【Audio】Shocking! Former CCP Military Leader Takes the US as Top Enemy: We have Mastered Biological Weapons and Can Take Down the US (7/10)

The following is adapted from an internal speech delivered by former Chinese Communist Secretary of Defense Chi Haotian during a secret meeting of high-ranking military officers in 2004.

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【Translation】 傑西拉亞

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Audio: 7/10

(Continued from 6/10)

Chi Haotian, also spelled as Chih Hao-tien, is a retired general of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.  He served as the former Vice Chairman of the Military Commission of the Communist Party of China from 1995 to 2002.  Chi played an important role in directing the military’s enforcement of martial law in Beijing to suppress the Tiananmen Square Protests

His speech told a lot about the mindset and strategies the CCP leaders have held for years.  We find his speech disturbing but eye-opening in understanding the attitude of the Chinese Communist Party towards the people, both in China and in the world.

Awakening to the CCP’s criminal behaviors to Chinese people, its BGY plan executed among influential people all over the world, and especially with the CCP virus  swallowing every corner of the world, we find strong relation between the disasters and the CCP’s mindset reflected in this report.  We decided to make this translation available to the world.

Sometimes I think that both China and the United States are just like two enemies fighting on a narrow road. It’s really brutal! Do you remember a movie called “The Decisive Battle in the Central Plains”? It’s a story about the great army led by Liu and Deng . There was a well known saying in the film:  “When enemies fight on a narrow road, only the dare one wins! ” We captured mainland China only because we cut off all means of retreats.”

History is destined for both China and the United States to fight each other like enemies on a narrow road! Historically speaking, the United States never invaded nor endangered China like Russia and Japan, and even it helped China fight Japan in the war. However, the United States will eventually become the resistance to us, even the biggest one to our national rejuvenation in the future. In the long run, the Sino-US relationship will be kind like “enemies fighting on a narrow road”,  either lives or dies. 

Once the Americans came to visit, they advised us to recognize the interdependent relationship between China and the United States. Comrade Deng, Xiaoping replied very politely: “Tell your government that the relationship between China and the United States is neither interdependent nor cannot do without. As a matter of fact, Comrade Xiaoping was too polite to speak out openly.” The Sino-US relationship is actually kind of like two enemies fighting on a narrow road, either lives or dies. 

Of course, we have not reached the point to break up with them yet. We have been relying on their money and technology since we started the reform and opening up. We cannot make it without the United States. Therefore, we did our utmost to develop relations with the United States and learn from it in all aspects.  We use the United States as an example to rebuild our country.

How have we survived these years’ international contacts?   We have bitten the bullet and held back on purpose in order to develop the relationship with the United States even if we have to accompany them with all our smiles, or even to stretch out our right cheek after the left one was slashed.

Do you remember the character, Wu Xun in the movie “Wu Xun Biography”? He endured the pain from so many punches and kicks in order to accomplish his mission! The United States is so far the most successful country in the world today. Only when we have learned all its useful experiences can we replace it in the future. 

Although we copied the accent from the American saying: “China and the United States depend on each other for honor and disgrace”, we must not forget that our history of civilization has repeatedly taught us that one mountain could not survive two tigers. We also must not forget Comrade Xiaoping’s emphasis on “keeping a low profile” whose subtext is in the final analysis: 

To deal with the United States, we must be patient, must conceal our ultimate goal, hide our capabilities, and wait for a chance. In this way, we will keep a conscious mind. 

Why didn’t we paint the color of peace on the national anthem in order to advance with time? Why didn’t we drive the theme of our national anthem away from war? Instead, we clearly confirmed the song of “Volunteer Marching” to be our National anthem in the amendment to our constitution for the first time. In this way, we understand why we have been chanting the “Issue of Taiwan” without mentioning the “Issue of the United States “. Everyone knows the meaning of ” Repairing plank road on the surface, crossing the plank road underneath ”  (meaning hiding one’s real intent with cover). 

If the vision of ordinary people can only reach a small island like Taiwan, then you, as national elites, should be able to see the overall situation of our course. In these recent years, we have surrendered such a large area of northern territory to Russia in accordance with Comrade Xiaoping’s deployment, are we, the CCP Central Committee a fool? 

We have to think outside the box for the solution of “taking care of the US”. In history, when one country defeated and conquered another country, it could not masacre all its people because the efficiency of killing through swords, spears, even rifles and machine guns was very low. So it was impossible for us to just get a piece of land and abandon the people on it. Therefore, we will not be able to colonize the United States in large numbers if we use the same strategy.

Only by using  extraordinary approaches to “take down the United States” can we lead the Chinese people over there. This is the only path. This is not a question of whether we are willing or not to take this path. Which extraordinary approach can we use to “clear the field” in the United States? Conventional weapons such as aircraft, artillery, missiles, and warships are not good, neither are highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. We are not that stupid to use nuclear weapons and die together with the United States although we keep clamoring for the Taiwan issue at all costs. Only by using the non-destructive weapons for mass murdering can we keep the United States intact. Modern biotechnology is advancing by leaps and bounds and the new biological weapons are emerging one after another. Of course, we have not rested for all these years. We are racing against time to master these types of killing weapons, we have gained the ability to “raid” the United States.  When Comrade Xiaoping was still alive, the Central Committee made the correct decision with foresight: Not to develop an aircraft carrier battle group, instead to concentrate on developing the killer’s trick with a purpose of  exterminating the enemy’s population. 

In taking account of humanitarian, we should issue a warning to the American people first, then persuade them to leave the Americas and cede the land they currently live at to the Chinese people, or at least cede half of the United States for the Chinese colonization, because the Americas were first discovered by the Chinese . But will this work? If this does not work, there is only one way to go: “clear off the field” in the United States by decisive means , and free up the land of the United States at a rapid pace! Our historical experience has proved that as long as we created a fait accompli, no one in the world can do anything to us, not to mention that the US-led enemy is wiped out, and other enemies have to bow their heads to us. 

(to be continued in 8/10)


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The translated text is the literal translation and interpretation done by the translator as faithful as possible to the original text of the author. The translator does not make any form of express or implied guarantee for the completeness, accuracy and reliability of the information cited in the report. All views expressed in the report belong to the author himself, and do not represent any organization or other individual.

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