HK Government: Building Isolation Camps Without Bidding; Refuses to Answer the Origins of the Materials

Apple Daily quoted various sources and revealed that the government is expanding the Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village for a temporary isolation camp.

At the moment, around 11 white container houses have been placed at the basketball court and the cycling area, each installed with windows and doors with an estimated size of about 100 square feet.

The newspaper learned that the contractor of the project was China State Construction International Holdings Limited (CSCI), a Chinese-funded corporation. While the expansion would be rounded up within 1-2 months, the camp would be functional during the construction.

Sources doubted that the containers were second-hand containers manufactured in China, and were worried that they were sent to Hong Kong without standardized disinfection treatment.

The Apple Daily has received several photos taken when CSCI staff and workers began construction, who also held a banner that said “Activation of the Hong Kong Emergent Epidemic Prevention Isolation Centre Project”.

A CSCI employee revealed to the reporter, that this project still remains in the dark.

Staff members of the company’s Hong Kong headquarters knew little about it, and he had no clue how many in the photos were from mainland China. “On the one hand, you are building isolation camps; on the other hand, you are attracting mainlanders to come to Hong Kong. The inconsistencies!”

Source: Apple Daily

Contributor: GM02

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