Wuhan CoVirus: CCP delayed Dr. Li Wenliang’s death to placate public

Saddened by the news of the passing of Dr. Li Wenliang, the Chinese netizens are now enraged to find out that Dr. Li was kept “alive” for one more day just to placate the public.

Li Wenliang is one of the first eight people disciplined by the police for spreading “rumors” about Wuhan coronavirus. Unfortunately, Dr. Li Wenliang was killed by the same virus that got him famous. He was only 34 years old.

He was “officially” pronounced dead on Feb 7 (Beijing Time), but evidences have shown that he died on Feb 6 instead. So, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) managed to keep him “alive” for one more day by controlling the official media.

ironically, as a Chinese netizen said: “He lived an ‘illegal’ life and died an ‘illegal’ death.” — in the eyes of the communist regime.

But Dr. Li has exposed the lies of the CCP both when he was alive and after his death — in the eyes of the compassionate people around the world.

Translations of the posts on social media:

The oversea People’s Daily reported but then deleted the news about the passing of Doctor Li Wenliang on Feb 6th. A post below says: “He is being rescued now but with very little hope.”

On Dec 30, 2019, Dr. Li talked about the Wuhan coronavirus in a WeChat group with his medical school alumni. He even cautioned them not to spread this news. It seems that the novel coronavirus was highly classified information in his hospital.

These chats showed that Dr. Li was an eye doctor (with less chance of contracting the virus through his patients), but was sent to the frontline of fighting novel coronavirus as “retribution”.

A post sent by a “bone” doctor at 11:14 PM on Feb 6 (Beijing Time) saying that Dr. Li passed away on Wednesday night according to information from various sources.

This post says: “(The Chinese government) “postponed” his death with medical treatment to manipulate the public’s emotions. Had the people heard the news of his death right away, they would have been enraged. By delaying his death, the government could turn rage into disappointment. You can see that the people are less angry now.”

(Dr. Li Wenliang) passed away at 8:30 (PM on Feb 6. Beijing Time)

Gave him intubation

Great suffering

After his death, intubating and ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) were used.

This afternoon, his classmate told me that Dr. Li was not doing well.

The medical treatments Dr. Li received between 21:21-22:10 (Beijing Time) on Feb 6 AFTER his death.

An official post from Chinese News Weekly says that Dr. Li was in critical condition as of 21:24 on Feb 6 (Beijing Time).

At 1:01 AM on Feb 7 (Beijing Time): those of us waiting for a miracle is actually watching a political task being carried out.

At 1:04 AM on Feb 7 (Beijing Time): He is not allowed to die. We are not allowed to mourn him.

“He lived an ‘illegal’ life and died an ‘illegal’ death.”

About the death of Dr. Li Wenliang, please restrict the reporting of this news. No pop-ups or push. Control the “heat”, don’t start a subject (for discussion thread), gradually …

Please put your energy into fighting the virus not maintaining stability or controlling the discussion or suppressing the mourning. You should know that the current situation is a result of your maintaining stability. Li Wenliang is just one of the hundreds of lives taken away by your work. All these could have been avoided. If this is a superhero movie, you know you are the antagonist big BOSS behind the scene, the ultimate super bad guy.

Dr. Li received these treatments AFTER his death to keep him “alive”.

This post analyzed the treatment saying that the treatment done at 21:18 indicated that Dr. Li’s heartbeat had stopped. The post-death intubating should have had done when he was alive, which means the hospital did provide proper treatment.

Someone replied: “This must be the order of the hospital management not to give him intubating. Your hospital management sucks. “

Messages leaked from the hospital staff discussing treatments after death: “He cannot die. This is the order from the management”.

Another chat said that Dr. Li died at 21:30 (Feb 6, Beijing Time). Got intubating and ECMO after death.

The posts says: “What kind of hospital is this? It did not even give its own doctor the best medical treatment.”

I hope this is a rumor.

ECMO was delayed.

After they pronounced him dead and saw the online reactions (of the Chinese netizens), they hurried to use ECMO, because the hospital director did not want to be blamed.

I guess he would not die in the morning, he is a strong young man after all.

Another post: they gave him three-hour CPR after death followed by ECMO. Initially, I thought his colleagues did not want to give up on him but found out later that it was the order from the director of the hospital. I am angry beyond words.

OK. Understood. What if he had gotten ECMO before the 3-hour CPR? Could he have been saved?

At this time, all of his ribs were broken. His face was bruised. He died without dignity.

So sad

I was not part of the medical team. But they had said that he could have been saved if (ECMO) was used earlier. He was young after all. As soon as he was sent to ICU, they should have considered using ECMO first instead of waiting for his heartbeat to stop.

Before midnight, (there was news about his passing alrerady) someone was talking about EMCO not being used. After midnight, “Li Wenliang + EMCO” was on the popular search list suddenly. I did not make this up. I am only saying what I saw…

1:22 AM Feb 7 (Beijing Time): I also saw that. There was a delay in getting a car, and (a car) was finally resent due to concerns of public reactions. The more I read, the more disappointed I got…

1:21 AM Feb 7 (Beijing Time): as you can see, how could the tycoons from Global Times report fake news under the watch of so many.

1:24 AM Feb 7 (Beijing Time): I trust you. Our political system does not allow people to tell the truth.

(Economic Observer reporter: Li Weiao)

At 00:29 AM Feb 7 (Beijing Time): Economic Observer reported that Dr. Li passed away at around 00:04 AM on Feb 7.

His condition deteriorated on Feb 5, and he had been in ICU since 7 PM Feb 6.

Li Wenling was one of the early whistleblowers of the Wuhan coronavirus.

On Dec 30, he warned his alumni in a WeChat group of seven cases of SARS.

On Jan 1, he was summoned to the police station as one of the eight rumor spreaders.

On Jan 3, he got disciplined by the police.

On Jan 7, he started to see pneumonia patients.

On Jan 10, he fell ill with a cough.

On Jan 11, he developed a fever.

On Jan 12, he was hospitalized.

On Jan 14, he was in quarantine.

On Feb 1, he was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

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