[Mayflower Analysis] Is Wind Energy Really that Reliable? Part 4: CCP as A Huge Threat to U.S. Energy – No Joke

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A-Power might have stepped down from the stage of history, but it found itself a successor, or to be more precise, an enhanced version of A-Power. Different from its predecessor, Guanghui Energy proposed to build the Blue Hills Wind Project, instead of just being a turbine manufacturer.

Not to mention that the threats brought by Guanghui are much more complicated than A-Power as well. Above all, the fact that this proposed CCP-owned wind farm was near Laughlin Air Force Base could be a national security risk. The fear of the company using the project as a platform for Chinese government-directed espionage is not baseless.

Members of the 48th Rescue Squadron from Arizona participate in an exercise near Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas in this undated photograph. Some have expressed concern that a proposed Chinese-owned wind farm near the Texas military base could be a national security risk. MASTER SGT. HEATHER CABRAL/U.S. AIR FORCE

Other than interfering with the airbase and sullying the pristine wilderness, another major concern from Congress and local leaders is that Guanghui may burrow into the electrical grid. Based on Foreign Policy’s report, retired-Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast, who once in charge of the Air Force’s San Antonio-based Education and Training Command, which oversees Laughlin, confirmed this concern. Kwast said that, after tracking the case for two years, the evidence of CCP money they got indicated: “If the electricity stops or the water stops flowing, those bases stop operating.”

Compared with A-Power, Guanghui dipped its finger into multiple fields. Guangui Energy Group only represents Xinjiang Guanghui Industry Investment Group Co., LTD’s interest in energy. Founded in 1989, Guanghui also made an achievement by establishing Chian Grand Auto, Guanghui Logistics, Guanghui Properties, Guanghui Art Museum, and Guanghui Flying Tigers Men’s Basketball Team. The man who made all of these happened is Guanghui’s founder Sun Guangxin.

What makes things more dangerous is Sun Guangxin’s identities: former People’s Liberation Army officer, the largest landowners in Xinjiang Province (the current site of a sweeping campaign by Beijing to intern around 1 million ethnic Uighur minorities under the guise of a counterterrorism operation) and one the richest men in China.

Sun Guangxin, the founder of the Guanghui Energy Company—which has purchased nine ranches in Val Verde County, Texas—is a former Chinese military officer and one of the largest landowners in China’s Xinjiang province. IMAGINECHINA VIA AP IMAGES

Some netizens mentioned that Sun has close connections with retired Communist Party Secretary of Xinjiang Wang Lequan. Though the credibility of this information hasn’t been verified, if that is the case, Sun’s accomplishment could be easily explained. After all, Wang was China’s strongman in controlling Uighurs.

Wang Lequan, left, Communist Party secretary in Xinjiang, and Nuer Baikeli, Xinjiang’s governor. Claro Cortes IV/Reuters

Former high-ranking CIA official Daniel Hoffman urged Congress in Fox News to determine whether Sun or his associates should face sanctions for possible abuses of Uighurs. Another former CIA officer Will Hurd said Chinese companies like Guanghui would be able to manipulate the industrial control systems on their side. Hurd was also very certain that foreign companies controlling swaths of the electrical grid could be capable of triggering statewide outages.

Then-National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers told Congress in November 2014 that malicious hackers could potentially target the grid by breaking into industrial control systems undergirding power networks and critical infrastructure, instructing turbines to go offline. Considering the Texas Outage just happened not long ago, it’s hard to say that CCP has nothing to do with it at all.

Old news also proved why we should worry about Guanghui. According to New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV), on October 12, 2013, amateur stock investor Wang Weihua got arrested in his Shanghai home by Xinjiang State Urumqi Public Security Bureau and placed in criminal detention. He was charged with fabricating and communicating false information about securities and futures trading. Wang Weihua obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Melbourne, in an article published online, he issued that there is financial fraud in Guanghui Energy. Soon his article triggered investors and the media to question Guanghui Energy.

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