[March 26, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

Translator:  Himalaya Rose Garden Team (一花一世界)

Proofreader: Himalaya Rose Garden Team (Isaiah4031, BruhM)

Getter Video link: [March 26, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

[March 26, 2021] Video translation

Dear fellow fighters! What a day it is today! The pleasure of fighting is really indescribable. So happy! You know, now a lot of people are probably bored to death, and in a blink of an eye, a day has passed. It is called “Kill time”. Now everybody seems involved in the “cotton” incident,  anti-this and anti-that, you know, even anti-Nike-shoes. It is getting really crazy. How terrible it is when the whole world has become so blind-minded. 

There is too much going on right now, and President Biden is also doing a press conference, right? He’s invited Putin and Xi to meet. Europe and Japan are in a total mess,. Neither is willing to tell the truth about the coronavirus or the truth about the soon-coming collapse of the economy. Everything is covered up. So when mankind has to choose between true and false, good and evil, the vast majority will show their selfishness. No matter who they are, the emperor, or the empress, or the king, or the democrats, far-left or far-right, or the so-called conservatives, or the modernists, whoever they are, in the end, they cannot cross these two hurdles to choose true not false, and to choose good not evil at the most critical time. Too terrible!

While this is how mankind revolves, it will eventually eliminate those who choose the fake and ugly evil.  Many fellow fighters sent me messages saying, “Brother Seven, hurry up and do a live stream. It is hard to pass a day without it.” It is especially true to the fellow fighters in Fujian who were at the scene when God-like Xi went there for war preparations. During the entire visit to Fujian, many of our fellow fighters were involved. But there is a lot of information that we can not release here. If I did, the safety of our fellow fighters would be a problem, right? What do I do? So, no, we can’t do so. But a live broadcast is a must.

How about tomorrow morning between 9:30 to 10:30? One hour? One hour is probably not enough, especially for me to do a live stream. Some time after I watched it, I even wondered if it was too long and I was too chatty.  But I can’t stop once I start talking. Non-stoppable. Especially when thinking that the thousands of fellow fighters are watching, I will get totally energized and then nothing can stop me. To me, two things are most tempting: one is eating and the other is chatting with fellow fighters. What can I do about it?

But the world indeed needs a talkative person like me. If there are more people as talkative as Brother Seven, mankind would not be so ugly any more, and you wouldn’t see what you are seeing today. Really, the world has come to such a crazy time that the Constitution, the laws, the truth, and the justice are all gone. It is all because of this Chinese Communist Party (CCP). What can you do about it? So you have to be patient and listen to Brother Seven chatting. Let me stop here.  See you tomorrow then. Tomorrow at 9:30, live chat show.

Look, so many messages sent by fellow fighters. I can’t reply to every single one of them. Impossible. They keep coming in. What shall I do? Right? Let me take a look, this one is from our Tang Ping. Also Mr. Li Ning.  Just be relaxed. No more “Mhm”. No more. See you tomorrow at 9:30 for the live stream. Be prepared for tomorrow because I am going to say “Mhm” and “mm-hmm” several times. The “Mhm” and “mm-hmm” came from the CCP members’ wives, who learned nothing but constantly saying “ok” and “Mhm” after they came to the West, right? Then they started scolding America, so-called “American imperialism”. How twisted are they? Can’t use any language to describe them.

Then I was surprised by a lot of people from mainland China who I respected a lot in the past, who said to me recently, “Wengui, I support you in all the matters but Xinjiang because I have been to Xinjiang and seen they primarily use machines for cotton picking.”  How can they even say that?  I do not know which country on the earth can do mechanical cotton picking.

Sometimes I couldn’t stop thinking how ignorant we were in the past. Now it is the time for us to make a change. That is it. See you tomorrow. Did you see the pants on me today? The whole outfit looks great on me. It looks fabulous, so fabulous. Multiple people have appraised me for this today: “Your outfit looks great!” Of course, we wouldn’t make it if it doesn’t. G-Fashion is our future. If you want to be successful, be confident first, not self-sacrifice.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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