The Farm: ATTN US Gov Officials: Virus Masterminds Revealed by Miles Guo


Today, February 4th, Yahoo News (the article is in Chinese, some automatic translations have been provided below) has published information from Miles Guo that the PLA did launch the virus as suspected. It says “GUO WENGUI BROKE THE NEWS, THE PLA ARTICLE RENAMED THE VIRUS AS ARTIFICIAL SYNTHESIS, BUT THE KEY PERSON TO LAUNCH THE BACTERIAL WAR WAS GUO DEYIN.

There is far more to this story. There are reports of new diseases popping up here and there in China, along with reports of earthquakes in areas known for having deep underground tunnels filled with nuclear-tipped missiles. Disinformation widely circulating regarding alleged biohazard containers belonging to the United States Consulate General in Wuhan has already been debunked as having been both photoshopped and from a “Russian satire site”. The CCP wins if we declare martial law on ourselves as they are doing now.

To reiterate previous claims of superstition playing a large role in both the slaughtering of dogs and humans alike — there is some level of evidence that indicates the CCP chose the locations of the newly constructed hospitals (as well as the “P4” virology lab) as part of a larger ritualistic plan. Two new hospitals in Wuhan (each largely symbolic buildings with only 1000 beds each) have been named “Lightning God Mountain” and “Fire God Mountain” — and the recently rebuilt SARS hospital in Beijing has “Water” in its name. The town where the Wuhan P4 lab was built in was called “Lightning Deity Village”. Take a close look at the following “hospital” logos and notice the symbols (and body parts) on these picture and identify their components. Fire is most obvious — but wind, water, lightning and earth are there as well.

If these hospitals ever intended on curing anyone, would they have such little capacity and resemble prison cells? In a video featuring a real-life “crisis actor”, the insides of these cells are clearly visible. This government-paid shill is an actor, pretending to be sick — notice how he talks faster as the camera moves away from his face — while the ill die in the street and in their homes without any assistance. Whether or not this is a ritualistic mass sacrifice or not is up for debate — but there are certainly many indications that VP Wang Qishan is personally motivated by and engaged in these types of mass killings.

China Pledged to Build a New Hospital in 10 Days. It’s Close., NYTimes

In a translation of information provided on Twitter, Miles Guo provided evidence as to exactly who was behind the 2019-nCoV outbreak:

twitter translation

Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Jiang Zemin, and Yang Jiechi — along with Guo Deyin, the scientific mastermind behind this biological weapons attack — must all be held to account.

In a detailed post shared by GreatGameIndia, Dr. Francis Boyle — who authored the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 — claims that the virus is an “offensive Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization (WHO) already knows about it.” Not only do they know about it — they know that the virus is specifically designed to target poor Chinese who don’t have access to expensive HIV medications that insulate the wealthy from the outbreak. This virus will only ever kill poor Chinese, clustered densely in cities as many are and as was intended by the manufacturer of this virus. Articles are being published daily by (WARNING, the following article published on is “Fake News”) CCP funded scientific researchers, and will be used by the likes of Bloomberg News, SCMP, CNN and other sympathetic media outlets to push a racist and truly xenophobic “bat soup” narrative that is causing a resurgence in actual anti-Chinese racism around the world — as quarantines grow.

Great Game India: Coronavirus Bioweapon
The Lancet: Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China

What makes this particular lie so atrocious is that all three of these diseases were created by the same bioweapons group. They are indeed indications in the rapid evolution of a decades long biological weapons program, and now the owners have been identified. We have already made clear that Wang Qishan utilized the same plan — the SARS attack in 2003 — as a means to seize power and take over as Mayor of Beijing. The truth is that this virus is manmade — and Senator Tom Cotton has been adamant in his dismissal of the official narrative that this virus was natural and came from the “wet animal market” — as both the CCP and mainstream media have agreed on until now.

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ccp Wang Qishan made the virus.