[March 25, 2021] Miles Guo‘s Getter (1st)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (YY & Antsee-GTV)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) (Liberte)

Getter Video link: [March 25, 2021] Miles Guo‘s Getter (1st)

[March 25, 2021] Video translation

Hello, esteemed fellow fighters. Did you work out? Did you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis? Look (pointing at the TV), Taiwan Da Niu, Taiwan Paris, Xiao Fu Li (Himalaya London Club), and Little Sarah (Himalaya Toronto Maple Farm), and the dog. What kind of life is this? They live like the princesses of the past. Look at those children in China: showing off wealth, bragging, eating hot pot, buying knock offs. Living in smog, some even eat stewed dog meat. And the square dance, Mamma Mia. Our fellow fighters do not live in the same world. People of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) are enjoying real life. Look at those puppies, look at little Sarah, Xiao Fu Li, with their two dogs beside them. Look at Da Niu and the cat. OMG, the drinks and food. How wonderful!

Last night a fellow fighter who returned to Shanghai from Japan spoke with me on the phone. He started by saying: “Brother-7, let’s speak for ten minutes.” It turned out the phone call lasted for an hour. He said:” OMG brother-7, I spent more than a year in Japan. Now I am back to Shanghai. Returning to Shanghai after lots of twists and turns, I discovered that the entire country has gone to hell”. He was full of emotion. Brothers and sisters, let me repeat it: I would rather be a dog living in the United States than being China’s emperor. The fellow fighters returning to China either have no choice, or are ignorant.

Just a couple of days ago, there were some fellow fighters. Oops, my God, I am experiencing hypoxia caused by exercise! These fellow fighters in Nine Settlement Valley (Jiuzhaigou-World Heritage Site by UNESCO) told me that people there really believed this about what goes on in the United States. They throw dead people directly into the ocean. Nobody buries them. The inner cities are empty. In Manhattan, people die at home after being alone for a few weeks without any care. Their corpses begin to stink. I told him if all this was true, even Nineteen Settlement Valley would not exist, let alone your Nine Settlement Valley. I told him without US dollars, without American food, without American technology, your Jiuzhaigou is just a pile of rubbish, and you can’t even generate electricity. My fellow fighters, please, you should have some common sense.

One American company, for example, Elon Musk’s company, will have a market value of four or five trillion US dollars in the future.  Google and Apple’s market values are one or two trillion US dollars each, equivalent to Guangdong Province’s GDP. CCP, what do you brag about? Just blow your own horn if you dare. Now the CCP does not blow its own horn anymore. It blows its trumpet. Do you think of yourself as a sheep in wolf’s clothing? Do you think so? You are not even a sheep in sheep’s clothing, and the United States won’t be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We are not xenophiles. The United States is not just a country. It is where the most intelligent people in the world gather. Many evil people also accumulate in the United States. But the worst people are not in the United States. The worst people are all in China. I love China more than anyone else, but this is a fact. Look at the children from China. This kind of smile, this kind of happiness, you can see it on G-TV, but can you see it on CCTV? In China, girls like her would be chosen as a sex plaything forced to perform some perverse sexual acts called “Shuangxiu,” and she would be ruined by anal sex, or having her uterus pulled out – which is not a joke.

I am the father of a daughter and a son. I am telling the truth, not a pornographic story, very cruel. The former director of CCTV, Jiao Li, once said something “classic”: “When you step through the door of CCTV, there are no distinctions between men and women.” CCTV is a call-girl club for the Zhongnanhai bastards. They can do whatever they want, even treat them as a “Urinal Bucket.” Anyone who wants to be famous by joining the CCTV News Broadcast or the Chinese New Year Gala needs to play the role of sex worker regardless of whether they are man and woman. And they have no choice but to endure even the most perverse sexual acts, like anal sex or having their uterus pulled out. For the bastards at Zhongnanhai, that’s not some big deal, but a piece of cake. If they are not satisfied, they will ask them to serve as a long-term plaything. This is the fate of these people.

