[March 29, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (3rd)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA)(YY)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada)(Liberte)

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[March 29, 2021] Video translation

This Getter is the continuation of my last Getter. Let me put on my glasses so that everyone can see the difference. Don’t confuse this video with the previous one.

I want to report the changes in G-Coin to my fellow fighters. Since this morning, there are major changes in G-Coin and G-Dollar. Because of the global economic outlook, everyone can see the bright future of cryptocurrency. Everybody knows full well that humanity is facing a disaster. But this is human instinct: nobody likes to think such a disaster will happen, everybody wants to believe it won’t happen to me.

It seems that the original G-Coin quota for our fellow fighters, which was originally in a 1:1 or 1:0.8 ratio, is definitely not possible. It would be nice if we can keep a 1:0.6 or 1:0.5 ratio. G-Coin is very, very scarce. We initially prepared to keep 20 million G-Coins to compensate the victims in China, and those who were invited to “drink tea” (be interrogated by the police), as well as fellow fighter volunteers, those who made significant contributions to the Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society. The 20 million G-Coins originally prepared for these people will be reduced by half. It would be nice if we can keep 10 million G-Coins.

Various institutional investors want three things now: first of all, they want to increase their investment. Secondly they want to add a few more institutional investors. The other thing is the amount of G-Coins is definitely not enough. The amount is limited to 1 billion issued coins per year. So institutional investors are absolutely not allowed to increase their investments. It is impossible. We are desperately fighting and will never allow institutional investors to increase their investment. However, the number of G-Coins for our fellow fighters must be reduced significantly.

It is good that many fellow fighters have already registered. For the remaining unregistered fellow fighters, you must be careful when you re-register. There is momentum in the market. Think about it: if G-Coin and G-Dollar were launched half a year ago, today the situation would be different again. The price of G-Coin would be even higher. Anyway, it’s not bad for our fellow fighters, but it is not a good thing for G-Coin, G-Dollar, and G-Series. It is taking us longer than expected to get to market. We originally planned to launch G-Coin at the end of December last year, or January this year. But the launch date has been delayed.

Another issue is related to G-TV stock. We definitely will impose more stringent qualification criteria for those fellow fighters who want to buy our stock. For those who wish to increase their investment, the priorities are for the original G-TV chairs, persecuted fellow fighters, and participants in the loan projects.  We have not received our assessment report yet. We may stop accepting new investments at any time.

There should be no problem for fellow fighters to increase investment in the loan projects until April 15. I hope that they can make an extension until the end of May, because many fellow fighters in China have trouble transferring money out of China. Including the original GTV chairs, those who want to add money to the loan projects can increase their investment without restriction. Some want to increase the amount of investment but cannot get their money out of China.

As a result, there is uncertainty related to G-Coin and GTV. The G-Coin quota will definitely be reduced. GTV will definitely stop accepting new investments soon from the loan project participants, and from the original GTV chairs. But so far, April 15 is a valid date if you want to increase money.  I hope to postpone the deadline to the end of April. Please wait for our notifications. But we definitely are not able to get the 1:1 G-Coin quota. I can’t do anything about it, fellow fighters.

Generally speaking, it is a good thing for fellow fighters. The more people rush to buy, the more valuable G-Coin will be in the future. Then, there will be more room for profit. However, we will try our best to fight for our fellow fighters’ G-Coin quota and G-Dollar. Brother-7 does not own G-Coin and G-Dollar. I do not have the final say.  I am not a shareholder. I can’t help it. So, let the Himalaya Alliance fight with the institutional investors. Let’s wait for the result when it is over.

The old G-TV chair investment fellow fighters are still able to participate if you want to increase the investment amount in loan projects. But it may stop at any time. You must be mentally prepared. Consider yourselves informed.

I am going to a meeting now. Thank you, brothers and sisters. Hurry up and confirm your numbers with each farm: G-Dollar, G-Coin, G-TV chairs, fellow fighters participating in the loan project. Finalize the numbers as soon as possible, brothers and sisters. Settle it quickly and solidify it.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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