Happy Easter to All


Author: Jin Wang Editor: Wenye

You think this is just another day in your life

It’s not just another day

It’s the one day that is given to you…today

It’s a gift 

It’s the only gift that you have right now 

And the only appropriate response is gratefulness 

If you do nothing else but to cultivate that response to the great gift that this unique day is

If you learn to respond as if it were the first day in your life and the very last day 

Then you will have spent this day very well

Begin by opening your eyes and be surprised that you have eyes you can open 

That incredible array of colors that is constantly offered to us for our pure enjoyment 

Look at the sky

We so rarely look at the sky 

Open your eyes…and embrace the magic and wonder that is Life

Look at the faces of people whom you meet

Each one has an incredible story behind their face, a story that you could never fully fathom

And in this present moment, this gift of this special day, all the people you meet

All that life from generations and from so many places all over the world flows together and meets you here

Like life-giving water if you only open your heart and drink

So, my wish for you is that you would open your heart to all these blessings and let them flow through you

That everyone whom you will meet on this day will be blessed by you

Just by your eyes 

By your smile

By your touch

Just by your presence

Let the gratefulness overflow into blessings all around you 

Let Love find its way to your heart to open the door to all your dreams and desires

Let these words touch and grace your beauty to blossom in fields of flowers fragrant, colorful and sweet

Let this day be a day of rebirth to begin again to share all the amazing stories of the incredible spirit within

 Then it will really be a good day

With warmth, sunshine and Love

Happy Easter to All

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