The Countries Being Bullied by the Communist Party of China Are Gathering

Author: Wenyong |Translator: O.G.Megalol | Proofreading: Bluesky | Page: Rain

Hegel once said: The only lesson that humankind has learned from history is that it has not learned anything.

And it’s because of this; humans will continue to make the same mistakes repeatedly, just like when Sisyphus was pushing the boulder up the mountain endlessly without progress.

On March 5, 1935, an arrogant man, Hitler, appeared in the history books. He tore up the Treaty of Versailles and ordered his army to invade the Rhine’s Demilitarized Zone, starting the first step towards World War II. And on the same day, 86 years later, the Chinese Communist Party sent out a command by Xi that tore up the “Sino-British Joint Declaration” and officially ended Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems”. The basic policy of “Hong Konger ruling Hong Kong” has become the dreaded “patriots ruling Hong Kong”, starting the CCP’s highway to hell. Since then, Hong Kong has been completely reduced to just a province of the Communist Party of China, and the Asian financial center full of fragrant flowers had been withdrawn from the stage of history.

51 years ago, a 27-year-old Chinese man YuRoKe was “convicted of words” and was executed by the CCP. The charge was his article “On Blood Lineage”, in which criticism of the belief that “The son of a king would be a king and the son of the thief would be a criminal,” and this has sparked a national discussion. This kind of “Dominion by birth” method of descent based on affinity was exposed by just a young man, so the despicable elites of the CCP decided to shut him up for good for even daring to challenge his authority.

How many youth have been ended by this nation under the devil? And as much as I hate to say it, this has not ended, but it grew and mutated, and it has spread abroad its seeds of evil; the red menace has once again begun spreading its roots and getting ready to take over the world.

The CCP is genuinely the most despicable organization to walk the earth; they have no sense of law, no sense of the contract, and no sense of justice; they are but a criminal gang. They use the most despicable tactics to ruin the order in the civilized world to reap the products of what disgusting seeds they sow. If they are those who dare resist their path to global domination, the CCP can close its market of 1.4 billion consumers on them. The most common mistake of the civilized world nations is assuming that the CCP is also civilized enough to negotiate, but man, they can not be more wrong.

From Norwegian salmon to Canadian rapeseed oil, from Australian coal, to lobster and red wine, Wagyu cattle and now Taiwanese pineapples, a list of species that have been boycotted by the Communist Party of China in the past year or two. These boycotts all have one thing in common, the nation of their origin has all offended the Chinese Communist Party in some shape, way, or form. Norwegian salmon has been pulled from the shelves after the Chinese Communist Party objected to the country’s nomination of the Nobel Peace Prize for Hong Kong protesters last year. Canadian rapeseed oil has always been a reliable oil with excellent quality. However, after the great Ms. Meng Wanzhou was arrested, the oil magically started to have quality issues, and the incoming shipments were all awkwardly stuck at port. As for Australia, they bit off something they can’t chew and were the first to dare to call for the truth of the virus. As a result, Mr. Sitler, who personally deployed the virus, became furious and directly boycotted almost all Australian products. More than 80 large coal ships have been stuck at the docks for months, unable to unload their cargo, and many Australian companies have suffered huge losses. But in the end, the CCP failed in intimidating them, and since they didn’t have a backup beforehand, they ended up causing mass power outages in many parts of Mainland China.

Only the CCP can do things as stupid as making the enemy at the cost of your life. They don’t care if the people die of cold and hunger, as long as they are hiding perfectly cozy in a pit in the middle of China. Australia’s economic figures for the fiscal year 2020 were not depressed by the Chinese Communist boycott but rather satisfactory instead, and the prime minister who led the way received a lot of positive public opinion. And just at the beginning of this year, they won over India, a big country with the world’s second-largest population, and already, Australia has received a large number of orders with many more to come. The Communist Party of China has boycotted Australia, but it still became a powerful country. As for the boycott of Taiwanese pineapples, the result was even more hilarious, triggering a “Free Pineapple” movement, with countries worldwide buying up pineapples in support of Taiwan. Yesterday, Taiwan’s foreign minister was invited to attend an online meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on the China Policy, which is made up of 20 powerful countries, and received unanimous support. Even more hilariously, Pineapples have been sold out before the harvest season.

Anyone can see that these countries are not ordering pineapples for the sake of ordering pineapples but are launching a counterattack against the barbaric acts of the CCP. They are ordering the responsibility of the great powers that maintain world order! Of course, the CCP does not understand this kind of sentiment. In their eyes, there is only food. All the boycotts they initiate are related to appetite and are far from justice and civilization. This spring, the little patriots of the CCP stopped eating pineapples, Salomon, lobster, and even steak from the outback because if you do, that’s treason.

In another piece of news that sent shivers through the Chinese Communist Party, the United States and the European Union reached an agreement today to suspend tariffs on each other and jointly focus on the Chinese issue. Although this report isn’t exactly lengthy, the amount of information it contains is enormous. The evils of the Communist party are not well known in the civilized world, but the mere fact that they have been made public is enough to disintegrate the party a thousand times. Driven by the Whistleblower Movement, the whole world is waking up. More and more countries have recognized the true face of the CCP, and more and more organizations have joined in this “great destruction of the Communist Party” action! Countries that the CCP has bullied should be more aware that if they do not solve the Communist Party of China’s cancer, they will perish sooner or later, just as Hong Kong and Myanmar. It will be too late to resist the CCP’s evil claws when you can already see them coming for you.

As the inhabitants of this world, we must cooperate with the New Federal State of China and unite to purge this land of this communist filth.

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