[March 22, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA)(YY & Antsee-GTV)

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[March 22, 2021] Video translation

Hello brothers and sisters. March 22nd, March 22nd.  

Today is a good day. There are a lot of things I want to talk about.  Just now, I recorded a short video, but I won’t post it. Because what I recorded involves colossal privacy. Maybe I will post it later when I am happy. Brother-7 has resolved a crisis intelligently, averted a war wisely. But I will not say more.

Now I am going to start working out immediately because I will have a meeting soon. After that, today’s brunch starts earlier because there is a boss in the house. The boss wants to eat earlier, what should I do? My opinion doesn’t count, right?  

Brothers and sisters, yesterday I said that I didn’t see any shows from some of our Himalaya Farms. A bunch of fellow fighters sent me messages, even from China. There are so many people from China sending me messages. “Brother-7, what you said about Himalaya Australia Farm was wrong. The Himalaya Australia produced this and that show. They were excellent shows”. The people from Himalaya Australia also sent me messages: “Hey, we have done a lot of shows, and we ranked top-5.” Then, Himalaya Tokyo Sakura Group sent me messages: “Hey, Sakura Group has done many shows.” Fellow fighters from mainland China said in their messages: “The Sakura Group’s shows are not as good as before, but they do have some. Brother-7, you can talk and make jokes, but don’t just joke casually.” Very interesting. He he. You understand.

Now in China, the country is in a buoyant mood. Fellow fighters in China told me that people were “exhilarated.” Even the local district offices held meetings to celebrate, “We Chinese don’t accept it.” “This is an epic change.” “We Chinese have begun to lead the world.” ” We Chinese have started to teach the United States.” “The Americans’ legs were shaking.” “The Americans are pissing their pants. They can’t support themselves anymore. They are peeing in their pants, and they can’t help it.”

There are even more exaggerated comments: “This ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing has been completely tamed by us. They have repeatedly apologized to the Chinese in private. In future, they may give China their agricultural products for free. There is no need for Chinese people to grow food anymore. American lamb, beef, and pig’s feet, Americans don’t eat them anyway, do they? They don’t eat this food, right? They will be given to China, all free of charge.”

There is one more important thing. I heard that in the future, each time a new model Apple iPhone from the United States is released, Beijing will have it for free, and each Chinese will get one for free. They do this to beg “Sissy Yang” and “Eunuch Wang “: “Don’t beat us. Don’t beat us. Don’t beat us.”

So, now you see, the great CCP has decided to “canonize saints”. Around eight people in “Zhongnanhai (Beijing)” will be canonized, not just one. This is even beyond the fantasy that “by shaking hands, an infertile woman can get pregnant”.  Now, “by giving you a phone call, you can get pregnant even if you are infertile, and you will still have a baby.” It’s truly magic.

Even in remote Xinjiang and Northeast China, people in all districts are earnestly studying this epic. An epic international event made by “Sissy Yang” and the “Eunuch Wang,” under the leadership of “Nutty Xi.”  The Chinese people have stood up. The Chinese people have stood up like a lion. We are no longer “sheep in sheep’s clothing” but “sheep in lion’s clothing.” That really rocks. That’s amazing.

However, according to my fellow fighters: “Brother-7, my life is the same as before. I still eat old pickles, I eat old pickles, green onions dipped in sauce, even stinky sauce. Nothing has changed. I am waiting for the American imperialists to send me all the stuff like an Apple iPhone, American agricultural products, beef, etc. They only eat steak, so give me the rest, beef ham, genitals, tendon.” Terrific.

It’s like that Chinese writer, what’s his name? Mo Yan right? A ‘building-of-heaven’ has grown in Gaomi County. Just like the fat-butt woman. A dozen slaughtered and shaved white pork bellies were suddenly brought to the house. She could eat as much as she wanted, braised pork belly. Kind of insane, right? You listen, brothers and sisters, do you still think there are sane people in the CCP? If you can chat for an hour with your fellow fighters in China, Brother-7 will bow to you. The entire CCP country is now talking nonsense.

OMG! Fortunately, there is the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Thank God! Oh dear, it is a wonder that, after chatting with so many people in China, I can still stay sane. It is a miracle that I still know that I need to eat with my mouth, and go to the toilet to shit. Brothers and sisters, it is really terrible that in the twenty-first century there are such people and governments. In the age of the Internet people can be reduced to this. This makes me want to cry. I don’t even know what to say.

So, this morning, I was eager to talk to you. I recorded two videos just now, but I didn’t post them because I spoke too frankly. Forget it. It is nonsense. I’m going to work out now. Maybe I will talk to you again after I’m done.

Every day, I watch G-TV, “The Pink Show,” which is excellent, superb. He he, thank you.  “Uh-huh,” just to disgust you (jokingly).

Brothers and sisters, it is not easy to keep a clear mind. It’s not easy to maintain principled judgment. Don’t forget that we are humans, not pigs, how difficult it is, how important it is.

The CCP, I really want to f*** eight generations of your ancestors. You have turned Chinese people into this. Wait for the NFSC to fix you. Soon, you will see.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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