Are China’s Vaccines Also Hierarchical? Is There a Special Service?

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Let’s talk about the CCP vaccines and starting from the real experiences of the fellow fighters in Singapore, together with what has been learnt the CCP vaccinate situation in China.

First of all, I will share a true story with you. From March 12, 2021, Singapore has begun to send SMS messages to all Singapore citizens, permanent residents, international students, foreign workers and those registered in Singapore. It is strongly recommended or appealed in a way of inducement to call people to get the vaccine for CCP virus. Among them, it’s free to have vaccines of CCP products, and American vaccine products will be charged. Most people choose free CCP vaccines.

A worker from China was vaccinated with the CCP’s Sinovac vaccine on the afternoon of March 19, 2021. The very next day the symptoms suffered were: she was very pale and feeble. There was a large patch of redness and swelling at the injection needle spot, it was about 20cm in diameter. It was very red and swollen. She said it was very hurt, really painful. She did not dare to touch it. There were some hard lumps and many white blisters in the swelling area. She said she felt itching on blisters area. As per her description her entire body aches, feeling tired, extremely tired, and nauseous. She hoped she could sleep…

Later, small blisters also appeared on her hands, which was very itchy, but she didn’t dare to poke them. It was very uncomfortable. With the scratching, the blisters were broken and some fluids were visible. Her roommates also had vaccination and got the blisters, though not as much as hers, they all felt headaches. Her headache was not that severe, but she got more blisters than others and the blisters were itchy…

There are several more incidents related to CCP domestic vaccines. A friend is a frontline attending doctor of an infectious disease hospital in Communist China, who is responsible for the prevention and treatment of the CCP virus. No long age he responded to the government call to have a domestic vaccine. According to his own feedback, he did not have any side-effect or adverse reactions. But what he had was not Sinovac vaccine, but “Coronavirus Inactivated Vaccine (Vero Cell)”, the products of the “Beijing Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd.”.

So, are domestic vaccines also classified as per hierarchical states? Similar to the “special service” that every Chinese is familiar with. It is specifically for those who are regarded as being “their own gang” or those who can be used for them. In today’s unrestricted warfare, “warriors” are no longer just traditional soldiers with gun and ammunition. In this unrestricted war launched by the CCP with biological and chemical weapons, doctors, nurses, and grassroots personnel in important positions are all the CCP’s “unrestricted supper warriors”. The CCP will definitely provide them with “special vaccines”, even the “antidote” mentioned by Miles Guo.

No one knows whether they have the same thing under the same label. Ordinary people are just a “tool” for CCP to make money and a stepping stone for CCP to develop the “vaccine economy”.

We can’t reveal the truth to everyone on the platform as WeChat. We can only hope that all friends who can read spread more people. Don’t get domestic vaccines. A government that has not developed a vaccine in its history, that has never regards lives as dirt and killed at will, How could it provide good vaccine free for ordinary people? “If anyone believes in the CCP, you will be heading into the crematorium on the fast track.” Never believe everything of the CCP!

Singapore’s use of the “multi-track vaccine system” now seems very insidious. Everyone knows that domestic vaccines have poor reliability and high risk of side effects. The Singapore government has its citizens vaccinates free of charge with the CCP Sinovac vaccine. Surely it’ll be the priority for the poor people. Yet, obviously the Pfizer vaccine will be for the rich and elite.

It’s really “killing three birds with one stone”. On one hand, it can boast that Singapore provides free vaccination for its citizens. On the other hand, it is virtually abandoning the population at the bottom of the society and protecting the elite and meanwhile to have economic benefits.

We also know that vaccines are not ordinary commodity, but geopolitical weapons, and may even be a virus latent agent, which will be activated when conditions are right. This means that the choose of a certain vaccine is to choose the political alliance. Singapore’s introduction of the CCP’s vaccine shown that Singapore’s political stance.  At least it is a servant to two masters. In the era of  Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore was a “bridgehead for blockade of China,” and Singapore’s “Star Forces” were all trained in Taiwan. Today, Singapore is not only the main venue for money laundering by a few CCP’s kleptocracy, such as the family of Jiang Zeming has moved their base to Singapore, and with its international financial states, it also has a tendency to be used as CCP’s new “financial pipeline” to replace Hong Kong. The Singaporean authorities would rather risk some of their citizens safety as they would be controlled by the CCP, it has been promoting the CCP vaccine. It shows how deep it has interest blending with the CCP.

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