Many fellow fighters asked me about Bitcoin and G-coin. Brothers and sisters, there will be no Bitcoin in the future. Bitcoin may rise to $300,000, even $1 million each, but it will disappear in the end. As far as I know, many people, and many countries are studying our G-Coin and G-Dollar extensively. Some people talked about “nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)” and those bullies, blah blah. Fellow fighters, if any of you believes them, please join them. Just ask these people if they have ever seen money in their lives, except for the money they have seen when they were with the Whistleblower Movement. 

Just ask those bullies whether their parents have ever seen money. Ask them if their eight generations of ancestors have ever seen money. If a person who has never seen money tells you how to make money, do you believe them? If so, then go ahead and join them. It is simple logic.

Another issue is about G-TV and G-Fashion. If the CCP bans all well-known brands, who will make money? G-Fashion, of course. In the future, all Chinese kids will come to shop at G-Fashion. Those who want to buy fashion brands will choose G-Fashion. G-Fashion will attract all the primary western fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas, etc. All their designers will fancy working for us. And people will only be able to buy those products through our G-Fashion. It will be against the law if you buy them in China, let alone manufacture them. Those bullies and thieves, like Sara (VOG), have they and their eight generations of ancestors ever seen this type of quality merchandise? Does she even know how to wear them?  Sara (VOG) is this tall (indicates), walks like this (illustrates). She really thought she was going to be successful. She cannot afford G-Fashion for the rest of her life, is she aware? Is there a process in China that can manufacture this kind of suit? Screw you. Who are you to talk about Wang Yanping (Miles secretary)? You’re just making a fool of yourself. Their level of lying is so low that it’s the same as the lies made up by the CCP, the lowest level of human jokes. The bad jokes are funnier than their lies. I am surprised anyone wants to hear them and believe them. Go ahead, please.

I have been thinking about it a lot recently. Some people are simply not meant to have money. It is useless to try to help them. Even if you put the money in front of them, they still can’t see it. They treat real money as if it was a banknote from Hell, but they treat the banknote from Hell as if it was money. Such a person is asleep, and cannot be awakened. They have no brain at all, and money is useless to them. This kind of person should trust Sara (VOG), that bully and thief, and those overseas pseudo anti-CCP activists. They will give them money. 

Have you ever seen these people pay for anything in human history? Have you seen them spend any money? Do they know what it is to have big money? Do they know how and where to spend money? Look at the way they walk on the street. Look at Sara (VOG), who trembles all over when she sees someone, and cannot even say a word. She talks bullshit to a mobile phone in her room. It’s so pathetic. Just like that, they dare to speak about G-TV and G-Club.

My fellow fighters, regarding G-Club, ask all those bullies and thieves, and those people in China, including these bastards in Zhongnanhai. Are they qualified, capable, with enough courage to own a G-Club membership? Do they have any chance or possibility, including those money laundering middlemen, called “white gloves”. Do they dare to step into the future G-Club Alliance, or the Alliance led by G-Club? Look at their disgusting appearance, always wearing clothes with such long sleeves. Will they be allowed to join the Club? Is it helpful for them to buy a G-Club membership? 

G-Club will only respectfully welcome decent young people because they are the future of our NFSC. You can find them on our G-TV shows. Young, sincere, happy, healthy, courageous, natural, and blessed. Don’t think of the dirty ones. Don’t worry. I am not doing “uh-huh” today. I know if I do this, many people will prolapse and have hemorrhoids. I don’t do “uh-huh.” Brother-7 will not let anyone prolapse.  

This morning, I met with our Himalaya Alliance Committee, followed by two more video conferences while I worked out. I haven’t finished my work-out yet. Now I am recording another Getter video for everyone.  I know that 270,000 people are waiting to see my Getter today. I am so disappointed because there are only 270,000 people. Your brother-7 has been hanging around here for a few years, recording thousands of videos. My hair is turning grey, and I am getting old. But only 270,000 people are waiting to watch my Getter. So embarrassing. Forget it. My heart is broken, and I don’t want to say more. I won’t stop feeling sad until 2.7 million people are waiting for my Getter (just kidding).

It’s been recorded for nine minutes and forty-five seconds. Great. See you next time.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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