Why Is It Rare To Adhere to Honor of Deed in China Under the CCP

  • Author: 土饭团(文团)
  • Translator: Jenny Ball
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What is the honor of deed? It can be traced back to ancient Greece in the West, which is a spirit of freedom, equality, and trustworthiness. Westerners respect and value the obligation of deed since objectively, it was due to its geo-economy. The states were like cities in size, not only small scale, also separated by the ocean and were of barren land. Therefore maritime trade became the necessary means of economy income and the trade could only be carried out by the deed for parties to stick to their obligations. It is vital for the trade to last.

China on the other hand is inland most the borders and relatively a closed land geographically. The demand for contract deeds between people is much weaker, and most of time the relations, favoritism and morality weigh more in a deal.

Since ancient times, the idea of great unification has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people. It can be said that after the Qin and Han dynasties, this ideology was established and consolidated. As long as the idea of great unification existed, it was inevitable that people worshiped powerful figures and totalitarian rulers. The totalitarian society is the one governed by man not laws. In such society, it is difficult to honor the deed obligation.

This is even more true in China now under the rule of CCP. From an external point of view, CCP joined the WTO 20 years ago by false promises.  After signing the agreement, it ignored it. Instead of enforcement clause to fulfil its responsibilities, it enjoyed the preferential treatment. The CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated now that the “Sino-British Joint Declaration” was already a “historical document” with no practical significance, which has taken many people by astonishment.

Let’s look at the situation in China. When the CCP forced birth control, one of its slogans was “One(child) is good because the government will provide support for the old age”.  Now the slogan became “It’s your own obligation to provide support to the elderly and it is shameful to shift your obligation to the government”. Regarding daily life, forced demolition is the best example. The legal contract signed decades ago has become a piece of trash today.

As one of the basic elements of contract spirit to honor deed, CCP obviously does not possess it. Quoting a passage from Miles Guo broadcasting on March 25: in the history of CCP, there has never been one policy that was consistent. There has never been on of  CCP’s promise to people fulfilled. Nothing but cheating, lies and gangland wheedles.

When a government does not honor its word, it is unrealistic to expect the people to do so. The common people under totalitarian rule in the society governed by man not laws, eventually the law of the jungle is applied – the stronger survives.

It is common practice taking advantage of and betrayal and to honor the deed and follow the rules simply means that you will lose your own interests. What CCP has done over the years is to encourage the people to follow the dark side of human nature and the CCP has been the master in doing so.

When the government demolished your houses, even if you protested, could you have any compensation? When a company forcibly make you work extra hours with all kind of excuses unpaid, ignoring the signed labor contract, dare you say objection? Or will you resign? That is to show that nothing matters, nor to honor any contract as long as it is beneficial to you.

It is human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. When the benefits of breaching the contract far exceed the losses and costs, then breaching the contract would be the choice and by the government tacit permission and encouragement. 

To honor the deed means freedom, equality, and trustworthiness, which could only be guaranteed by the rule of law. I have always believed that people are a unity of good and evil. A good system and society would inspire people’s conscience, and a bad society would see the devil run.

The CCP belongs to the latter. The evil system of CCP turns people into abnormal maniac. The only solution is to eradicate the CCP and establish a social system based on the rule of law without Big Brother’s watching. As Chinese are the diligent, peaceful and intelligent people, it is not difficult to establish the normal social environment to honor one’s word in a society governed by the rule and law.

If the direction and the road are all correct, it is only a matter of time to arrive at the destination. Now with the establishment of the New  Federal State of China, I believe it won’t take too long.

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