GTV Real Life Story: Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying (一)

The “GTV Real Life Story” talk show was launched amid expectations from fellow comrades-in-arms on March 20, and hosted jointly by Martha and Long Island. This program also adheres to the principle of “telling the verifiable truth”of the Whistleblowers Movement, to deliver real feelings to everyone. The first episode invited distinguished sport couple Hao Haidong and Ye Zhaoying. The two spoke in humorous, witty and vibrant language about the real events they went through. The first episode of the broadcast exceeded 3.44 million viewers.

There are some really great issues on the show, and they’re all very connected to everybody, which are inspiring and thoughtful

As Haidong explained, “by chatting with everyone, we can open up the wisdom of the people and let more people realize the evil of the Communist Party.” Through iconic characters, vivid examples from life and heart-touching dialogues, the program sows the seeds of defeating the Communist Party on the GTV platform

Here’s a summary of several issues raised in the interview, in written form. We hope to spread the messages more widely to our fellows in the homeland and let more people rise from the nightmarish dream of the CCP to join the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federation State of China. The sacred cause of eliminating the Communists needs your participation. Everyone is important, and we can’t do it without you.

Question 1: Mr. Guo’s live broadcast used to begin with the catching phrase “Friends-in-arms, have you worked out?”  How do you relate between regular exercise physically and the Whistleblower Movement? Why did Mr. Guo insist on physical training and guide his comrades-in-arms to fitness until now?

Hao: The reason why we very much agree with Mr. Guo’s Whistleblowers Movement and finally follow him to established the New Federation State of China, is that we deeply agree with the confidence and logic conveyed in his speeches and the significance behind it, then we finally came forward to join him against communist party.

Fitness can gradually make Chinese people realize that under the rule of the Communist Party, they do not even have good health, let alone a sound personality. Without a healthy body, it is impossible to have independent minds and personal development, because what the Communist Party wants to make you stupid, poor and weak, and never allow you to grow stronger. In CCP’s ruling system, children are overweight and need glasses. The Body Mass Index BMI, which indicates health assessment, for men between 30 or 40 years old is basically like 60 and 70 years old. This also leads to disharmony, weaker sexual performance and emotional alienation in the family. Hence couple look for other stimuli, such as drinking.

The Communist party so-called fighting for the championship on sport has never cultivated people through independent thinking, sound personality and healthy physical fitness. CCP advocated cruel training, however, the sound training is associated with happiness. At one time, Milutinović’s idea of happy football is criticized by people, as the CCP’s education system aim to hoodwink the public.

Regular training will bring you the pleasure of exercise, and adjust your mood to kill depression. Exercise can make you more agile, independent, have a healthy body. You can devote yourself to work, better perform in the competition, and make a happy family and relationship between husband and wife. That’s why Mr. Guo said, “Have you worked out?” Fitness is important for self-management, and if you can’t even manage yourself, how can you talk about setting up a family and managing a country?

Ye: I understand that Mr. Guo said, ” Have you worked out?” is that being able to insist on doing exercise represents a kind of resilience of people. Sport is an exercise of resilience. Golf, tennis, mountaineering, skiing, etc., every sport has many essence meanings in it. For example, most golfers are nervous at beginners’ lesson. While some anxiety may be related to their anticipation of hitting golf balls, there are many peripheral parts when taking a golf lesson that may make people feel uncomfortable. However, it hones people to handle things calmly and peacefully

The skill of skiing requires the control of speed. It is not true that skiing fast is the great skier, but the one needs to control the speed and grasp the rhythm.

Martha: I think what Mr. Guo said, “have you worked out “, which represents a kind of persistence, and also persistence for the crushing the CCP. Everyone will succeed as long as they don’t give up.

Long Island: It’s different a feeling to be part of the Whistleblower Movement.

Between the physical exercise and the Whistleblower Movement, first of all, both require sufficient physical strength. The second is wisdom. To run whistleblower Movement requires extra wisdom. The third is skill. To fight the CCP, we must have extended skills. Mr. Guo asked us to start with fitness training is to build up our physical strength, wisdom and skills to cope with the challenges.

Question 2: In the past, the Chinese people’s view was that the male is in charge of external affairs and female tending to household matters. Now some Chinese people’s views on the role male and female have reversed. Both of you are athletes, which give you a relatively independent space since childhood. I know that brother Dong started cooking for the first time at the age of 35. After so many years, I don’t know how his cooking skills are progressing? Do you mind sharing with us the trivia of what’s going on in your home? Who is in charge? Who can cook better?

Hao: In the traditional approach, especially in Shandong, what is inherited from parents is that men do not do housework, cooking and others. Housework is done by their mothers. The CCP has never taught people basic good doctrine. Their perception is that girls should do housework and take care of children. In fact, everyone is responsible. The devotion of full-time mothers working outside are the same as the male counterpart. Their contributions are used by the CCP to whitewash them as business profits

After I left home at the age of ten, I basically ate in the canteen. It was not until I returned to my home in Qingdao at the age of 35 that I stir-fried the first dish “fried pig intestine with green chilli” under the guidance of my mother. Later, I gradually learned to fry cabbage with vinegar sauce, and pan-cooked giant prawns. Now it is true that my wife Ye is doing a lot of housework, but I am also making a little progress. I could help making dumplings now.

