The CCP Has Committed Numerous Genocides and Has No Right to Accuse the US of its Race Problem

In the March 19, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo pointed out that the CCP was trying to use the racial discrimination problem to criticize America and legitimize its own genocide committed in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and other ethnic minority regions in China. He said the total number of people killed during America’s 200 years’ history is only a fraction of any single genocide the CCP has committed.

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Basically the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s countermeasure this time is called racial discrimination and genocide. They argued that you, the US killed black people. So, I answered all the European and American people who have asked the questions: “What’s your take on this? What do we do?” I said it’s very simple. You should say that the CCP killed people in Tibet, Xinjiang, and also Han, their own people, Hong Kong people, and people of more than 50 other ethnic groups, including a few small ethnic groups in Yunnan such as Shui Dai and Han Dai. People may have not checked this history. They [the CCP] have killed many people in Xiaguan Shui Dai and Han Dai in Dali. I said that the total number of people killed during America’s 200 years’ history is only a fraction of any single genocide they have committed. So they have no right to accuse you of the so-called race problem.

“Of course this problem existed in American history,” I said, “but the CCP is committing mass killing, a massacre at this very moment.” I continued, “You Americans should understand that the CCP is playing you with the game called ‘internal racial genocide’. I suggest you all to take a good look at the Indian movie, named ‘White Tiger’. This is the CCP’s real plan – exporting and carrying out a Cultural Revolution in the world, exporting and carrying out a racial revolution, racial hatred, and most importantly, blaming you white people for all the world’s present and historical problems.” I said, “They use the same trick to beat every one of you, including Giuliani, Trump, Bannon, all the right-wing and far-right people in the US, and the republicans, blaming them for racial discrimination.” I said, “Your racial discrimination and their genocide are totally not comparable, so this is your opportunity.”

Many people said, “Yes, it makes sense.” I said, “It’s time for you [Americans] to fight back. Does racial discrimination really exist or not? What is its relationship with the [CCP’s] genocide? Which one is more serious? The key is that the CCP is still committing the crime at this moment.” I continued, “Let the whole world conduct an investigation, and let the whole world be the judge. Why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity?” 

I said, “Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi both want to compete for the next slot for the Member of the Standing Committee and be in charge of foreign affairs in the Standing Committee. Yang Jiechi is retiring, and Wang Yi wants to go up. They both acted desperately to show that their arms are stronger and their rolling pin is harder than the other person, right?” I said, “you should let them keep acting, but you have to use this opportunity to let the world know how many Tibetans, Xinjiang people, Shui Dai and Han Dai people, and Nuosuo people that the CCP has killed. Why is the 50 ethnic groups’ population diminishing, even disappearing? Because they are killed gradually and eliminated by those seemly “good” policies [of the CCP’s].”

“More importantly, they have a massacre in Hong Kong right now. Are the Han people an ethnic minority? No, the Han ethnic group is a big ethnic group. Of course, killing ethnic minorities is a huge crime, but isn’t killing the Han people a crime too? Any murder is a crime, right? A certain CNN host urgently contacted me through every channel, asking what my opinion is on this. What opinions can I have? I am nobody, and I have only some very small opinions which are nothing, right? I am the “Guo three second”, “Guo Liar”, “Guo Rapist”, and “Guo penniless”, ain’t I? That’s it.

So brothers and sisters, let me tell you. Any move of the CCP will only help us. Why? Because their goal is all about internal political struggles, the struggles between the Shanghai Gang and the Great Xi God. So, when you see these two people (Wang and Yang) sitting there [during the meeting in Alaska], who seemed to be executing the orders of their central government, you should know that they were actually thinking about who could go up next, whether Yang Jiechi will continue to work, or Wang Yi will go up to become the so-called commissioner in charge of foreign affairs. So, [just like a dog] once the CCP moves its butt, you would know it’s going to shit. To them, it is such a trivial thing for the Chinese to die, no matter if it is one million, 10 million, or 100 million.

If you ask Wang Yi to replace Yang Jiechi tomorrow to become the committee member in charge of foreign affairs, and even the member of the Standing Committee, he wouldn’t care if half of Chinese people will die or not. This is the evilness of the CCP. None of them think that ordinary Chinese people are their equals. He believes that Chinese people are all pariahs, inferiors, or the middle class at most, but he himself is superior. Everyone who has entered the Zhongnan Pit and become the so-called alternate member of the Central Committee, the member of the Central Committee, or the Standing Committee of the Politburo, thinks like this, believe it or not. You can figure it out by yourself. Among those whom I have contacted with, whenever a person has reached to a level high enough, no matter what kind of life style he still maintains, he must have experienced this kind of psychological change. He would think he is now a god, a Bodhisattva, and even the spokesperson of the Buddha or its incarnation, and believe that the other Chinese people are inferior or just middle-class. This is the true state of China now. They claim that what they are doing is for the country and the nation. It is all nonsense. What they do and what they say are all for themselves. Everything that they said is nonsense. So I’ll stop here on this. Let’s see what will happen, it will be fun to watch.

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