CNN Openly Discusses COVID 19 “Lab-Leak” Theory

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Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-March 26, 2021:

• Former Trump CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said to far-left CNN he believes COVID 19 originated from a Wuhan lab.

o CNN which just slammed Dr. Yan Limeng’s theory last year, now they have openly discussed the virus coming from Communist China.

o CNN probably wouldn’t even be interviewing Dr. Redfield if President Trump were still in office.

o CNN is the U.S. Democrat Party’s propaganda machine that now starts telling the truth of COVID 19 origin, indicating that the U.S. is beginning to reach bipartisan agreement on the CCP virus.

o U.S. Democrats and Republicans are about to team up to eliminate the CCP together.

• Mr. Lu De reveals that Xi Jinping sent his duplicate to visit Fu Jian because he was scared of the advanced technology of the United States. Former U.S. President Donald Trump and former White House adviser Dr. Peter Navarro are both going to have interviews with Fox News on Saturday.

o Current U.S. laws and regulations only define traditional biological weapons, so the U.S. media is still claiming that the virus escaped a lab.

• As a result of Dr. Yan’s anonymous revelations in January and the CCP’s paranoia, several Chinese top Virologists were killed by “heart attacks” in May.

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