[Opinion] The CCP Cover Up the Essence of the Strategic Competition 

Author: Kal
Proofreader: Ana

In the past few days, what happened during Anchorage, Alaska and Guilin continued to reverberate. When the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Sergey Lavrov (the Foreign Minister of Russian) for Guilin’s activities, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited NATO’s headquarters near Brussels. Seems to be a bit synchronic. Just as Sergey Lavrov emphasized that Brussels destroyed Russia and the European Union’s relationship, he sets his sight to make the comprehensive strategic partnership between Russia and China(the CCP) stronger and stronger.

Russia-CCP strategic cooperation means that the gradual interaction between the “Belt Road Initiative” (BRI) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will have a strategic understanding between the CCP China and Russia, which seems not good for U.S. security interests.

According to the current hybrid wars between US&NATO vs. the CCP&Russia, actually the war between US and the CCP, one question has not been asked yet, whether it is an ideological confrontation or a geoeconomics or geopolitical confrontation.

At the background of the current international political and economic situation, the United States’ diplomacy seems a kind of self-saving and self-correction. The United States caught up with the last train of the second industrial revolution in the world, brewing the third industrial revolution and rising during the World War II. It has the political system of separation of powers which establish since the founding of the United States, it has become the world’s NO.1 comprehensive power after the end of World War II and became the world’s Beacon of Democracy and Liberty. But in the 1970s, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger chose the appeasement policy to the CCP, planting the “seeds” for raising the CCP demon. The “pro-communist” in the United States represented by Kissinger has been pursuing the “embracing the CCP” strategy. As a result, it breeds tigers and attracts wolves into their house, leading to the infiltration of the CCP to all aspects of the United States today. The ‘seeds of the devil’ planted have grown into “towering trees” and even started to ‘backlash’ to the United States. The struggle behind the American election’s chaos in 2020 is a typical portrayal. 

The chaotic confrontation between the US/NATO vs. CCP China/Russia should be understood more as the ideological opposition between the United States and the CCP, which is the real war that the CCP always wants to avoid. Since the western liberal democracies have an absolute superiority, the CCP can only do everything possible to transform the competing between “free world” and “authoritarian regime” disputing into a geopolitical or geoeconomics disputes in order to befuddle the minds of the public and the evil CCP could strive for more time to build their power. However, can the CCP cover up all?

[Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of GNEWS.org.]

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