Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on March 30th, 2021

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A very sizable fund in Japan is about to declare bankruptcy. This fund appears to have quality assets, but it actually has close ties to the state-owned enterprises of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  As a result, the technology stocks will plummet.  If that triggers an avalanche effect in the stock market, the China Concept Stocks will be hit hard, and the financial market will head into a big trouble!

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GTV will launch its pilot version on March 30, 2020.  The operating cost of G-Fashion in Los Angeles is $2 million per month, and the design fee is actually 100 times more of the sales revenue.  The president of Chanel America joined G-Fashion. The office rent alone is $40 or 50 million dollars per annum.  The entire workmanship of G-Fashion from the design, sketch, design review, material selection, boarding, correction to sample is highly professional.  T-shirts of the first-tier or second-tier brand are sold between $3,000-$5,000.  Most of the pieces on G-Fashion’s current official website will become the exclusive piece in the future, which you cannot purchase with the same price ever again!

G-Fashion is based on the original design; the quality of materials makes all the difference.  To date, overall, we are losing money, but the purchaser gains, especially when G-Club members buy G Fashion (at their exclusive discount), we lose even more.  But by the time G-Mall is here, the business will certainly be profitable, this is all part of the business strategy.  We shall understand the concept of fashion and art.  G-Fashion represents artwork, not merely a piece of industrial merchandise.  G-Fashion pursues the craftsmanship and quality of Hermes, the material of Loro Piana, the design of Yohji Yamamoto, Celine, Rick Owen, Chrome Hearts from Japan, all of which are utmost modern, unique and original. 

Kamel, the president of G-Fashion, is one of the founders of the hip store in Los Angeles, and along with several other famous designers, now all work at G-Fashion.  Kamel truly loves our G-Fashion as they are all about original designs and no replicas.  The president of Chanel met Kamel, and they became good friends.  There were many big stories behind that, and most of them all related to the taking down of the CCP.  Once you start wearing G-Fashion,  you will absolutely love it for the rest of your life.  So you must cherish your G-Club membership as you are able to acquire things that you can’t purchase anywhere else.  The saddest thing in the world is you don’t appreciate how valuable the thing is when you possess it.  You don’t know how to enjoy and appreciate it until you lose it.  And by the time you realise how splendid it is, it’s already too late.

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Fraud prevention is the key topic of today’s live broadcast.  The scammer Wang Jingyu, has cheated many of our fellow fighters.  I really found the whole thing amusing.  You have been lied to by the CCP for 70 years and fooled by the bogus pro-democracy movement for decades, so if you open up your eyes a little wider (in other words, keep your common sense), you ought to know these people are a bunch of scammers.  You shouldn’t take any chance.  If you have been defrauded, then it’s a real humiliation on your part; it’s your defeat.  Can people like Huang Xiaojie (also known as Wang Jingyu) really help you wire money?  90% of those in mainland China who claim to help you wiring money are scammers.  Yet, people are falling for such scam over and over again and even being subsequently threatened.  This also brought humiliation to the New Federal State of China (NFSC).  If you don’t even have the basic ability to distinguish between true and false, good and evil, you are not our fellow fighters, I will also not be responsible for you.

Once again, I’d like to emphasis the following four points:

(1) without dual confirmation from both the Himalaya Alliance Committee (abbr. “Committee”) and the owner of the respective farm, we, the Whistleblowers’ Movement, the Committee, and I will not bear any responsibilities with respect to any payment and financial activities you have participated;

(2) Korean farm, French farm, and anyone without an appointment is not allowed to hold, or to purchase/pay on behalf of another person with respect to the G series; without the confirmation and authorization of the Alliance, such act will be deemed as personal conduct, as such parties shall bear their own responsibilities; and also the Committee will publicly announce the removal of your name once the investigation is verified.  Any farm that acts without the authorization of the Committee, and review of qualifications, shall be held accountable for its own conduct in entirety;

(3) all approved farms, farms under review, and anyone who has joined the alliance group and has been validated, by April 7 they must fully disclose and accurately report the holding and purchasing/paying they have made on behalf of another person, including joint purchases.  For those who haven’t joined any farm, they must explain clearly to the Committee regarding their third-party holding/purchasing/payment arrangement, and let the Committee duly hold and represent in those instances.  Every fellow-fighter’s account shall match up clearly and has no discrepancies.  After April 7, any unreported transaction, regardless of reason, will be removed from the new GTV restructuring and also excluded from the G-coin purchases; and

(4) Anyone who has contact with or has knowledge of Huang Xiaojie, and Gao Bingduan, who previously interviewed Huang, and choose not to report to us, you will be deemed as the traitors and be removed from our Whistleblowers’ Movement.

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WHO has become an organization that represents Wuhan.  They better not tell the truth too early and continue to be our good comrade.  The Biden administration’s team in Washington is on fire.  According to bigwigs in the swamp, all the people below Biden are aware of the special relationship between Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and the CCP.  And no one wished to be part of it.  They have made it all clear that either they do nothing or they work to take down the CCP. 

The big-five-family and big-seven-institution are the real driving forces in the movement to eradicate the CCP.  And those who come out to speak now all have their respective forces (and interest groups) behind them.  Several Hollywood titans who privately are not really friends with each other, but all felt gravely threatened by the CCP, have come to a consensus in the meeting that they will pull out their investment from the mainland as soon as possible, work alongside in taking down the CCP, and seek to expose the truth about the CCP-virus.  And all the Wall Street moguls in the video conference also expressed the same opinion, some even more aggressively than Hollywood.  We are changing the world and helping America.

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Too many people wanted to buy G-coin and G-dollar.  Cryptocurrency becomes the financial world’s most beloved darlings.  A very considerable part of the CCP’s assets actually went to the virtual currency.  That’s the underlying reason why the cryptocurrency market has been skyrocketing.  The current evaluation for GTV is about $60 billion, but I hope to reduce it to $20bi.  After GTV restructuring, the private placement will soon start.  It will still be one dollar per share, and many institutional investors wanted to buy.  The original deadline of April 15 is now postponed to May 1,  and all work must be completed by May 16.  The new GTV restructuring, the old chairs, borrowers’ capital increase will all enjoy 1:10-20 in return.  All the investment paperwork relating to GTV restructuring will be sent to the fellow-fighters from the farm shortly.

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The People’s Bank of China issued two consecutive orders in order to prohibit the outflow of funds to cryptocurrencies, and for G-coin, that’s great news.  In terms of G-coin, we notified the institutional investors, legal teams that they will be given no more than $300 million. The original is $670 million and certainly cannot exceed $500 million in the end.  The quota must be decreased.  Owners of some farms have even divided $1 million G-coins privately among themselves; this is outrageous!  Now each farm has to re-quantify its quota according to the number of chairs, the total amount of G-Clubs purchased, and the services and assistance provided to the fellow-fighters. The legal teams and management teams will not be given any quota (for they are remunerated); hence, a series of adjustments will be made.

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