、勇者胜么。要美国人死它一、两亿人确实是残酷,但只有这条路才能换取中国人的世纪,中国共产党领导世界的世纪。我们不希望死人,我们是革命人道主义者。但是如果历史一定要我们选择:是死中国人还是死美国人?是保全几亿中国人的生命重要还是保全我们党的生命重要?我们只能选择后者。谁叫我们是中国人?谁叫我们是共产党员?从我们入党那第一天起,党的生命就是高于一切!历史将证明我们的选择是正确的。

History has proven that if any major social change is not done well, a lot of people will die. Can it be said: The dead are the driving force for the advancement of history? How many people died in the Three Kingdoms Contest? How many people died when Genghis Khan conquered Eurasia? How many people died in Manchu Pass? Not many people died during the Revolution of 1911, but at least 20 million people died when we overthrew the three mountains and added the “anti-rebellion,” “three evils,” and “five evils.” …We were worried that some young people would be frightened when they heard of the dead in war. We saw a lot of dead people during the war. We saw a lot of flesh and blood, liver and brain, corpses all over the field, and blood flowing in rivers. We saw a lot. When we arrived on the battlefield, everyone was stunned by the murder, because that is the life and death, and the brave wins. It is indeed cruel to ask Americans to kill one or two million people, but only this way can be exchanged for the century of the Chinese and the century of the Chinese Communist Party leading the world. We do not want dead people, we are revolutionary humanitarians. But if history requires us to choose: is it dead Chinese or dead American? Is it important to preserve the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese people or to preserve the lives of our party? We can only choose the latter. Why do we call us Chinese? Who told us to be Communists? From the first day we joined the party, the life of the party is above all else! History will prove that our choice is correct.


Now, when I have finished talking about this, you will probably understand why we want to conduct this online questionnaire survey. In short, our online investigation is to really understand, if one day we secretly use decisive means to “clear the field” in the United States, will it arouse the resistance of our people? Do the people support or oppose it? Our basic judgment is that if the people approve of shooting prisoners of war, women and children, they will approve of “clearing the ground” in the United States. For more than two decades, China has basically been in an age of peace, and a whole generation of people has not been baptized by war. In particular, since the end of the Second World War, the forms of war, the concept of war and the ethics of war in the world have undergone great changes. Especially since the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the communist countries in Eastern Europe, Western ideology has become worldwide Occupying a dominant position, Western human nature and human rights views are increasingly infiltrating Chinese youth. Therefore, we were not very sure about the people’s attitude. If our people are basically opposed to our “clearing the market” in the United States, of course we need to have corresponding countermeasures.


Why do we conduct investigations on the Internet instead of administrative channels? Of course there are reasons for this.


First of all, reducing human interference will help to understand the real thinking of the people. In addition, it will not leak secrets and will not reveal the true purpose of our investigation. The most important thing is that those who can participate in online answering questions are mainly groups with a certain cultural background and a certain mind. They are the backbone group and leader among our people who play a decisive role. If they support us, the whole people will follow us; if they oppose us, they will play a dangerous role in the whole society by shouting high and raising the pole.


What makes us very gratified is that they did not hand in a blank paper. Instead, they handed in an excellent score of more than 80 points. This is the outstanding achievement of our party’s propaganda and education for decades.


Of course, there are very few people who are influenced by the West and oppose shooting prisoners of war, women and children. Some of them said, “It’s terrifying to see so many people saying that they have to deal with women, children and children. Are everyone crazy?” Some said, “The Chinese are known to be peace-loving, but they are actually the most ruthless nation. The comment says “the sound of killing and cutting is chilling.”


Although there are too few people holding such views to influence the overall situation, we still have to strengthen our propaganda work in response to such arguments.


This is to vigorously publicize Comrade He Xin’s latest conclusion. His latest judgment has been reported to the central government a long time ago, and you can also find it online.

