[Opinion]A Dialogue with Wuhan Coronavirus Vaccine Developer

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October 2020, in a cafe, I was fortunate enough to meet a staff of the Institute of Biology who participated in the development of the COVID vaccine. Below is a real record of our conversation:
(The author and the vaccine development staff are hereinafter referred to as “me” and “researcher”.)

Me: Hello, Xiao Min! It’s been a long time. You still look so young!

Researcher: We haven’t seen each other for more than ten years. Now I work with young scientists every day. I feel young.

Me: That’s good. Are you still working in your original organization? What is your company’s name?

Researcher: The name has been changed several times, and it is now called Sinopharm (Words omitted for safety concern) Biological Products Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Me: Is the new coronavirus vaccine your company developed for sale?

Researcher: Not for sale, Phase III clinical trial is not over yet.

Me: Your research institute are developing the new coronavirus vaccine. What other domestic organizations/companies are developing this vaccine?

Researcher: Only our institute and another one in Beijing are well known. These two companies are responsible for the development of inactivated vaccines. There are two more: Academician Chen Wei of the Academy of Military Sciences, they are making adenovirus vector vaccines as well as Kexing Biology.

Me: Has the adenovirus vector vaccine developed by Chen Wei of the Academy of Military Sciences come out?

Researcher: Like us, they are in the third phase of clinical trials and are waiting for the results.

Me: I have not heard that there are Phase III clinical trials in China. In addition, I learned that this vaccine has side effects, and the people dare not (to get the shot).

Researcher: Phase III clinical trials of our new coronavirus vaccines are conducted overseas. I think the vaccines we have developed should be safe. I got it and it seemed okay.

Me: Which countries do you cooperate with for Phase III clinical trials?

Researcher: There are several countries, all in the Middle East, such as the United Arab Emirates.

Me: Really?! The Phase III clinical results have not yet come out. I saw so many people lining up at the door of your company. Are they there for the new coronavirus vaccine?

Researcher: Yes, at least a few hundred people come to get the vaccine every day.

Me: Who are they?

Researcher: Most of them need to go abroad. Construction workers, business men, and students must get the shot. Otherwise they won’t be able to get out of the country. The airline staff will also be ready to get the vaccine soon.

Me: How many vaccines do ordinary people need to get?

Researcher: Two injections, 0 days and 28 days—-after the first injection is given, the second injection will be given 28 days later—-this is currently the best result from animal experiments. The results of the third phase of humans have not come out yet.

Me: Without the results of Phase III clinical trials, how could you give people the shot?

Researcher: Emergency injection.

Me: That’s horrible. The vaccine without phase III clinical trials is called “emergency injection.” Who came up with this term?

Researcher: It’s called emergency use. This is an emergency period of time, so we treat it differently than normal!

Me: Is there another epidemic prevention and control?

Researcher: Yes, but I can’t say for sure. Because the infections overseas have begun to surge again now, and when the weather gets colder, the domestic infections will rise up again.

Me: I learned that in order to develop a virus vaccine, the original strain must be obtained first. Doesn’t it take a long time to develop it? Like some of the vaccines we know of that have been used.

Researcher: Yes, there is usually a long process from research and development to putting the vaccine on market. Now (the development process) is extremely fast, and with the influence of the media, they could say that the (effect) is good or bad. After being vaccinated, antibodies are produced; regardless of one antibody or 1,000 antibodies, (as long as you have antibodies),you are vaccinated. How many antibodies can protect a person from getting infected? (If) those who have received the (vaccine) can (go) to several infected epidemic areas without wearing a mask and they are not infected, that can be called effectiveness. But who wants to do this experiment by themselves? Even if the (vaccinated) person is in the epidemic area where no one is infected, others must still be allowed to refuse the vaccine. Effective protection is also to prevent infection (a measure).

Me: You are right. It’s too scary to vaccinate someone without going through Phase III clinical trials. I generally don’t trust the CCP’s propaganda.

Researcher: Propaganda also has a political purpose. It is still necessary to protect oneself, because there may be asymptomatic infections nearby. My colleague’s organization found three such (asymptomatic infection cases).

Me: Zhong Nanshan said that taking Lianhua Qingwen capsules would work. What do you think of this?

Researcher: All these things are related to money and interest. This old guy now has both fame and money! As I have said, the political significance is above everything!

Me: Did you get this vaccine?

Researcher: I had to get it, but I did not ask my family to get it. Anyway, improve your nutrition, increase exercise, and improve body immunity. It was SARS 18 years ago, but now it is the novel coronavirus. What will it be next time? To be honest, the vaccination is just a psychological comfort, and I don’t know what the result will be.

Me: Are there any relevant photos of the vaccine your company developed? Show me.

Researcher: Yes, take a look. There is no packaging, no label, and no name of the development company. This is one of the reasons why so many people come to my company to get the (vaccine).

Me: If I want to get the vaccine shot, can you help me?

Researcher: I have it in my office, but I don’t dare to give you the shot, hahaha…

Me: Why is that?

Researcher: I’m afraid that things might go wrong.

At 4:10 pm on April 1, 2021, I once again asked him to verify whether the vaccine they developed has passed Phase III clinical trials. He clearly replied to me: It hasn’t passed yet. We just did large and small animals experiments and no problem was found!

Author: 顽童2017 Editor: Seagull Reviewer: Xiaoxin

Source from: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1043633/

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