【Audio】Shocking: Former CCP Military Leader Wanted a Forever Leadership by Turning National Power into a Punch Externally (5/10)

The following is adapted from an internal speech delivered by former Chinese Communist Secretary of Defense Chi Haotian during a secret meeting of high-ranking military officers in 2004.

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Audio: 5/10

(Continued from 4/10)

Chi Haotian, also spelled as Chih Hao-tien, is a retired general of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.  He served as the former Vice Chairman of the Military Commission of the Communist Party of China from 1995 to 2002.  Chi played an important role in directing the military’s enforcement of martial law in Beijing to suppress the Tiananmen Square Protests.  His speech told a lot about the mindset and strategies the CCP leaders have held for years.  We find his speech disturbing but eye-opening in understanding the attitude of the Chinese Communist Party towards the people, both in China and in the world.

Awakening to the CCP’s criminal behaviors to Chinese people, its BGY plan executed among influential people all over the world, and especially with the CCP virus  swallowing every corner of the world, we find strong relation between the disasters and the CCP’s mindset reflected in this report.  We decided to make this translation available to the world.

The second issue is that we should focus on the leadership of the ruling party. We have to grasp this issue better than their National Socialist Party (the Nazi Party). Although they extended the power of the Nazi Party to all aspects of the German state power, they did not emphasize the absolute leadership of the party like we did, nor did they regard “the party’s management of the party” as our top priority. When Comrade Mao Zedong summed up the “Three Magic Weapons” of our party to conquer the world, he took the construction of our Communist Party and the leadership of the Communist Party as the most important magic weapon.

We now want to consolidate our party’s leadership position and strengthen our leadership capabilities. The key is to grasp two things.

One is to promote the theory of the Three Representatives and emphasize that our party is the vanguard of the Chinese nation and not just the vanguard of the proletariat. Many people in their discussion are saying, “We never vote for you, the Communist Party, to represent us; how can you claim to be our ‘representatives’?

Do not worry about this. Comrade Mao Zedong said that if you lead the allies to victory and benefit them, they will support you. Therefore, as long as we lead the Chinese people to go out and solve the problem of insufficient living space in China, the Chinese people will support us. At that time, there will be no “autocratic” or “dictatorship” hats. Therefore, whether we can always be the representative of the Chinese people depends on whether we can successfully lead the people out.

Therefore, the second point, whether or not to lead the Chinese people out, is the biggest and key issue related to the leadership of the Communist Party.

Why Do We Say So ?

We all know that without the leadership of our Party, there will be nothing in China. China would not be what it is today. Therefore, it is our highest mission and ultimate goal to defend the absolute dominance and leadership of our Party.

Before the June 4th riots, we were vaguely aware that we could win the support and love of the people for the Communist Party by turning China around. With that theory in place,  we had to safeguard some decades of peace needed to develop China and to build a strong economy.No matter what the doctrine is, no matter what color of the cat, white or black, it’s a good cat when it kills a rat. I mean he who builds a strong China (at any cost) is a good cat.

But at that time, we had not yet figured out how to deal with international disputes while China was building its economic development. At that time, Comrade Xiaoping advocated that the theme of the world should be of peace and growth of development. However, the June 4th riots gave our Party a wake-up call and taught us a hard lesson. It’s still fresh in our minds. The pressure on China to evolve peacefully forced us to reconsider the primary mission of the era.

We were aware of the two problems of “peace” and “development”, but neither is solved.

The hostile forces in the West have always transformed the world and China according to their own outlook, trying to overthrow the leadership of our Communist Party by peaceful evolution. If we only engage in construction and development, there forever exists the threat of a possibility of losing the Communist Party’s leadership.

“The June 4th riots almost succeeded in peaceful evolution. If a large number of our old comrades were not alive and had not taken the power  (a sensitive word here)  of the team at the critical moment, we would have been locked up in prison and even got killed; and we would not have had the face to report to Marx. 

Although the June 4th riots crisis was overcome, when all of us old comrades died, without us at the helm, the peaceful evolution will still come to China, just as it did in the former Soviet Union. The reason is that once the old comrades who fought the world died out, the Communist Party’s world would be taken away by peaceful evolution.

“After the June 4th riots, we have been reflecting about how to prevent the peaceful evolution of China, and how to preserve the leadership of the Communist Party in China. We thought hard, but we could not come up with a good solution. If we could not come up with a good solution, the peaceful evolution of China would be inevitable, and we would become the sinners of history.

After profound reflection, we finally came to the conclusion that only by transforming the developed national power into a fist force, to fight the world and lead the people to go out,  we will win the support and love of the Chinese people for the Communist Party. Our Party will always be invincible. The Chinese people will not survive without the Communist Party and will always follow it willingly. 

As the slogan goes: “Listen to Chairman Mao. Follow the Communist Party”!

(to be continued in 6/10)


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