如果你们上网用关键词查一下,就可以看到,何新同志前些时间同香港《商报》谈话时指出:“美国有个惊天大阴谋”。据他掌握情况,1995年9月27日至10 月1日由美国出资的戈尔巴乔夫基金会,邀集当今世界的500名最重要的政治家、经济界领袖和科学家,其中包括乔治•布什(当时他还不是美国总统)、撒切尔夫人、布莱尔、布热津斯基以及索罗兹、比尔盖茨、未来学家奈斯比特等全球热点人物,在旧金山费尔蒙特饭店举行高层圆桌会议,讨论关于全球化以及如何引导人类走向21世纪的问题。据何新掌握,到会的全球精英们认为,在21世纪,仅启用全球人口的20%就足以维持世界经济的繁荣,其余的80%或4/5地球人口,都是不能创造新价值的人类废物。与会者认为,这多余的80%人口属于垃圾人口,应该逐步设法用“高技术”手段消灭他们。

If you search the Internet with keywords, you can see that Comrade HE Xin pointed out in a conversation with Hong Kong’s “Business Daily” some time ago: “The United States has a huge conspiracy.” According to his knowledge, the Gorbachev Foundation, funded by the United States from September 27 to October 1, 1995, invited 500 of the most important politicians, economic leaders and scientists in the world today, including George Bush (he was not the President of the United States at the time), Margaret Thatcher, Blair, Brzezinski, and global hotspots such as Soros, Bill Gates, futurist Nesbitt, etc., held a high-level meeting at the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco Round table meeting to discuss issues about globalization and how to guide mankind towards the 21st century. According to HE Xin, the global elites present at the meeting believe that in the 21st century, only 20% of the global population is enough to maintain the prosperity of the world economy, and the remaining 80% or 4/5 of the earth’s population cannot create new value and are human waste. Participants believed that the excess 80% of the population belonged to the garbage population, and we should gradually try to eliminate them with “high-tech” means.


Therefore, since the enemy is secretly planning to destroy our population, we certainly cannot be merciful to them. Comrade HE Xin’s report was very timely, which proved the correctness of our tit-for-tat struggle and the wise and correctness of Comrade Xiaoping’s forward-looking and far-sighted deployment of our strategy towards the United States.


Of course, when we are propagating Comrade He Xin’s talk, we cannot publish it in the party newspaper to avoid alerting the enemy, because He Xin’s talk may make the enemy think that the modern science and technology we have, including “clean” nuclear technology, genetics Genetic weapons technology and biological weapons technology can provide powerful means to wipe out their population on a large scale.


On the last question, I want to talk about the issue of firmly grasping the preparations for military struggle.


We are currently at a juncture between advancement and retreat. Some comrades saw corruption, state-owned enterprises, bad bank debts, environmental protection, social security, education, AIDS, petitions and even riots that are rampant everywhere in our country, and they have shaken their determination to prepare for military struggle. They believe that the issue of political reform should be addressed first, and that our own political reform is the first, and that after the domestic issues have been resolved, then the issue of military struggles with the outside world.


This reminds me of the crucial period of the Chinese Revolution in 1948. At that time, the People’s Liberation Army was drinking the Yangtze River, but the Liberated Area was facing a very complicated situation. Unsolvable problems were everywhere, and the central government received urgent police every day. How to do? Should we stop and rectify the rear and the interior before advancing, or should we go across the Yangtze River in one go? With his extraordinary wisdom and courage, Chairman Mao issued the order to “carry the revolution to the end” and liberated the whole of China. It turned out that those contradictory problems that seemed “unbelievable” at first were resolved in the surging forward of the revolution.


Now we seem to be at a critical moment when the revolutionary army drank the Yangtze River. As long as we firmly grasp the most fundamental aspect of military struggle preparations, the central government believes that as long as we solve the US problems in one fell swoop, all our domestic problems will be solved. Therefore, our preparations for military struggle are on the surface (sensitive parts of speech), but in fact they are aimed at the United States, far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers and satellites.


Marxism points out that violence is the birth mother of a new society. So war is the midwife born in the Chinese Century. As the war is approaching us, I am full of hope for our next generation.

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