The Xinjiang Cotton Incident Is a Conspiracy To Make “CCP = Chinese”

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The event that dominates the screens of Communist China today is the “Xinjiang cotton” incident. So far, 24 stars from Communist China have announced that they will stop endorsing relevant foreign companies. And it is understood that the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organization, but the textile industry rule maker) has more than 1,900 global textile companies on its list of companies, in theory, all the companies on the list, must refuse Xinjiang cotton.

In the context of the Lude Media, let’s unpack our view: this is the roar of the Chinese Communist Party’s chariot, which is beginning to lift the table and go to war.

Let’s take a look at the whole chain of events, there are over 400 companies, because of the BCI’s request, issued a statement from September 2020 to declare that they will not use cotton from Xinjiang. These include H&M, Nike, Adidas, and also ZARA in Spain, including almost all the world’s famous textile companies.

This also means that, as a company, it has no choice and cannot even kneel down to the CCP if it wants to, unless it chooses to take root in the CCP market and withdraw from the international market. No matter how bullying the Chinese Communist Party is, if they choose one or the other, they can only withdraw from the Chinese market, even if Nike does.

Will BCI take a knee? We find it difficult that this is not a trade association’s own practice, but a decision made in response to the world’s general trend of exterminating the CCP. This is the same as the SEC’s decision to expel CCP companies, and these institutions show a result, while the cause is not decided by one of their institutions. (The BCI office in Shanghai says it is liaising with headquarters and may have a new statement, we’ll see)

The Chinese Communist Party actually knows that this ending is very difficult to change, and it happened in September last year, so why is it fermenting out now? The Chinese Communist Party is obviously using this event to stir up nationalist sentiments, to tie 1.4 billion Chinese people to its chariot, and to give the world the impression that “Chinese Communist Party = Chinese people”! Under the pretext of “spontaneous civil action”, the Chinese Communist Party hides behind the scenes and ignites the whole thing, moreover, the more the West targets, condemns, and escalates its actions, the happier the CCP is, because the more nationalistic the public is, and the more it uses the West to help “mobilize” itself.

From this perspective, the Alaska summit is also the CCP’s ultimatum to the world. What it has done since Biden took power has shown the CCP the dashing of its original hopes, and instead of stopping the destruction of the CCP because of Trump’s defeat, the world is speeding up.

The Alaska summit was a complete disappointment to the Chinese Communist Party, so they ranted like wolves, inciting populism, the recent sanctions against European officials, and the “Xinjiang cotton” incident, giving 1.4 billion people a cocktail of blood, an illusion of “making common cause”, trying to tie the 1.4 billion compatriots to the war chariot. The 1.4 billion compatriots who are tied to the chariot can be both hostages and meat shields for the Chinese Communist Party!

It is evident that the CCP already knows that war is inevitable, internally, to first make it ironclad, externally, the over-the-limit war continues to be fought, and the Suez Canal blockage, is all this a major strategic conspiracy of the CCP? Next, the Chinese Communist Party must have various tricks up its sleeve. Will it incite the overseas Chinese Little Pink to take to the streets for a “patriotic” march? More viruses, and more dirty tricks, evil tricks. As fellow fighters know, the Chinese Communist Party has been implementing the BGY and 3F to the free world for at least 30 years, have Europe and the United States been firm in their resolve? Will more decisive measures be taken next, declaring the CCP a hostile state, imposing a total blockade, quickly completing the financial and economic decoupling of the CCP, and effectively preparing for a military strike?

We all hope that the forces of justice will gather to fight back as soon as possible to minimize the damage done by the Chinese Communist Party to the civilized world.

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