Miles Guo: CCP ordered Guo Deyin to create Wuhan coronavirus

According to Miles Guo’s live steam broadcast with Steven Bannon on Monday, Feb 3, 2020, Guo Deyin, a prominent Chinese scientist, is responsible for creating Wuhan coronavirus under the order of the Chinese Communist Party.

The project is so secret that some of the Chinese kleptocrats do not even know about it.

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Guo Deyin (last name Guo) is the key person responsible for creating Wuhan coronavirus

Guo Deyin is found on Search (a Chinese search engine)

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has finally admitted publicly that the Wuhan coronavirus does NOT come from nature. It is artificially created and has nothing to do with bats or seafood market as the CCP previously claimed.

Please watch a video made by the CCP to put the blame on the U.S.

The article published on the official Chinese military website saying that the Wuhan coronavirus is manmade to blame the U.S. became a turning point

It opened the CCP’s pandora’s box which will accelerate the CCP’s demise. People all over the world will fight against the evil CCP. (risk alert: this is a Chinese military Website. It is better not to click the link to avoid computer viruses.

Miles Guo got estimates from China that the number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection is 1.3 million and the death toll reached 30K as of Feb 3.

Feb 3: Miles Guo mentioned in this video that the confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infection is 1.3 million and the death toll reached 30K

Now in China, the anti-American sentiment is far worse than the anti-virus sentiment, because the CCP is blaming the U.S. for creating the virus.

So, all Americans in China please be careful.

A screenshot of WeChat messages spreading anti-America articles and videos

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