The Fate of the CCP Will Be Worse Than Hitler’s

In his Getter video on March 25th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo said that the U.S. government would definitely find out the truth about the virus, and the CCP would not succeed in diverting the world’s attention and deceiving the world. The mutilation of human rights in Hong Kong, the genocide in Xijiang, the suppression of Buddhism in Tibet, the harm done to the Witshleblower Movement and Falun Gong are all sending the CCP to hell. Out of the 200 countries globally, over 50 have joined forces in imposing sanctions against the CCP. The fate of the CCP will be much worse than Hitler’s. 

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These days, after Joe Biden became the president, he is actually holding a press conference now, he has not mentioned anything about the CCP virus under any circumstances. However, it is absolutely not the president alone who has the final say in the United States. American people will definitely want the truth about this virus. All the U.S. government agencies have been working, continuously working, 24 hours a day. They definitely want to find out what’s going on. It is not possible for the CCP to lie and cheat, and get away with it. The CCP has been lying for seventy years in mainland China. It believes it has succeeded in the past and can succeed again this time. That is impossible, brothers and sisters. The CCP has repeatedly cheated and succeeded, and that’s why it intends to try to deceive the world again by luck. Now, the CCP is doing everything it can to divert the world’s focus and attention from the CCP virus. But can the CCP succeed? No, it can’t.

More and more CCP companies, including the companies listed on stock markets in the United States and Europe, are being delisted by the US Stock Exchange. Furthermore, all the sanctions imposed on these companies in the past few years will not be reduced at all. On the contrary, there will be more sanctions. Did you all see it? Did you see it? Moreover, I told everyone that the “Genocide in Xinjiang” and “Crimes Against Humanity” charges are already sending the CCP to hell. No one can overthrow these charges. Whoever tries to overthrow them is taking the road to death and will be buried with the CCP. Whoever wants to be buried can join those extremely evil people of the CCP as soon as possible. The more, the better. Right?

This is the charm of our Whistleblower Movement. Anyone who wants to work against us is working against the justice of all mankind. Anyone who opposes our effort to take down the CCP will be wiped out by the global wave of taking down the CCP. This is the truth, right, brothers and sisters? All the golfers here, what do they say? They know 100% that the Whistleblower Movement is exposing the truth, about the CCP virus, about the CCP’s threat to the United States, about the BGY Plan and the CCP’s infiltration within the United States. Everyone believes in us.

Just now, several bigwigs from the swampland sent me messages. I didn’t contact them the whole day yesterday, and a few of them had a panic attack. “Hey, Miles, what’s the matter? What’s the matter?” They are all very nervous. Why? Many people pin their hopes on our New Federal State of China (NFSC). Many people hope that the NFSC will help them to hold the CCP accountable and bring out the truth about the CCP virus. This is a global megatrend. It can’t be obliterated by a few bastards and scumbags. Don’t worry about those things.

Does everybody notice that there have been more trolls from the 50 Cent Army recently? When you see more trolls from the 50 Cent Army, the CCP is hurting the most. When there are more trolls, the CCP is helpless and has no way out. So, brothers and sisters, everyone must understand this. In the past, over 30 countries, including European countries and other countries in the world joined forces to impose sanctions against the CCP. We now see that number growing all the time. Yesterday I said there were forty countries, and now there are more than fifty countries. The CCP absolutely did not believe that it would happen at this speed. There are more than 200 countries globally, and now more than 50 countries want to impose comprehensive sanctions against the CCP. Our goal is to eventually reach 70 to 90 countries.

I talked about the “Simpson Plan” and Mrs. Simpson yesterday, but none of you have interpreted it properly. There is something that I can’t say but you can. Who is Simpson? Everyone knows full well.  Who is the Duke of Windsor? Everyone knows full well. However, whoever they are, whichever country they live in, however many “Dukes of Windsor” are collaborating with “Hitler” and however capable they are, they cannot change their fate that resembles Hitler’s in his time. Their fate will be worse than Hitler’s. This is a fact.

Brother Miles doesn’t want to say too much. Look at the punishment and sanctions now: Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan. Even the second-tier countries have come forward. More and more people have realized that the CCP is not the same as the Chinese people. The CCP is on a dangerous path to madness, conquering the world, deceiving the world and threatening the world. If the world stays silent, it will be completely wiped out by the CCP. Isn’t this true? So, brothers and sisters, I am challenging the CCP to set up the rules of the game. I will take them on immediately, and we will see who wins in the end.

Let’s speak with facts and ability. In the history, there has never been a time like today when mankind is united in a common goal, that is, to take down the CCP, to take down the CCP using the truth about the CCP virus. Human rights in our holy city of Hong Kong have been mutilated. The genocide in Xinjiang, the suppression of Buddhism in Tibet, and the harm done to our Whistleblower Movement and Falun Gong. The CCP will be held accountable for all. No one can get away with this. If you don’t believe it, just wait and see.

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