A record 20 Chinese communist planes disturb Taiwan after Taiwan and the US signed a memorandum on maritime patrol

Collected by: Wenqiu; Compiled by: WLQF

According to the Central News Agency (CNA), on the day Taiwan and the United States signed the memorandum of maritime patrol on March 26, 20 total planes (two transport 8 anti-submarine aircraft, one air police 500, four Boom 6K, 10 J16, two J10 and one transport 8 technical reconnaissance aircraft), disturbed Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ and southeast, the most number of sorties since the Ministry of National Defense announced the statistics.

The current Taiwan Executive President Su Tseng-chang said on the 26th that militarism wastes the national power and worries the people. The memorandum was signed for the sake of regional peace, and it is totally unnecessary for the Chinese Communist Party to keep disturbing Taiwan. He stressed that as a country with the same philosophy, Taiwan and the United States and neighboring countries that love the values of democracy and freedom, are working to maintain regional peace. The same is true of the memorandum of understanding with the United States on maritime patrol. Chinese military aircraft constantly disturbing Taiwan is unnecessary, calling on China to use more power to take care of its people.

In addition, in response to the continued fermentation of the Xinjiang cotton storm, Su said that it is the 21st century, there are still countries that put people in concentration camps, or forced labor, which violates universal values, basic human rights. For any human rights persecution, we have to speak out and work for it. If any one person is not free, the world is not yet free.

Su said that Taiwan has been under authoritarian rule for a long time in the past, and the people of Taiwan know best the preciousness of freedom and democracy. Today, seeing that Hong Kong is gradually losing its democracy and freedom, they speak up for Hong Kong, and seeing that Xinjiang is being persecuted, they also speak up for the people of Xinjiang.

News Source:the Central News Agency

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