GTV UK Weekly Interview with Mr. Bannon (31st Mar, 2021)-Covid-19, Hong Kong and CCP’s International Relations

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On 30th March, 2021, WHO released its investigation report about the origin of Covid-19. Then fourteen countries accused P.R.China of withholding data about the virus origin. Twenty-four world leaders proposed a global treaty to protect countries from future pandemics. Whilst Covid cases rise again in the US, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that a US government white paper about the pandemic has been completed but is withheld from release due to the interference of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as is a white paper on Hong Kong. These issues together with those regarding the CCP’s international relations – diplomatic, economic and political – are our questions for Mr. Stephen K. Bannon.

1. On Tuesday WHO released an investigation report into the origin of Covid-19. Then 14 countries accused China of withholding data about the origin of the coronavirus and 25 world leaders called for a global treaty to protect countries from future pandemics. What concerns you the most about this report and its effect?

2. Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the US government has completed a white paper about Covid-19 but the release is impeded. Bearing in mind the CDC chief’s warning that the US is heading for ‘impending doom’ as Covid cases rise again, what would be the likely main points of this paper and what impact do you expect after its release?

3. Miles Guo also revealed that the US government will release a white paper about Hong Kong. Given the CCP’s rubber stamp has reduced democratic representation in Hong Kong legislature and accordingly candidates will be pre-approved by a vetting committee as well as screened by national security police, how helpful will this forthcoming paper be?

4. The US ambassador couple joined the Palau President on a five-day visit to Taiwan for the first time in 42 years. How will such a move affect the trilateral relations between the US, China and Taiwan?

5. Following the Alaska meeting, the CCP’s foreign minister Wang Yi rushed to the Middle East and signed a 25-year deal, trading the CCP’s investment in Iran’s infrastructure for Iranian oil. Worth US$400 billion, this deal will be settled in RMB yuan. What does this CCP’s deal mean to the US?

6. The CCP was suspected of a cyber attack on Western Australia’s Parliament during the state election. This was not the first time that the CCP has interfered into a foreign country’s election. Do you think manipulating elections is a top target of the CCP’s cyber attacks?

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