Huddson Institute David Asher: The Origin of COVID-19 (the CCP Virus)

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David Asher is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. He has been said that the investigation of the virus is certainly not what The WHO is engaged in. He said the only international organization that does serious investigations really is the IAEA. Even there, they’re always handicapped by the lack of intelligence collection and authority. They do have an ability to receive highly classified information from a number of states. They have a substantial outreach program to dissonant communities and other sources of information that upon corroboration, they are able to use. There was no even FBI wide serious investigation that he was aware of. 

An investigation, Asher worked on the origins of what became known as the AQ Khan Proliferation Network. Something which people didn’t want to believe for years even existed. He worked on uncovering the highly rich uranium program in North Korea.

It came from very scant information that they built up to a highly probative, sophisticated matrix of lines of questioning of not just our intelligence community, but of allies, of civil points of contact. It was organized from the top down with the clear objective of trying to get to the bottom of an issue objectively, whatever that was. We didn’t come at this saying, “Let’s go blame the Chinese,” But we have to start, and Miles can elaborate on it, we had to appreciate the nature of the Chinese government (the Chinese Communist Party). This is a government that since 2007 has been writing publicly about genetic warfare. Asher said he doesn’t know the United States government has been talking overtly about the need to develop weapons.

“ And Xi Jinping, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, and the Chairman of Chinese government, at the leadership of the People’s Liberation Army of China, have at least suggested that bio war is the future of war in some ways, even going beyond nuclear war.”  added by Asher. “I don’t know quite what that means, but when I start to read that in publications which not classified but not well read because they’re in Chinese characters and they’re aimed at a Chinese audience.” 

Asher said there are two campuses , not one in Wuhan Institute of Virology. “We had to look at the personal list there. You had to look at some of the people that were publicly known. Dr. Shi Zhengli (the Bat Woman) as she’s been called, is the most sort of infamous and famous, who has been working on bat born coronavirus for well over 15 years as a research priority. Including the development of synthetic hybrids of bat coronavirus, which are using the so called “gained of function” technique to increase their lethality.

Shi Zhengli published a paper in 2016 on Nature, the most widely regarded scientific publication on earth, with a research at University of North Carolina. Where she laid out that they had developed an extremely potent version of SARS-CoV-2. What she didn’t publish was that in 2012, they had discovered an even more potent natural occurring virus called Ranchi-13. The fact that Shi said that they had the first case in history of a bat born coronavirus going directly into human…through human contact to infect humans. “That was a revolution, not evolutionary, event in science. Why did they cover it up and they locked it away in some freezer.”

“We have to understand the they are nagged in bat borne, live bat research at the Wuhan Institute. Something which they never admitted, but they have patents publicly for their bat containment vessels that they have at their institute. That’s all sots of things that are hiding in plain sight. What we did was take what was hiding in plain sight, and then combine it with some high end information collected by out intelligence community, only a swatch of which was declassified. But they key thing that was declassified that the first known cluster that we’re aware of, of victims of we believe to be COVID-19. There is a possibility it was influenza, but I’m very doubtful that three people in highly protected circumstances in a level three laboratory working on coronaviruses would all get sick with influenza that put them in a hospital or in a severe conditions all in the same week, and it didn’t have anything with the coronavirus. 

“From that point forward, it certainly seemed to have started to spread within their community.” From the LUDE Media, most of the audiences who knows Dr. Li Wen-Liang was punished by the local police office on December, 2019 due to his virus warning when he chatted with his friends through WeChat. Even he didn’t get enough hospital care when he was affected by the virus. He died due to lack of hospital care.  At that time, the Chinese government still be in silent in front of human to human transmission.

Asher said “The fact is for sure the CCP covered the truth up, destroyed the evidence, and denied access in a way that they didn’t do in SARS-CoV-2 back in 2002, 2003.”

A lab leak isn’t 100% certain but it seems to be the only logical source of Covid’: Washington expert who led inquiry into the cause of the virus reveals three Wuhan lab scientists fell ill in November 2019

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