[March 28, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[March 28, 2021] Video translation

March 28th. How are you, dear fellow fighters! I am preparing for the upcoming two to three meetings. Look at my face. It became so tanned after yesterday afternoon’s outdoor meetings. I just love sunbathing. Wherever I went, like a few decades ago, I always soaked myself in sunlight, and the locals all said to me that they had never seen Chinese who loved sunbathing, so they thought I was quite different from others. I just love sunbathing. Feels great. 

Last night, I talked with the senior officials from the CCFP (the Center for Chinese Foreign Policy) and CPAFFC (the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries), which are under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the PLA. These people were really not afraid [of talking to me]; it seemed that nothing could make them back off. I had good conversations with all of them. I asked their thoughts on the [CCP’s] manipulation, boycotting Nike, and the Xinjiang cotton. These old folks all laughed out loud. And one said that some leaders were too young and they wouldn’t learn a lesson without suffering a bit. “The brand name of the Chinese Communist Party is not something that you can arbitrarily use, and the essence of the CCCP is not something easy to learn,” he said, “and the CCP does not count on this any more, since the times are different already. How can it be still useful if you play this trick again.” I asked, “What does that mean?” Right?

This old man was right on the spot. When they, the CCP gangsters, were in the pit hole and in the position of charge, they always played this devil’s game, but when they got out of it, they knew they were a bunch of liars and gangsters, right? What he said was exactly right. He asked what happened between 1959 and 1969. He said, after World War II, between 1945 and 1959, the former Soviet Union sent spaceships to explore the moon, an unmanned one and it landed on the moon. “Then the Americans couldn’t sit still on this.” he said, “When the nationalism, the former Soviet Union, and global socialism were going on at that time, our CCP waved the banner of the Communist Party and called on uniting Asia, Africa and Latin America every day, right? The ‘third world’ – we were really serious about this, believing in socialism. They really believed they could still lead the world, the former Soviet Union.”  He said 10 years later, in 1969, the world changed. The United States sent men to the moon. They not only landed on the moon but also walked a few steps on it.  “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

I told the old man that he said it particularly well and his mind was still very clear. “What is more absurd is that since the industrial revolution started, the Chinese were really defeated during the following few centuries,” he said, “not by the Eight-Power Allied Forces, nor the Treaty of Sin Chou, or the Boxer indemnity. It was by the Chinese Boxer Uprising and the internal struggle among Chinese, as well as their short sight and selfishness that the whole future [of Chinese] was then sold out.” This old man is really – I mean there are still elites in the CCP. He concluded that after the entire Chinese nation had been ruined [by the above mentioned things], there came the CCP. The old man started getting excited. 

He continued, “You know, what’s the deal of those ten years? After the world-wide industrial revolution, that’s after the Boxer Uprising, mankind moved towards a real new era of technology, a new era of communication technology, and there was a change globally in everything, but what was the biggest challenge? It’s religion. Humans have already landed on the moon, how come no God was found? How came there was no God, huh? Buddha was not seen either, nor anything else. There was nothing but sand, and then they took a small step and turned back [to the earth]. And people began to doubt whether there was faith or not.”

Then he said to me, “Miles, what you didn’t know is that the CCP’s scam in fact was already uncovered at that time, but they had no clue.” He continued, “Since then, since 1970, between 1970 and 1982 or 83, Deng Xiaoping’s era, following Mao Zedong’s era, turned out to be another decade of tossing and turning. The Chinese people wanted to open their eyes and minds, but,” he said, “Miles, facing the truth was too difficult. Too difficult.”

He said, “You just think about the year of 1983, also the state-wide crackdown, the Tangshan earthquake, the death of Mao Zedong, the turmoil towards the end of the Cultural Revolution, as well as the internal political struggles, Deng Xiaoping’s coming out, all the way to the year of 1989, the implementation of the so-called Reform and Opening. The internal political struggles went on and on until 1989. Almost another decade passed. How many years are in between 1959 and 1989? How many years had passed since the former Soviet Union landed on the moon?” He said, “Then the 8964 incident occurred. You tell me how foolish, ignorant and blinded the Chinese people could be to be played around by the CCP like this.”

