The CCP Uses the Strait of Hormuz as a Starting Point to Create a World Economic Turmoil

In his GTV livecast on March 27, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo said, “One of the methods used by the CCP to influence the economy, the market, the oil and gold prices to go against the West is: bombing tankers to block the Strait of Hormuz.” He also said, over the past 70 years the CCP has made a lot of evil plans such as the “13579 Plan”, “Pandora Box Plan”, “Mrs. Simpson Plan”, “South Putuo Plan”, and “White Extermination Plan”.

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Remember that I, your brother Miles, was the only one in this world who said since 2017 that the Strait of Hormuz would be used by the CCP as essentially a starting point to create a world economic turmoil, economic hardship and energy supply problems for the United States, the West, and Europe, as well as set up their layout in the Middle East. When necessary, it will blow up a ship, even pierce a hole in a ship, or block the Strait of Hormuz. Their plan also involves all the so-called military bases in Djibouti at that time, the Strait of Malacca, and the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Has everyone seen what their aim is? They aim at controlling the oil and gold prices and the world energy supply and price. The price of oil will certainly affect that of gold. Brothers and sisters, have you noticed the recent price change of oil? Brothers and sisters, what was the gold price at the same time last year, that is April last year? What was the oil price then, brothers and sisters? Look at today’s gold and oil prices and then do you math.

Everyone saw the photo shown at the beginning of the broadcast, which was sent to me by a fellow fighter named Wenying. She said, “Brother Miles, something is wrong. How come such a big tanker was pushed by a bulldozer over there?” Everyone knows that the Strait of Hormuz is only hundreds of meters wide. Think about it, everyone, there is also a canal in Egypt, the Panama Canal (possibly referring to Suez Canal). Only your Brother Miles told all mankind five years ago that one of the methods used by the CCP to influence the economy, the market, the oil and gold prices to go against the West is: bombing tankers to block the Strait of Hormuz, and even starting to have some actions in the Panama Canal.

Why does Brother Miles know? I am not a god, I am just the most ordinary type of person who has both emotions and desires. The reason is very simple. The CCP has a series of plans. A fellow fighter sorted it out for me and found that I have exposed eight plans in the past five years. My fellow fighters, the CCP name their special task forces based on time and location. For example, when the bastard Bruno Wu called and threatened me and arrested all my colleagues and family members on January 10, 2015, the case was called “1/10/2015 Task Force”, or “15110 Task Force” for short. The CCP has plans for everything such as the “13579 Plan” and the “Pandora Box Plan”, and the “Mrs. Simpson Plan”, right?

The CCP probably has over 10,000 important meetings over the 365 days a year. So you can imagine how many plans it has. Moreover, the most evil and worst thing about the CCP is that, as a political party, the only thing it has done over the past 70 years is doing wicked things, dominating the world, holding all Chinese hostage, and then they themselves can live like a bridegroom every night and their descendants can rule the country generations after generations and spread their offsprings all over the world. Also their “White Extermination Plan” has never stopped.

My knowledge of the “South Putuo Plan”, the “White Extermination Plan”, and the whole series of top-secret plans is the reason that I am being hunted by the CCP. Your Brother Miles has prepared for 30 years, so it is impossible for me not to pay attention [to what they do]. It’s like you sleep with a person knowing that one day you two will become enemies, so every move of this person in your eyes will be recorded carefully in your mind. If you truly regard the other person as your lover, you will not remember many details. If you do not remember many things, it is because you two have no second thought in your relationship. Your Brother Miles has “slept” with the CCP for more than 30 years with ulterior motives, so I remember those things. So my fellow fighters, I don’t really want to tell you guys too much about this, but when everyone saw [the CCP’s movement in] the Strait of Hormuz, I had already known when they decided to do it, how it would be done, and how the media would report it, 100% of them.

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