Miles Guo’s announcement: Wuhan coronavirus is made by the CCP

10: 30 PM ET on Monday, Feb 3

I, Miles Guo, solemnly declare that I take full responsibility for the following announcement.

The culprits for the so-called Wuhan coronavirus are the Chinese Communist kleptocrats led by Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Jiang Zeming, and Yang Jiechi.

Guo Deyin created the virus and spread it from the city Wuhan in Hubei province to the people around the world.

You can find many answers to your questions on this Chinese military Web portal: which is the most authoritative website representing the Chinese military.

[As the largest military website in China, Xilu website adhering to the banner of online spiritual homeland has attracted countless thoughtful and purposeful netizens, forming a growing group of military enthusiasts. It currently has 1 million open forums and more than 400,000 Private forum, 15 million registered users. The average daily single post traffic can reach as many as millions]

The Wuhan coronavirus is also the Pandora’s box mentioned by Wang Yi,  the Chinese Foreign Minister. It is also part of the Pandora’s box to be exposed by the Expose Revolution. Its dire consequences will be seen in three weeks (around Feb 29).

I hope the wisdom of the people around the world can curb the spread of evilness coming from Pandora’s box, destroy the CCP as the embodiment of the devil and stop this virus from killing the Americans and people around the world.

Everything is just beginning!

Wang Yi sent warning to the US in the video above:

  • Don’t take further actions to provoke escalated regional tensions.
  • Don’t open Pandora’s box
  • Especially, the US should change its tactics of exerting maximum pressure. 
  • As I just said, all unilateral actions lack the legal basis under international law.
  • They could not solve any problems but will create a bigger crisis instead.

Miles Guo’s original announcement in Chinese:



这就是外交部长王毅所说的潘多拉的盒子,这也是我们爆料革命所说的潘多拉盒子的一部分,结果将在三周后,【229号左右】让大家看到它的严重性,但愿世界人民的智慧.能够制止潘多拉盒子的魔性蔓延.彻底消灭魔鬼的化身C C P.减少病毒对美国和世界善良的人们的杀戮……一切都是刚刚开始!

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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2 years ago

will US/UK/European Union wake up?
We don’t know

2 years ago

Very troubling.

2 years ago

I understand its difficult for the west to comprehend the evil doing of CCP, but it’s not really new, is it? Any totalitarian regime will do so when it comes to its survival. Its their logic. CCP hesitate no second in killing people in China in order to cause chaos in USA.

2 years ago