CCP’s Crimes Against Humanity Will Destroy Itself

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Following the declaration of CCP’s crimes against humanity, companies with business dealings in Communist China began to put their business activities to a halt.  After all, the consequences of colluding with a Nazi-like regime can be easily learned from history, in addition to being strictly prohibited by laws. Once the CCP collapses, none of the businesses who colluded with them can survive the avalanche of lawsuits and compensation claims.

IBM was reported to have closed off its China-based research lab. Among the recently exposed list of 1.95 million CCP members in Shanghai, IBM was found to have set up more than 20 CCP branches within its subsidiaries in China, which contributed to the employment of 808 CCP members, therefore in this case the decision of closure might not be solely about economic considerations. The CCP will spare no effort in stealing intellectual properties of any research institution that it infiltrated into. The declaration of CCP’s crimes against humanity hardened the determination of companies like Oracle to follow suit.

MSCI announced the removal of five more stocks related to the CCP’s military industry after the market closed on January 27th. These five stocks are: CGNPC, China National Chemical Corporation, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and Longchao International, all of which are core manufacturing companies. The Nikkei Inc. removed seven CCP companies from the Nikkei Asia300 Investable Index. FTSE Russell in the UK removed eight CCP companies back in December: Hikvision, China Railway Construction, China Aerospace Satellite, China Communications Construction Company Limited, China Nuclear Engineering Construction Group Corporation, China CNR Corporation, Dawning Information Industry Company Limited, and China National Chemical Corporation. The removal action is on a global scale, and the trend shall continue.

Apple is moving its industrial chain from the Communist China towards Vietnam and India. The Nikkei Asian Review on January 27th reported that Apple will start producing iPads in Vietnam as soon as the middle of this year. In December 2020, India’s Economic Times reported that Apple suppliers in China are also moving production lines overseas out of China.

The tide is beginning to turn. The following is what might happen if this trend continues:

Chinese companies may lose foreign trade orders. Chinese international students may be kicked out of the countries they are studying in. Chinese people who live overseas may be scrutinized for having interests with the CCP. All countries that issue visas that allow Chinese to travel to these countries may restrict visa access to Chinese citizens. The CCP members and their relatives may not be allowed to apply for green cards. Operation systems like Apple, Android Windows may be suspended in China. Online games may be halted in China.

The CCP’s economy cannot survive when all foreign companies eventually leave China. As more countries recognize and condemn the CCP’s crimes against humanity, it is only a matter of time that no foreign company can justify doing business with China.

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