”LUDE Media” : Interpretation of Dr. Yan’s Third Report

Translator/ Editor: Ana
Proofreader: Dandan

Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s third report was published on 31st March 2021. Here is the link to her report:

Report download address

“LUDE Media” Comments:

1 The purpose of Dr. Yan’s release of this report is to solve the virus problem from public health. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus has caused considerable losses to the world’s economy, health, and safety. The whole world can solve it only by seeing the characteristic of the CCP virus as an Unrestricted Bio-weapon. Otherwise, the problem wouldn’t be fundamentally solved.

2  The report also exposed the media propaganda war launched by the CCP during the outbreak. The CCP uses the “BGY Plan” to corrupt virus scientists and related organizations to control the CCP’s viral voice by spreading false information and suppressing other speeches,making worldwide people lose sight of the truth. This report starts with peer reviews written by experts from two major authoritative organizations—JCO (Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security) and MIT (MIT Press), to expose the CCP’s evil acts of covering up the truth about the CCP virus.

3 This report explained the entire process of Dr. Yan’s investigation to the Western world and exposed the CCP virus’s truth. It wrote about her experience in investigating the truth about the virus outbreak. At the same time, It is noted that she has been talked about the five characteristics of the CCP virus (human-to-human transmission, strong mutation, large outbreak, and epidemic of the CCP concealment, laboratory source) through the “LUDE Media” program on 19th JAN 2020, these characteristics all were finally verified one by one.

4 After the “LUDE Media” program of 19th JAN 2020, The CCP took a series of measures. 1) First, it announced that the virus was human to human transmission. 2) Then Wuhan was in lockdown, and Zheng-Li Shi (Bat Woman) launched the RaTG13 virus sequence, which is a false one. 3) Dr. Yong-Zhen Zhang was suppressed by the CCP after proposing the “Zhoushan Bat Virus.” 4) Major General Wei Chen, a Chinese expert on biological and chemical weapons, is stationed in the Wuhan Institution Virology (WIV). 5) The CCP corrupted some Western scientists to identify the natural source of the virus through « The Lancet » in February last year. 6) Dr. Yan got many incredible and horrible cyber ​​attacks and slanders from the CCP after escaping from Hong Kong to the USA. With all these details, you can understand how terrified the CCP. They are afraid of the truth of the virus was exposed by Dr. Yan. 

5 The peer reviews given by experts from JCO and MIT are all attacks on Dr. Yan’s thesis through misinterpretation and deliberate misleading. To save people, Dr. Yan designedly wrote an article exposing these two peer-reviewed articles’ ugly behavior. Throughout these two peer reviews, Dr. Yan’s conclusions have no evidence, but the reality is, Dr. Yan’s report cited a lot of evidence to prove his views.

6 In her thesis, Dr. Yan responded to “the Rule of Law Foundation” and “the Rule of Law Society”. She also took this opportunity to raise several questions about the CCP virus, such as coagulation problems, neurotoxicity problems, autoimmunity problems, ADE (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement) reactions long-term infections problems. Only after understanding the truth about the source of the virus can we know whether these problems are related to the start of the CCP virus laboratory.

7 At the end of this report, Dr. Yan also emphasized the issue of the CCP virus’s unrestricted bioweapon and mentioned the book « The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Man-made Human Novel Virus as Genetic Weapon ». In this book, the CCP military experts said that contemporary genetic bioweapon warfare disguises genetically modified viruses as natural sources and uses modern genetic bioweapon warfare to disrupt the enemy’s economic and social order to win bargaining chips for their (CCP) side. The CCP virus is very consistent with the nature of the CCP’s general war definition, combining with the fact that the CCP only blocked the domestic flights after the Wuhan outbreak but did not prohibit international flights. Simultaneously, they purchased many protective materials from the world and made large-scale counterfeiting to cover up the epidemic.

8 This report exposed the absurd peer review of Dr. Yan’s thesis by JCO and MIT. They first misunderstood the content of Dr. Yan’s report and then pointed out the mistakes in their misunderstanding. For example, they first said that the SARS virus has a restriction enzyme (in fact, the SARS virus does not have this enzyme), and then they criticized Dr. Yan’s spoke on that it is a rare phenomenon that the CCP virus has a restriction enzyme. Dr. Yan wanted to respond to these two peer reviews to call on the world to see the nature of the CCP virus.

9 The ultimate goal of viruses is to coexist with humans, which is the law of nature. However, the CCP virus mutates and becomes more vital in the process of transmission. Even a variety of mutant strains, such as Brazilian mutant strains, increase the lethality rate and spread to the world simultaneously. Only by recognizing the truth and characteristics of the source of the CCP virus can take effective measures for prevention and treatment. Secondly, we can prevent such incidents from happening in the future only by knowing how the CCP virus occurred and developed. It is because the CCP virus comes from the laboratory. Humans can avoid this disaster again only by blocking the source of the laboratory. 

10 Discussing whether the CCP has unintentionally leaked or deliberately released the CCP virus, it is easy to conclude that the CCP intends to remove the virus from the timeline of the virus outbreak compiled by Dr. Yan. If it weren’t for the intentional release, why the CCP would use all its national power to cover up the truth of the virus epidemic, and why it allowed flights departing from Wuhan to fly to the world when Wuhan was in lockdown. These signs are already evident.

11 Dr. Yan wrote and published this report for another most important purpose: to grasp the right to speak of the CCP virus. Because at the beginning of the epidemic, the public generally believed that so-called well-known institutions or experts such as Johns Hopkins, MIT, Gallo, etc., were all right on the view of the virus, and the public did not thoroughly read the accurate information about the CCP virus. Dr. Yan intends to expose these so-called institutions and experts’ falsehoods and how they deceive the world by enumerating the truth. As Dr. Yan said in her report, it is because of the slander and frame-up of these experts that Dr. Yan has more opportunities to explain the truth to the world.

12 After a long period of meticulous and deliberate planning, the CCP made and modified the CCP virus through laboratory and used it as an unrestricted bioweapon to attack the Western world. The way of life of all humankind has undergone tremendous changes from last year to the present. As long as the CCP exists for one day, there will be no security for all humanity.

[ “BGY Plan” of the CCP: B-Blue, means the CCP controls media and internet news. G-Gold, means the CCP uses money and benefits to buy, bribe, and corrupt the people for their interest. Y-Yellow, means the CCP uses sex to deteriorate and control or shut up the people for their welfare.]


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