【Audio】Shocking! Former CCP Military Leader: We can Only Preserve the Lives of Our Party over the Lives of Hundreds of Millions of Chinese People (8/10)

The following is adapted from an internal speech delivered by former Chinese Communist Secretary of Defense Chi Haotian during a secret meeting of high-ranking military officers in 2004.

【Audio Production】 傑西拉亞

【Translation】 Mi John

【Editor】 Summer

Audio: 8/10

(Continued from 7/10)

Chi Haotian, also spelled as Chih Hao-tien, is a retired general of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.  He served as the former Vice Chairman of the Military Commission of the Communist Party of China from 1995 to 2002.  Chi played an important role in directing the military’s enforcement of martial law in Beijing to suppress the Tiananmen Square Protests

His speech told a lot about the mindset and strategies the CCP leaders have held for years.  We find his speech disturbing but eye-opening in understanding the attitude of the Chinese Communist Party towards the people, both in China and in the world.
Awakening to the CCP’s criminal behaviors to Chinese people, its BGY plan executed among influential people all over the world, and especially with the CCP virus  swallowing every corner of the world, we find strong relation between the disasters and the CCP’s mindset reflected in this report.  We decided to make this translation available to the world.

Biological weapons are extremely cruel. But if the Americans do not die, the Chinese will die. If the Chinese people are trapped to death on this existing land and a major social collapse occurs, according to the calculations of the author of the “Yellow Peril” , the Chinese will die more than half, more than 800 million people! Our loess land carried nearly 500 million people at the beginning of the liberation, and now the published population is more than 1.3 billion. The carrying capacity of this loess land has reached its limit. Maybe one day, if it collapses, it will collapse and the population will die, more than half. 

We have to prepare with both hands. If the biological weapon attack succeeds, the Chinese people will pay the least sacrifice in the struggle against the United States. However, if it fails or triggers nuclear retaliation by the United States, China may suffer a disaster in which more than half of its population will be lost.  Therefore, we must prepare for air defense in large and medium-sized cities. But anyway, for the future of the party, the country and the nation, we can only go forward boldly! No matter how many difficulties and obstacles there are and no matter how much sacrifices have to be made! Even if more than half of the population disappears, it can regenerate; but once the Communist Party collapses, everything will be over! It’s over forever! 

China has always changed dynasties in which the cruel won and the benevolent lost. The most typical case is that the overlord showed kindness and failed to “chase the poor” against Liu Bang, and ended up dying in front of Liu Bang. Therefore, we emphasize that we must take decisive measures at all costs. In the future, China and the United States will encounter each other on a narrow road. If we are soft-hearted, we will be cruel to the Chinese people. 

When I talk about this, it is inevitable that some people will ask: What about our millions of compatriots in the United States? They said, aren’t we opposed to Chinese killing Chinese people? 

These comrades are very pedantic and too unrealistic. If we insist that the Chinese do not kill the Chinese, how can we liberate China? As for the millions of Chinese in the United States, this is of course a big problem. So in recent years we are also studying genetic weapons, that is, biological weapons that do not kill the yellow race. But this research is very difficult. In the world’s genetic weapons research, Israel is at the forefront. Their genetic weapons are designed to deal with the Arabs and protect the Israelis. But even they have not reached the practical stage. We have research cooperation with Israel; we can take some of their technology and transform the technology they used to protect the Israelis to protect the yellow race. But their technology is not good enough. And it will be difficult for us to surpass them within a few years. If genetic weapons can only break through in five to ten years, we can’t wait. The limited life span of our old comrades can’t wait. Although veteran soldiers like me can wait another five years and ten years, those old comrades in the 38th style and the few old Red Army soldiers cannot wait any longer. So we had to give up our expectations of genetic weapons.

Of course, on the other hand, most of the Chinese in the United States are our burdens. They are accustomed to bourgeois liberalization and are not easy to accept the leadership of our party. If they survive, we will continue to engage in sports to deal with them and reform them. Let us not forget that when we defeated the Kuomintang and liberated mainland China, so many bourgeois and intellectuals raised their hands to support us, but then we still had to “anti-rebellion” and “anti-rightist” to clean up and reform them? Some people hid so deeply that they were dug up only after the Cultural Revolution. 

History has proved that if any major social change is not done properly, a large number of people will die. Can it be said: The dead are the driving force for the advancement of history? How many people died in the Three Kingdoms Contest? How many people died when Genghis Khan conquered Eurasia? How many people died in the Manchu Pass? Not many people died in the Revolution of 1911, but at least 20 million people died when we overthrew the three mountains and added the “anti-rebellion” , “three-anti” , and “five-anti” revolution . … We were worried that some young people would be frightened when they heard about the death in war. We saw a lot of dead people during the war. We saw a lot of flesh and blood, liver and brain, corpses all over the field, and blood flowing in rivers. We saw a lot more. When they arrived on the battlefield, everyone was stunned by killing, because that is the death and the life, the brave victory.

It is indeed cruel to ask one or two hundred million Americans to die, but only this way can be exchanged for the century of the Chinese and the century of the Chinese Communist Party leading the world. We do not want dead people, we are revolutionary humanitarians. But if history requires us to choose: is it dead Chinese or dead American? Is it important to preserve the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese people or to preserve the lives of our party? We can only choose the latter. Why do we call us Chinese? Who told us to be Communists? From the first day we joined the party, the life of the party is above all else! History will prove that our choice is correct. 

(to be continued in 9/10)


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The translated text is the literal translation and interpretation done by the translator as faithful as possible to the original text of the author. The translator does not make any form of express or implied guarantee for the completeness, accuracy and reliability of the information cited in the report. All views expressed in the report belong to the author himself, and do not represent any organization or other individual.

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