[March 24, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA)(YY)

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Getter Video link: [March 24, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

[March 24, 2021] Video translation

Can anyone guess who I am talking to using the headset? Hahaha.

This sculpture is called “dog peeing.”  It is impressive this sculpture.  I really hope that I can share more beautiful sculptures with our fellow fighters in the future. Huh-huh.

Brothers and sisters, the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and the Whistleblower Movement, are becoming the world’s lead character, and we really are saving all mankind. All the time, every minute, the risks all of us are taking, it’s worth it. Because we are changing the world controlled by the CCP-virus and the CCP collaborators. Every minute we are saving many friendly people. This is very important.

So, dear brothers and sisters, a special thanks to each and every one of you. The legends you have created, each legend, created either intentionally or unintentionally, at any cost, by taking risks. We don’t need anybody to remember this, but every legend will change the fate of those ugly demons in this world. It will send them to hell as soon as possible, and allow the good people to have a better life. What we are doing is really for the good people to have a better tomorrow, and for the bad people to have no tomorrow.

Therefore, the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement have given all of us meaning in our lives, and we really feel delighted.

Dear brothers and sisters, when you can feel all the changes in the world, think about how many things have occurred because of your hard work. Your eyesight is growing dim, your family is upset at you, you are even misunderstood by friends, but you are doing the right thing. You are saving the world. It’s incredible.

During my meeting that just ended, I heard from people how they were changed by us, influenced by us, how they came to recognized the CCP-virus, learned the truth about the CCP scumbags and the truth about the coronavirus. I was really moved. I especially want to share this feeling with all my fellow fighters. Really, my fellow fighters, you are so great. It is Wengui’s most tremendous honor to be able to fight together with you in this life. You are just amazing. Because of anonymous and selfless fellow fighters, we have made this incredible, remarkable, and just achievement for mankind. It is amazing. I don’t know how to convey the gratitude, affection, and admiration of these people for the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC. In this world, it is rare to have courage and justice. We are the very few people in the world who possess these noble qualities now. You can really go to “drink soy sauce and kiss your face”. You guys are great.

Thank you all. I am not going to disgust you anymore. After I say, “Uh-huh,” I cure hemorrhoids. Many fellow fighters have reported: “My hemorrhoids are cured. Brother-7, don’t say “Uh-huh”. If you say “Uh-huh” again, it is not hemorrhoids. It will be rectal prolapse.

Okay, in order not to let everyone have rectal prolapse, I will not say, “Uh-huh.” No “Uh-huh”.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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