【Audio】Shocking! Former CCP Military Leader Revealed its Determination to take the Nazi German Road to Rejuvenation (3/10)

The following is adapted from an internal speech delivered by former Chinese Communist Secretary of Defense Chi Haotian during a secret meeting of high-ranking military officers in 2004.

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Audio: 3/10

(Continued from 2/10:

Chi Haotian, also spelled as Chih Hao-tien, is a retired general of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.  He served as the former Vice Chairman of the Military Commission of the Communist Party of China from 1995 to 2002.  Chi played an important role in directing the military’s enforcement of martial law in Beijing to suppress the Tiananmen Square Protests

His speech told a lot about the mindset and strategies the CCP leaders have held for years.  We find his speech disturbing but eye-opening in understanding the attitude of the Chinese Communist Party towards the people, both in China and in the world.
Awakening to the CCP’s criminal behaviors to Chinese people, its BGY plan executed among influential people all over the world, and especially with the CCP virus  swallowing every corner of the world, we find strong relation between the disasters and the CCP’s mindset reflected in this report.  We decided to make this translation available to the world.

We must draw on the valuable experience of human history, grasp all the best achievements of human civilization and learn from the lessons of other people.)

These lessons are the defeat of the communist party in the Soviet Union and the cruel lessons of Germany and Japan. Since the lesson of the defeat of the communist party in the Soviet Union has been recently discussed a lot, I won’t talk about it here. Today, I will only talk about the lessons from Germany and Japan.

As you all know, Hitler Germany also attaches great importance to the education of the people, especially the younger generation. The Nazi party and government have specially established the “National Propaganda and Guidance Office” , the “National Education and Propaganda Department” , the “World View Learning and Education Supervision Office” , the “News office” and other education institutions. They wanted to make people, from the primary school to university,  believe that Germans are the best and their Aryan’s historical mission is to be the “world domination and the King of the Earth”. The unity of Germany at that time was much stronger than we are now. 

But in the end, Germany failed miserably, and Japan along with it, also failed miserably. What is the reason? At the Political Bureau of the Chinese Comunist Party Central Committee study meeting that explored the laws of the rise and fall of great powers, we also summarized the experience of Germany and Japan’s rapid development. While we are determined to take the German road to rejuvenate China, we must not repeat the mistakes they made. 

The specific reasons are as follows. First, they made too many enemies at once, and failed to grasp the principles of each defeat; second, they were eager to achieve success, lacking the patience and endurance to make big things happen; third, they were not ruthless when they should be so that they left troubles. Imagine if Germany and Japan could always neutralize the United States and fight a protracted war on the Soviet front step by step and if they adopted this policy and bought time to develop nuclear weapons and missiles that can enable them use nuclear weapons and missiles to attack the United States and the Soviet Union suddenly and severely. The United States and the Soviet Union will inevitably fail to resist and surrender. Especially the “Little Japan” made a huge mistake and launched a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. That little action did not hit the vital point of the United States, but dragged it into the war and joined the action of digging graves for German and Japanese fascists. Of course, if they do not make these three mistakes and win, history will be rewritten. In that way, I am afraid that no people like us are controlling China, but Japan is moving its capital to China and controlling China. Then, it may be Japan’s control of China and the entire Asia, exerting the wisdom of the East, defeating the Western wisdom of the Germans and uniting the world. These are all nonsense, let’s not talk about it … …

Fundamentally speaking, Germany and Japan failed miserably because history did not arrange them to be the “Kings of the Earth ” , and in fact they are not the best nation. 

Of course, on the surface, comparing today’s China to that time’s Germany, history showed surprisingly similarity. They all think that their race is the most superior. They all have a history of being bullied by foreign powers and have a vengeance. They all have a tradition of worshiping their authority. They all feel that their living space is seriously insufficient. They all hold high the two banners of nationalism and socialism. self-proclaimed “national socialism “. They all adore “one country, one party, one leader, and one doctrine ” , …… 

But if you really put Germany in comparison with China, in Comrade Jiang Zemin’s words, that it is simply too small! What is the population, size and history of Germany? We wiped out 8 million Kuomintang troops in three years. How many people did they kill in Germany? Their virtual fire extinguished after only more than ten years while we were still full of vitality after more than 80 years. Our theory of the transfer of the center of civilization is of course much more profound than Hitler’s theory of the “king of the earth”. The breadth and depth of our civilization determines that we are much smarter than them. 

We Chinese are smarter than Germans. In the final analysis, because our nation is superior to theirs, we have a long history, a large population, and a large area. On this basis, our ancestors left us two most fundamental family heirlooms, namely atheism and grand unification. Master Confucius, the founder of our Chinese culture, is the founder. 

These two magic weapons determined that we have stronger vitality than the West; so the Chinese nation will endure for a long time. No matter how serious natural and man-made disasters and national disasters are, we are destined to “the heaven cannot distinguish us, and the earth cannot bury us”.  This is our advantage.

Taking the war situation in response to emergencies, so far, the United States has not been subjugated because the war has not officially reached its homeland. Once the enemy has targeted its homeland, when waiting for the congressional argument is over to authorize the president to declare war, the enemy has already reached Washington. And what about us? There is no such thing as wrangling. Comrade Xiaoping said, “The party’s leadership decides issues quickly and handles them when it is decided. This is our advantage. This is our advantage”.

Our party’s democratic centralism is based on the tradition of great unification. Although German fascism also emphasizes a high degree of concentration, it only focuses on the individual power of the head of state, but ignores the collective leadership of the central group. Therefore, Hitler’s later rebellion and separation from one another fundamentally shook the Nazi party’s ability to war. 

(to be continued in 4/10)


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