Defiant I Stand

【Author】Jin Wang

At times the faithful patriotism

Within me


To violently break free
That cold primal
Intuitive gleam
Of the impulsive and ruthless
Amber-eyed Wolf

A sharp and steady aggressive 
Perception that shreds and cuts 
Indifferently through
The desperate urgency of ALL else
Meeting only the innate emotional needs
Of its own starving and wild self

Not a hint of generosity held 
Within the low throaty rumble 
Of territorial growl
Jagged claws furiously digging

Deep down into the soft and sodden ground
To find countless
Unidentified bones
Whose marrow has to sucked 
Immaculately clean from THOSE

Who thirst for power, control and greed
So many misfortunate lost and blinded souls
Who stumbled hopelessly and disastrously

To the savagery of THEIR hunt

Something within me 
To be nothing but…
A show of sharp vicious teeth
A keen stealthy instinct
And the naturally timed release
Of hot iron blood 
Howling at the moon 
As I stalk THESE creatures


That plague OUR land
And inhale and devour ALL that it is
And ALL it once was

In THEIR godless and lawless land

Something within me 
For a taste, a touch
A fateful and deadly brush 
With organic raw survival
A point where the deepest
Darkest wild shakes me 
Completely free
Of recognizable form and name
While I emanate an unearthly sound 
From the physical bowels of 
Great sacrifice and pain
Roaring out 
The poisonous insidious remains
Of my civility

Something within me 
To willingly seek 
A finality
A release
A hard snort of absolute disdain and disgust
A plume of self-clearing and deep cleansing
That powerfully kicks up the dust
Of this bare and conquered land 

And so dominantly stand
Where I will NO LONGER be 
Helplessly damned
To surrender
My Innocence

My Freedom

My Rights

My Truth

My Voice

My Peace

My Joy

My Light

My Love

My Life
As THEIR prey


It’s not easy going it alone.

But if you keep going, stay true to yourself, it will be worth it in the end.

That is the walk that builds and tests your character the most.

To all of you fighting battles alone, to all of you going against the grain, battling the naysayers and the power seekers…keep going!

Don’t be one of the aimless sheep that only follow the herd on the path to nowhere…

The hardest walk you can ever make is the walk you make alone…but that is the walk that makes you the strongest.

Stand Brave

Stand Free

Keep Going…

Stand Strong

My Brothers & Sisters

In Arms

【Editor】Mi John

【Disclaimer】  While the author endeavors to reveal the truth and keep the information accurate, we make no warranties of any kind, express or implied about the completeness, accuracy, and reliability with respect to the website, the cited information in the articles, or the related graphics.  All views expressed in the “Opinion” section belong to the author and do not represent any organization, committee or other individuals. 

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