Mr. Steven Bannon: The Super Hawks Are Dedicated to Only One Thing: The Total and Complete Destruction of the Chinese Communist Party Now and We Will Never Relent

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Mr. Steven Bannon has a weekly interview on the GTV UK NEWS. Here is one of the questions he answered on 31st Jan, 2021.

Q: Miles Guo told us about the white paper of human rights abuses, whiter paper about on Hong Kong that’s going to release by the US government and you see a few days ago The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) just reformed and crushed the Hong Kong’s democracy by inserting some of its people’s so -called people’s representatives into the legislative council, so how helpful of this paper be to the Hong Kong people and Hong Kong democracy?

Mr. Steven Bannon:

Here’s what’s going to be helpful to the Hong Kong people in Hong Kong democracy is have the west, grow a set of balls and stand up to the CCP . Yes, you have all the white papers and all this, but we know what’s going on and the sign it back, they’re mocking you, they had to sign it back where they present this today about the new , you know where there’s very few elected officials now. They’ve just taken, they’ve totally stripped away Hong Kong’s democracy and in the back of their sign. You know “one country two systems”, they’re mocking the people in Hong Kong, and they’re particularly mocking the fecklessness and weakness of the west. Where’s Great Britain? It’s Great Britain’s original deal? Where’s Boris Johnson? And I don’t want to hear just about “Oh, we’re going to take in 5 million people from Hong Kong passports. “ That’s fine, but the people of Hong Kong don’t want to leave their beloved island. Look , in a perfect world, you know I love the United States, I’m a super patriot. I love my country, I love living here, but in a perfect world I probably live in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong I remember it’s the greatest city in the world with the greatest people in the world, absolutely fell in love with it, you can’t live there today. First, I can’t go there. I’m sanctioned. The Hong Kong people want to leave, but the point is not to let them get out, they want to stay, they want to stay in Hong Kong that they know, not the CCP Hong Kong. Yes, white paper is important, but what’s important is what crazy Miles Guo says “action, action, action” We hold all the cards in Hong Kong, we could cut off the convertibility of Hong Kong dollar, we could cut off all the exchanges to get cash or get capital U.S. dollar to the transnational criminal organization which is the CCP, we could sanction Wang Qishan, Xi Jinping and their families all of that. We could do all that we have the power to do all that. They (the CCP) sanction me, we have to absolute power to sanction them, put them in the real sanctions, tough sanctions because because they need access to the west capital markets, we have all the power to do that. I assume the white paper is going to be watered down. The people on the streets of Hong Kong know what’s going on. Let’s be honest the west has abandoned them to their own devices and the authorities in CCP have  cracked down, including sending into jails into the mainland all the heroic young protesters. So it’s a horrible , horrible lesson and it shows you… Let’s be frank it shows you the cowardice of the west. The west are cowards, they will not and have not stood up to the Chinese Communist Party and if I’m in Taiwan or one of the littoral nations of the south China sea. I gotta sit here right now and say, is the west committed to freedom? Is the west committed to freedom of navigation? Is the west committed to freedom of the Chinese people who live in Taiwan? Is the west committed to freedom of the countries in the literal nations of around the China south sea? What’s the west going to do about Burma? Right? All of this is coming together, so I think it’s the west has got to stand up and quite frankly with people, like Joe Biden and the people around him who are totally compromised by the Chinese communist party. You’re not going to see any standing up. Tony Blinken is a joke, it’s so embarrassment, he’s so weak. Yesterday his whole thing about “we’re so bit on human rights, Trump did nothing on human rights.” Where are Blinken and Biden administration on literally shutting down the CCP on the genocide they’ve done. Not just on the uyghurs, but the genocide they’ve done throughout the world with the CCP virus. There’s nowhere. So this is a sick joke and I just want the Chinese “laobaixing” (the common people) to understand, there are people in the west that hold your freedom very dear and the reason is your freedom, frees the whole world because your freedom means the Chinese communist party has to come down. In the book by Josh Rogan called “Chaos Under Heaven”, you know I’m included as the head of the super hawks, right , with Perter Navarro and other people. The super hawks are dedicated to only one thing: the total and complete destruction of the Chinese communist party now and we will never relent, we will never relent to that because it’s a criminal organization that has destroyed the Chinese people.

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