He continued, “And these still seemed not enough for the CCP. So after the year of 1989, the Chinese started working on the Olympics. They used exactly the Hitler’s way to do the Olympics, right? Building roads and highways for the Olympics, depriving you of your guns, then promising you elections, and then having some kind of democracy within the Party.” He said, “It was really the same as Hitler’s time”. 

He said “Many of our old-timers watched your Whistleblower Movement and believed what you said is reliable. All of it. We are very much into it. Though not all [of what you said] was accurate, but still quite reliable.” These are the original words.

But he also said, “Wengui, you raised good questions in the last several days. You know that through the Yugoslavia Embassy incident and the Hainan mid-air collision, the manipulation of public opinion reached a peak, and the CCP became the biggest winner. Protesting outside of the embassies and smashing cars, including smashing Japanese cars several times and boycotting Japanese products.” He said, “It really terrified the whole world. More than a billion people were engaged in such things, which really scared off others – a breakthrough victory on its diplomacy.”

He concluded, “The CCP is scaring people with this stuff every day, but this time things have changed. You know what is the biggest problem? The things in Xinjiang are real.”  These are the original words from the old man – the things in Xinjiang are real. “Secondly,” he said, “the foreigners didn’t buy this anymore, and they even thought the more you burn, the better.” This statement is important. He said that they even hoped that such chaos could continue. I asked what happened in the last couple of days. The old man answered, “Huh, they are all cowards. It was reported that all the cities and provinces were going to protest and boycott foreign goods like Nike and Adidas. They also got the estimated numbers of such protests per day and per week. So he got scared.” Who got scared? Who was he? He didn’t name names. Let’s make a guess. Someone in the Zhongnan Pit, right? Can’t be wrong within those few. That person got scared and put a stop. 

He put a stop since he was worried that the deplorables would use this as an excuse and get the situation out of control. He said everything would be over if it gets out of control. Many deplorables were even not aware of what Adidas, Nike, or H&M was. “I don’t even know which is which,” he said, “I only know H&M. What will be the next? It will be turning into petitions or movements. Which movement didn’t follow this track?” He said all were stopped within two days, and quickly wrapped up.” That shows exactly how fake the CCP is. 

The second thing he mentioned was even more terrifying. He asked how much foreign currency has exchanged and flowed out after all this. Hundreds of billions of dollars, or trillions of Chinese yuan. He said, “It’s like the whole GDP of a western province being lost, and this happened after just one fuss. So what if this goes on? All will run away, and then what do we do? This time the Americans and European companies do not buy it. Shocked?  So the CCP is a paper tiger, and once you start to fight against it, it will be soon finished. The Americans and Westerners do not know that it is a paper tiger till now.”

The old man added, “Do you know that there is another terrifying thing too? Let me tell you. This time, all of China’s domestic entrepreneurs are surprisingly calm on this matter, thinking China is really becoming North Korea. Many of them closed their businesses and left.” He said, “What is more, the Shanghai gang can’t stand it anymore, saying that if you go on like this, we’ll all be finished. If you go on like this, what will be the result? It will become a political movement; it will become another 8964; it will become a confrontation between China and the West.”

He said, “We all know that behind the incident in the canal, in Egypt, in the Strait of Hormuz is the CCP. You can control the oil price for a while and your allies in the Middle East can help you do so. But sooner or later the truth will be disclosed. By that time, how will the world deal with the CCP?” Our fellow fighters should see the core message of what the old man said – the Chinese are too easy to manipulate. We do not want to be manipulated. We should not be the ones being manipulated. Secondly, the CCP’s tricks don’t work anymore. And thirdly, in the Middle East, let me, Brother Miles, tell you what their original plans are – that is self-inflicted. In the end, the old man said to me, “Your plan to use the virus to take down the CCP and to use the money to take down the CCP is really smart. Really smart.” I told him to live a few more days. It seems that the so-called royalties to the Party are gone, and all hearts have gone to the New Federal States of China.

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