Telling the Truth About COVID-19 Will 100% Take Down the CCP

Highlights of Lu De Media (Morning) on April 3, 2021

  • The United States-Japan-Republic of Korea National Security Advisors held a trilateral dialogue at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis while the foreign ministers of four Southeast Asian countries were visiting Communist China.
    • Dr. Guan believes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will definitely be the main topic of this meeting and the following issues will be discussed:1. North Korea 2. The first island chain (Taiwan, Okinawa, and the Philippines) 3. Building an Asian supply chain without China 4. Vaccines for COVID-19.
    • Dr. Mo noted that the Biden administration is particularly fond of making alliances. It seems that the U.S. will let Japan and South Korea manage North Korea, which will free up the U.S. to deal with the CCP.
    • Mr. Lu De summarises the following purposes of having this meeting in the U.S.: 1. Reconciling the relationship between Japan and Korea 2.Showing  Japan and South Korea the most advanced weapons of the United States, so that Japan and South Korea have no concerns to confront North Korea and Communist China.
  • In an interview, world-renowned nephrologist Dr. Kenneth A. Fisher explained why he believes the CCP virus is a biological weapon.
    • Mr. Lu De pointed out the United States could know that the virus did not come from nature simply by using a supercomputer. And he adds that the U.S. has passed the point of discussing whether this virus is of natural or laboratory origin; It is time to determine if it is a biological weapon created by the CCP for the purpose of ruling the world.
  • Fox News became the most-watched U.S. cable news outlet in March, beating CNN and MSNBC.
    • An excellent media outlet does not just rely solely on celebrity anchors, but more importantly, the ability to judge what to cover at what time. Fox News made a wise and correct decision in interviewing Dr. Li-Meng Yan last July and reporting the truth of the CCP virus just in time. 

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