Chinese People Ready To Be Vaccinated? Questions!

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Although the CCP vaccines are very well marketing in China, Chinese people are still doubting in the safety of the vaccination. Let’s take a look on some concerns published in the mainstream media in Communist China.

(The following questions are cited from 163 News)

Q1 – Does the CCP leaders get vaccinated?
Shall we have all the CCP leaders injected firstly if the citizens are required by them to be vaccinated? They have to act as the model.

Q2 – Is everyone injected the same vaccine?
If everyone get vaccinated, is there any different in the vaccines among civil servants, government staffs, state-owned enterprises, employees, labors and peasants?

Q3 – Can we choose vaccines freely?
If we are going to vaccination, is it possible to choose which kind of vaccines to be injected?

And if there are different vaccines from different countries, why some people can inject the foreign vaccines, some are injected with vaccines produced in China? Where does the difference come from?

Q4 – Why the Chinese vaccines are not verified by WHO?
There are only 2 kinds of vaccines that are approved by WHO, but none of them are from China. Could you explain why the vaccines are widely used before getting official approval? Do you think it reasonable?

Q5 – Is there enough data for Phase III clinical trials on Chinese vaccine?
It’s known that the research and development of vaccines are very complex and fine work, because of the long-term clinical trials. It results in a long period in R&D, like the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Q6 – Do you think it reasonable that if vaccination acts as the “passport” to limit people’s activity?
Should it be the normal case that people who get Covid-19 negative can be unrestricted? Why vaccination become a necessary? Any reason to do so? More important, even the vaccination cannot ensure a 100% Covid-19 free!

Q7 – Why vaccination?
From the data published, we can see even though you are vaccinated, you are not 100% safe.

Can experts explain it? If it because on efficient antibodies are produced in our bodies? Or some other reasons?

And still the questions are coming:

  1. If there’s possibility to be infected again after vaccinated, why we inject the vaccines?
  2. If some people are infected after the injection, who will pay the bill on the treatment? If is the government? The enterprise? Or a personal bill?

What we have learned, you still have to do the Covid test after vaccinated if you have to visit the doctor.

Q8 – In what situation the antibodies cannot be produced after vaccinated? And how long can the antibodies last in our bodies?

We all know that we have our own immune system, that’s why people have antibodies even thought they are not vaccinated. And this “natural” antibodies are all the best!

China as a Hepatitis B powerhouse, a lot people have Hepatitis B antibodies without injecting the vaccines.

If Covid-19 vaccines in China cannot guarantee our health from being infected again, we would like to know if there’s any details research on the efficiency of the vaccine to activate the human immune system, in order to produce the antibodies.

And is there any difference between the “natural” antibodies and the “vaccine” antibodies?

Q9 – As every medicine will have its side effects, what’s the side effects of Covid-19 vaccines?

If so, do we have enough research showing that the vaccines are safe to us? If any side effect happens, who should be the responsible?

Finally, we have to ask this carefully….

“If the questions we concerned above are not answered, can we say ‘NO’ to the vaccination?”

Hope we can get the official answers on those questions.

We are all waiting, ANXIOUS!

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