Brazilian Mutation Is More Contagious and More Deadly, the Vaccine May Not Be As Effective Against It

Author/ Editor: Ana
Proofreader: Dandan

On January a new variant of coronavirus (the CCP virus) first detected in Brazil had been confirmed in Minnesota. The variant was detected by the Minnesota Department of Health, which announced that the new strain is thought be more transmissible. This is the first documented case of the variant in the United States.

Scientist have been concerned about this variant because it contains a cluster of worrying mutations. Some of the mutations make the virus spread more quickly. Others help the virus evade the body’s immune system, which could make it easier for individuals to contract the CCP virus a second time and could hinder the efficacy of vaccines.

According to the last month report of Dailymail that this Brazilian mutation re-infect people who previously recovered from the CCP virus disease in at least 20 countries. Also the virologists are afraid of the variant may weaken the effectiveness of vaccines.

Its widely assumed that the 2,500 cases of five variants detected in the U.S. are an undercount. Peter Navarro had interview with Mr. Bannon on the WARROOM programma talked about the Brazilian strain , new mutation, is going all over the world because airplanes. Both country——Brazil and India are suffering from new mutations. Preliminary science shows the Brazilian mutation is more contagious and more deadly, the vaccine may not be as effective against it. 

In front of the worldwide pandemic and the truth of the virus, Peter Daszak admitted in the interview that he has a close relationship with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He is an intermediary who asks Fauci for research funding and promotes functional enhancement research. The Obama administration rejected this study as early as 2014 because it was too dangerous. Peter Daszak insists that the new coronavirus comes from bats and is transmitted to humans through an intermediate host. However, there is no conclusive evidence to confirm his view.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan who has been said that there is not a lot of time for our human kind. We have to find the way to solve the virus problem, the only way is to eliminating the regine of this Chinese Communist Party.


Peter Navarro Interview Link

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