Where are the CSI masks – a classic Rashomon case?


In response to the media inquiry on the wearing of face mask during a press conference on Feb 3, Chief Executive Carrie Lam cited the government’s “not-so-successful acquisition of mask” and the global shortage of mask supply as reasons to deploy a need-based approach to reduce the consumption of face masks.

It was also said that the Chief Executive has reminded Principal Officials to lead by example. According to Lam, she personally reviewed every official who was going to meet the media. Masks, even being worn by officials, should be removed, said Carrie Lam. “It is a waste to use several masks a day.”

In two consecutive days, Carrie Lam repeatedly claimed that face masks produced by Correctional Services Industries (CSI) would be provided to medical staff frontline officers in priority.

However, Dr Deacons Yeung Tai-kong, Director of Cluster Services of Hospital Authority responded on February 4 that the Authority has never received any CSI masks. Yeung also said that it is unclear whether any colleague would purchase masks through other channels.

Source: RTHK

Contributor: GM02


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