[March 26, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[March 26, 2021] Video translation

Today is March 26. Hello, my honorable fellow fighters! Have you worked out and spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis? Look at my face, it’s bigger today. I had a big bowl of rice yesterday noon. I have gained two kilos over night. Look at my face. It looks like a pig’s. What should I do?   

Oh, my! Has everyone felt this? During the last 24 hours since yesterday, so many things have happened, including the U.S. constitutional crisis, Virginia issue, the Presidential election between Trump and Biden, the court, and the investigation. The absurd election hasn’t been concluded yet. What should we do now? There is a constitutional crisis in the U.S. Who is on earth the selected president? Right? This is the first one.

The second one concerns the domestic economic crisis in China. The economy in China is so fake. They are robbing from everywhere. I said it several years ago that Pony Ma (a.k.a. Ma Huateng) and Robin Li (a.k.a. Li Yanhong) of Baidu will lose everything, including freedom. It would be a great fortune if they can stay alive, if not die in prison. Yet, their business, Baidu and Pony Ma’s, will surly be taken away by the CCP. Please have some common sense. How can you keep your business running if you make an enemy with the U.S., while the Internet’s root server is not in your place, nor are the chips and technologies? How can you make it work after you turn the Internet into a big intranet in China? You won’t have the ability to operate it. You are not even as good as North Korea. North Korea doesn’t care the cost, right? Its situation has always been the same: It will be fine as long as people are not starving to death. However, Chinese people have already knew the taste of meat and meat soup, right? It might be okay for the Chinese to eat grass as what Wang Qishan said. However, it has operating costs and market demands. More importantly, it requires the cost of technology development. None of these can be avoided.       

Therefore, you cannot compare the operation costs between North Korea and China. North Korea is still at the Stone Age whereas China has already had one leg stepping into the modern world. These companies cannot live long. Alibaba is now taken over by the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Party Commission. Next one will be Pony Ma and Robbin Li. Xu Jiayin will be like them as well. After a couple of years, you will not remember these people any more. This is both a tragedy and a comedy. Many people feel they are great.   

Do you remember how famous the Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Simpson were back then? Is there anyone who still remembers them? Yesterday I said that there is a “Mrs. Simpson” in the U.S. Then people tried to guess who this person is, but no one has got it right. Have you watched the White House press conference yesterday? Did you see the result of the Virginia election come out yesterday? The U.S. is in a constitutional crisis. Please check the American history. Constitutional crises and economic crises always came together in the U.S., like twins. Brothers and sisters, the thing that has attracted most of my attentions is that the world is on the path to a chaos even though we don’t want to see that happen. The world is really going in that direction. The only beneficiary will be the New Federal State of China (NFSC). The reasons for all the chaos in the world are all connected with the CCP.         

Please look at the emails sent around in the universities in the US yesterday, which has gone viral. It is about the so-called America – I told everyone two weeks ago – the CCP has launched its BGY plot oversea on people in media and academia, such as Natalie and Peter Daszak. They said  that the reason that the CCP didn’t provide the truth about the CCP virus to America and the world is because Miles Guo, Bannon, Lude, and Dr. Li-Meng Yan had exposed the truth early, so they didn’t have the courage to tell the truth voluntarily. How could these bastards say something like that? Well, the whole world and even Europe were triggered. Yesterday, a few fellow fighters, British people, from Imperial College London said, “Miles, I cannot believe they could be so…” If we translate the words into Chinese, they mean “so thick-skinned and shameless.” They [the CCP] really dared to do so. A BBC reporter even called them and asked whether it is true that the CCP didn’t have the courage to provide the truth because these people had exposed the truth? How crazy is the world! How absurd!       

I told those people that the CCP is either a devil or a rogue, so whoever follows the CCP is also a devil or rogue, and sooner or later, they will follow the CCP to a crematorium [to death]. What’s the hurry? Let’s move forward and talk about the economic situation the past few days. Today is Friday. Time flies. Prior to last Monday, many friends of mine from the Wall Street and the financial sector said to me, “Miles, something big about the economy is going to happen this week.” I told them that the economy will not have any big event. He said that the economy will plummet, but I said it will not, yet there will be ups and downs. Why? All these people have at least the common sense that a severe hyperinflation in the U.S. has arrived.         

Think about the few states which have a gross domestic product (GDP) over a trillion dollars. How many people are working? Nobody. Yet, many people are receiving money, 1400 dollars. How? By printing money. If people are not working, how can you have product? How can there be products without productivity? How can you create values? Everything is relying on printing money. Now, many people and industries such as hospitality industry and hotel industry are collapsing and closing down. The restaurant industry is completely knocked down. How could your economy be sustaining?    

Then what are people doing now? Internet economy and real estate. How could it be possible? Then, everything will count on the big tech companies, such as Google and Apple. When the whole humanity are walking toward an inflation, how could you survive alone? Can all Americans rely on Tesla and iPhone? Impossible, right? So I mean it will definitely go to hyperinflation. It was last night when they said, “Miles, you are so great. You are so right. The economical decline didn’t result in a major financial crisis.” All of them were sending messages asking when will the crisis start? I said it probably will start by June or May, but not after August. I think the U.S. economy will have big problems. It could be as early as May, June, or July, or as late as August. Not after that.   

Then, what do I want to tell my fellow fighters? Please remember, brothers and sister, how important it is for our fellow fighters to unite together at this time. When we encounter big hyperinflation in the world and the U.S., which could lead to a cliff-like crash of the entire financial market, we, people of the NFSC indeed need to be prepared, help each other and assist each other. Additionally, we need to take our G-TV, G-News, G-Coin, G-Dollar, G-Clubs, and G-Fashion into a new level as soon as possible from May to early June. Then, we will fight together globally.       

Now, everyone is looking at Japan. This is what I told you over and over again. Japan will stand up for sure. Something big will happen regarding Japan’s economy. When that happens, Japan will suddenly find out that there are two most important things for them to do. The first one is to distance itself from the CCP economically as much as possible, yet stay close with Taiwan, South Korea, India, and several developed countries in the Middle East because Japan needs energy. The only way to stay well is to stay away from the CCP. The second one is that Japan will get closer to those mature markets in the U.S. and Europe and then cooperate with our NFSC.    

This is not joking. You may think I am kidding, but let’s wait and see. So, these days, people from Japan are contacting with us urgently and cooperating with us on more than a dozen fronts at the same time. Japan is now increasingly believing that major events will happen to the Japanese economy. There is no need to mention Europe because if something happens in the U.S., Europe will surely be influenced. If bad things happen in both Japan and the US, then for sure big things will happen in Europe. They are a community of destiny. Therefore, there is no need to mention the CCP because Hong Kong dollars and RMB will be over and become useless and nothing.     

Therefore, brothers and sisters, the uncertainties in the American politics and the destined cliff-like economic crisis in the financial market, as well as the entire financial crisis and market adjustment in Japan will lead to an economic re-arrangement in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Western countries. We will move toward a new era: from the gold standard in the past to paper currency, then to virtual currency. And then, the most important thing is that the Internet economy will change human’s lifestyle. The born of G-series and NFSC at this moment must be the arrangement of God. The future without CCP is the future of a new China. The new China without the CCP is our NFSC. If you don’t believe it, let’s wait and see. I am going to attend a meeting. I will not say “Hmm” this time. If I say “Hmm,” a lot of people’s anus will prolapse. No one can stand it. So I will not say that, no more. That’s it.   

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