[March 21, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (3rd)

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[March 21, 2021] Video translation

I found that the color of the video that I just posted was distorted because it was too bright. (Talking to his dog.) Always looking at me as it has a crush on me.

Many fellow fighters sent me messages just now, asking me what kind of stock options will be rewarded to the engineers working for G-TV, G-News, G-Clubs, and G-Fashion. Our human resources people are working on it right now because there are many institutions being involved. I don’t own those companies. This must be reviewed by their lawyers and agreed upon by their investors. I strongly suggested them to give our engineers and our fellow fighters the million share incentives. Basically, if you have worked for three years, you will be rewarded with 100,000 shares, five years with 300,000 shares, seven years with 500,000 shares, and ten years with 1 million shares. How much do you think a million shares will be worth? Right? This is a big thing. It includes G-Clubs, G-Fashion, G-News, and of course GTV as well.

So G-Coin and G-Dollar have already had an incentive mechanism inside their company recently, which is very, very attractive. I heard that G-Coin and G-Dollar now have more than 100 people. I mean, more than 100 engineers, excluding administrative staff. If they are included, it will be nearly 300 people. They all want G-Coins, and do not want salary. We also have some people in GTV who want GTV stocks or G-Coins rather than salary. Soon, after a month or two, we will be able to use G-Coins and G-Dollars to pay their salary. So in the future, on GTV, one will be able to use G-Dollars and G-Coins to tip people. Of course, you can also use any other currency or any paying method.

So let’s think about it, everyone. I don’t believe that the Chinese people can find a platform like ours with such a big rewarding mechanism and a long-term plan anywhere else in this world. It would be impossible. It is absolutely impossible for you to get rich as easily as with our G series, and to keep your wealth this safe after getting rich. And the effort and cost you put in are also the smallest. So I sincerely hope all fellow fighters will pass more news like this to our new Chinese as soon as possible.

Think about it. We don’t want to overstate this. In the future, the G series will need about 1 million people to work for us. If we only talk about engineers, G-Fashion will need about 100 thousand people. Eventually G-Fashion will become a successful version of Amazon and Alibaba combined, and out of their failed experience, it will grow into a comprehensive e-commerce, for sure.

G-News will have at least ten thousand workers. GTV will definitely exceed 100,000 employees in the future, and G-Clubs may also exceed 100,000 employees in the future. This is a long-term plan. I am talking about engineers and technical management personnels. G-Fashion’s employees are also engineering and technical personnels. Without them, you cannot have a global business, it must be global. So the incentive will be huge, very huge.

Recently I heard that Facebook has worked on this [virtual currency] for years, but still hasn’t launched it yet. But our our G-Coin, G-Dollar, and our G series are already up and running, right? Ours have been licensed to enter the financial network globally. This is not bragging, right? Facebook hasn’t been there yet up until this moment. So brothers and sisters, think about our G-Fashion’s unprecedented launching, including the G-Clubs. And now we will have more world-class professionals joining us. You just think about this great feelings of having this beautiful life awaiting. Every moment and every day are so exciting. So brothers and sisters, think about it.

Oops, talking about the CCP,  since I sent out the first Getter just now, many fellow fighters have laughed to death. They really liked it. So, the CCP is like a sheep in sheep’s clothing. No matter how you make a fuss like a wolf, you are still a sheep in sheep’s clothing. You dared to make noise in front of a wolf. Do you really think the wolf is a sheep? A wolf can still eat you no matter if it puts on sheep’s clothing or wolf’s clothing. Eventually, sheep will be the meat in wolves’ mouths. So, don’t make too much noise.

Now the sheep and the wolf acted in collusion with each other in the Alaska Meeting – a meeting to sell the interest of the two nations’ people. It’s a political show. They talked about everything except for the coronavirus. These bastards! They talked about everything except for the coronavirus. Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi, do you have the balls to mention the virus in front of the US and the world? And, the US government officials, can you be a little braver and ask them about the coronavirus? No, you didn’t. How pathetic? Is this called a bilateral meeting? While the whole world is losing lives from the virus every moment, you didn’t even mention a word about it. Can there not be no deals under the table? Can there not be no collusion behind this?

Then, the CCP, a sheep in sheep’s clothing mimicking a wolf’s screaming, went back to tell the other sheep, “Look, I’m already a wolf, so I can eat the wolf in sheepskin.” And the American wolf also went back, wearing sheepskin, and said, “Look, I’ve made a deal with them, and the sheep will be sending us more sheep meat next.”

No matter what, our Chinese grassroots, the sheep, are always the ones suffering. The sad thing is that Chinese sheep are still cheering, awaiting for their sheep leaders to send them to the table of wolves who were in sheep’s clothing as food. Wait and see if you don’t believe me.

I am giving Snow a massage. It just likes me giving it a massage. What do I do? I’ve smelt the chicken and mushrooms stew, cod fish, and sauerkraut from the kitchen today. I am drooling already. There are also vermicelli and sea cucumbers. I have had two sea cucumbers in the morning. There are also green peppers with scrambled eggs, steamed rice, and also big white steamed buns, Shandong steamed buns. I have to go eat now, so I won’t talk to you any more, and I’m already drooling. Right, Snow? Hello, Hello. Duo-Duo is in love now. Our Ben-Ben has a wife now. He is in love and gone to the honeymoon now. Only our eldest pal, Snow, is left behind. I am going to eat now. I can’t wait any more. I will just stop here. Have a nice weekend!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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