Ye: In fact, my hometown in Wenzhou, people also values sons over daughters. Women and men can’t eat at the same table on New Year’s Eve, and all house works are also done by women. This is the perception and guiding principle prevails in many places under the CCP, including Fujian province and areas where Hakka people live.

Hao added: Under Chinese Communist party socialism, monogamy is supposed to be promoted, however, in the year 2000, I still heard from some friends that some men in Fujian marry four wives, and is the normal situation there.

There are no ethics, rule of law or bottom line in this system, that money is the solution, and society has degenerated to the point where people do not worry about shamefulness

Question 3: In China, parents force their children to success in examinations. Their achievement depends on the score. They wish their children are all admitted to top universities like Tsinghua University and Peking University, or universities in the United State and Western countries. This has caused some changes in educational philosophy.

Could you please share your thought about education when you first became parents? What did you plan in children’s future development after they were older?

Hao: I like to think slowly since I was a child. When I have my first child, I made a particularly good decision. When my child was studying, I didn’t want them to try hard to go to Peking University and Tsinghua University like the rest of our country people. Because I see our education system are trained student into a similar product, as it’s coming out from a production line. They groom the students into another production machine through the exam-oriented education. Therefore, when I was in Dalian, I didn’t use privilege to choose a public school for my son. The impact of privilege and special attention to my children may be very bad for him. Then I decided sent my son to the private school. There is no requirement for grades when the child grows up, and there is never any intersection between myself and the school. Finally, my daughter was admitted to the world’s first-class school for her major. At the age of 18, my son chose to play professional football instead of study in the college, so he took the road of professional football as a career.

The education instilled by the Communist Party is not what children need, is the greatest evil to children, such as instilling socialist teaching, obedience, sitting upright, evaluating people’s good or bad with scores, etc. In the end, the child still needs to live with money or through evil institutions. The motto of my own football training school is “healthy body, sound personality, independent thinking, freedom of personal development”, giving children the correct philosophy and value in life.

The CCP has never regarded sport discipline as an education. Football is education, culture, history and inheritance. They just want to make children physically strong but mentally weak. Under this kind of education, children do not have a healthy body, a sound personality, independent thinking ability, and some of them are just rote memorization and do not know how to analyze, they are the similar product model of the production line.

A certificate does not imply ability. Having knowledge does not mean having the ability to make decisions. And it is still necessary to travel thousands of miles to verify the knowledge we get from reading thousands of books. Therefore, comrades-in-arms in the New Federal State, must know how to educate their children. Parents’ behaviors are very important, set an example for their children, and set a label of correct values for their children, such as distinguishing right from wrong and bravely pointing out the evil.

Ye: My communication with my children is an equal dialogue, and not the way the elders treat the junior. If there is a chance, I will create more platforms for children (such as sports and art projects), let children have more contact and understanding, to scrutinize the good and bad for their comparison. Do not coerce children, but respect their choice.

The author is also deeply touched here and strongly recommends a German film “The Wave”. The film reveals how CCP approach to general education to dupe children.

Question 4: Director Hao, you used to be the richest man in China’s sports world, and you must have invested a lot. Sister Ye has invested in badminton schools in China. Please talk about the difference of your understanding between G series and your past investment?

Hao: First of all, please don’t mention I am the richest man. China’s richest men don’t survive, and China’s richest men end badly, such as Huang Guangyu and Wang Jianlin (laughter).

I used to trade cigarettes, clothes, etc. when I was a child, and then bought stocks, but investment in GTV is the most worthwhile, and stands a room for future development. This is a commercial Eco-Series and not just GTV, but also Gnews, Gfashion, Gcoin, Gdollar, etc., all of which are the same. All these initiatives, form a complete G-ecological series, where our comrades-in-arms of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State can depend on to charter our own destiny, because it meets all our needs. This is the hope of our people and the hope of the New Federal State of China.

Ye: This is a completely different business concept, my previous investment is most in real estate

I think the ecology approach of G-series venture is the concept of a state. Gdollar and Gcoin are similar to the state currencies. And then there will be other complimentary expansions like G-Mall, all of which form part of a chain. It is equivalent to investing in a country’s sovereign currency. After GTV venture moves to another country that allow an unlimited number of initial shareholders, every one of us will hold initial issued shares with the best returns (landlord). Investing in a G- series sovereign currency is equivalent to the concept of having shares in the US Federal Reserve Board. The CCP will be ended and eliminated and our comrades-in-arms will eventually grow stronger financially. That guarantees the future of our descendants.  (Hao Haidong added).

The above content is the main topics mentioned in the first episode of GTV Real Life. The program is far more wonderful than the text. I hope our comrades-in-arms and compatriots can get inspiration from the real stories.

Physical and mental fitness are equally important. We look forward to your participation in the establishment of a new Chinese Federation of Freedom—- Democracy, and the Rule of Law for the people.

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